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Bird Choppers

The city of Boulder wants to replace their incredibly clean reliable fossil fuel power plant with these useless bird choppers. Note the raptor on the left side of the picture. Fortunately the blades aren’t spinning. Here is ten minutes of … Continue reading

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A Better Solution

Instead of trashing our country, why don’t all social justice warriors go on a hunger strike until the last perceived social justice is removed from the planet. Twelve million dollars per year to do nothing is pretty rough.  Muslims have a … Continue reading

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Northwest Passage Was Open In 1904

I saw it open before my ship the first year of my voyage Captain Amundsen FRANCE HONORS AMUNDSEN. – Explorer Says Northwest Passage Is Not Practicable for Trade. – View Article – NYTimes.com Experts tell us the Northwest Passage was … Continue reading

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Obama Wants More Icebreakers To Traverse The Ice-Free Arctic

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search President Obama says it is illegal to dispute scientists who say the Arctic is ice-free, and he wants more icebreakers to prove it. Obama to Call for More Icebreakers in Arctic as U.S. … Continue reading

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New York Times Has Known About Glacial Retreat For Over A Century

The New York Times says that melting glaciers are proof of man-made climate change. But in 1904 they weren’t so stupid. That year was NASA’s second coldest year on record. TimesMachine: February 14, 1904 – NYTimes.com

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They Better Go Fast

The SOF is entering the Northwest Passage. Below freezing temperatures are forecast to be arriving in a few days.

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Labor Day 1935

The most powerful hurricane in US history hit Florida on Labor Day, 1935 6 Sep 1935, Page 1 – The Burlington Free Press at Newspapers.com

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September 5, 1899

On this date in 1899, almost the entire US was over 90 degrees, and Missouri reached 108 degrees. Mexico, Missouri was 108 degrees, 18 degrees warmer than today’s forecast hugh Sparta.Illinois was 106 degrees, 18 degrees warmer than today’s forecast … Continue reading

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Before Senator Whitehouse Saved The Climate

Rhode Island’s Senator Whitehouse believes there is a massive Koch Brothers funded conspiracy of people who want to destroy the climate – and all life on Earth. He also believes he can prevent this by prosecuting anyone who doesn’t share … Continue reading

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Ten Minutes Of Clean Wind Power Versus Ten Minutes Of Dirty Coal Power

I took both of these time lapse videos this evening. Hideous windmill outside Boulder, generating no electricity for ten minutes. Beautiful clean coal power, reliably powering a city of 100,000 progressives 24 x 7 x 365 with low cost energy. … Continue reading

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