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Unbelievable Heat On This Date 85 Years Ago

Bernie Sanders just had his 75th birthday this week. But had he been born 10 years earlier he would have experienced this.  Two thirds of the US was over 90 degrees on September 10, 1931 and Minnesota reached 108 degrees. … Continue reading

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Introducing Progressives To Modern Technology

Progressives believe that a half dozen political hacks at NASA and NOAA represent all of science, and have not yet heard about the new-fangled technology called satellites.

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Hillary Unveils Her Plan For America

Last night, Hillary Clinton identified 50 million Americans as deplorable. She wants to take their guns away. 12 Nov 1938, Page 1 – La Grande Observer

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The Deplorable Basket Case

When Romney was caught off camera in 2012 saying 47% of Americans are hopeless, it was a huge scandal for the press. But when Hillary calls Americans “deplorable” – the press endorses her, and does everything they can to cheat for her. … Continue reading

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New Research Confirms That Climate Scientists Are Complete Morons

The latest cutting edge research says that global warming began in the 1830’s, and that it is due to the miniscule amounts of CO2 being generated by humans at the time. Highly paid scientists determined this. Global warming had started as … Continue reading

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“we are in a race against time before the freeze”

Home – The Polar Ocean Challenge I blogged the same thing yesterday, and the usual hysterical alarmists showed up complaining.

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