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Morons At The New York Times

The New York Times attacked Gary Johnson for not knowing what Aleppo is. The author of the article also doesn’t know what Aleppo is, or Damascus for that matter. ‘What Is Aleppo?’ Gary Johnson Asks, in an Interview Stumble – The … Continue reading

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Another Milestone For The Democratic Party

Chicago Democrats have now shot 3,000 people this year. 2016 Stats | Chicago Murder, Crime & Mayhem | HeyJackass! Meanwhile, multi-millionaire black athletes who work four months a year, disrespect the National Anthem and our country because they believe they are … Continue reading

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Plummeting September 9 Temperatures In The US

September used to be a very hot month in the US. On September 9, 1931 most of the country was over 90F, and Gann Valley, South Dakota reached 112F. Today’s forecast high in Gann Valley is 70F, 42 degrees colder … Continue reading

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More Arctic Fraud From Mark Serreze And NSIDC

Another whopper from my neighbors up the street at NSIDC. The ship sailed through the Northwest Passage in less than three weeks—52 times faster than Amundsen’s nearly three-year voyage. Arctic sea ice nears its minimum extent for the year | … Continue reading

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Frantic Rush Hour This Evening

Last night wasn’t much better

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A Race Against Time

The Ship Of Fools is facing a -10C weather forecast in five days, which would be impassable. They better put their fossil fuel powered pedal to the metal and get out of there fast, so that they can go back to … Continue reading

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