DNC Head Fired By Dukakis For Fraud In 1988

The current DNC head, Donna Brazille has been making some of the most pathetic lies in political history recently over her debate tampering, Wikileaks and the O’Keefe videos. She was fired by Dukakis for fraud almost 30 years ago,


27 Jan 2000, Page 16 – Standard-Speaker at Newspapers.com

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4 Responses to DNC Head Fired By Dukakis For Fraud In 1988

  1. You have to love Donna Brazile. She told Megyn Kelly that she could not be lying because she is a “Christian Woman”.

    Donna Brazile looks like a “pants on fire deer in the headlights” to mix some metaphors.

  2. Having spent many years working in Latin America I learned that when a corrupt dictator is deposed an even more corrupt dictator takes over.

    So it is at the DNC where the corrupt Debbie Wasserman Schultz was replaced by Donna Brazile.

  3. RAH says:

    In recent times the head of the DNC is by definition a congenital liar that beclowns them self on an almost daily basis. While the head of the RNC is an ineffective establishment clown that is also a congenital liar.

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