Great News From Donald Trump


Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition – Scientific American

I’ve known Myron for years, and used to meet with him every month when I lived in Maryland. He is incredibly honest, hard working, intelligent and as solid a skeptic as there is. Myron’s staff are the best and the brightest in Washington DC.

Donald Trump is showing incredibly good judgment with this decision!

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15 Responses to Great News From Donald Trump

  1. Jack Striker says:

    Sort of rather it was you, myself, but if you say that Ebell is as scientifically truthful as is needed, that should be good enough.

  2. The one thing that can be sure when Trump gets elected is that he will shake up Washington and be dislike equally by republican and democrats “jobsworth” politicians.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Cut it all to the bone and if that is not possible, remove and replace these political hacks and stooges!

    • RAH says:

      The US government needs to be cut by at least 75%. Failing that create more positions in some meaningless organization or department preferably headquartered with minimal facilities on one of the Aleutian Islands, like Attu or Kiska, and send all the hacks there. Most wouldn’t last long.

      • Andy DC says:

        Agreed! There has been a big building boom with new office buildings and upscale condos going up all over the place in the DC area. I suppose in anticipation of an even bigger bureaucracy.

        It may be mean to say this, but for the benefit of the rest of the country, I hope DC becomes a ghost town. Why should DC be this huge center of wealth at everyone else’s expense?

        I know plenty of people that are getting $80,000 a year retirement pensions for having kept a desk warm over 35 years.

        I had a Government job. It was torture having to sit there all day with nothing to do. Seeing total morons getting promotions ahead of me because they were women or minorities. I left.

  4. Leon Brozyna says:

    Trump in a landslide.
    Christie for AG … wonder who he’ll indict.
    Flynn for SecDef.
    But who to clean up State …

  5. Bytor says:

    More Great News From The Trump Camp:

    Donald Trump has turned to Nigel Farage to help him prepare for his upcoming debate(s) with Hillary Clinton! reports: Donald Trump has flown in Nigel Farage to coach him ahead of the next round of Presidential debates with Hillary Clinton.

    The first clash between the candidates is widely accepted to have been won by Clinton, despite Trump’s assertion that he was holding back because he did not want to embarrass her.

    Ahead of their next encounter, Republican advisers will be drilling Trump on facts, issues and tactics, while Farage is expected to contribute lessons learned during his Brexit campaigning.

    Farage, who quit as Ukip leader shortly after the Brexit referendum, has long been regarded as a skilled orator. In April 2014, he beat Nick Clegg in a televised debate on Europe and during the run-up to the EU referendum vote, David Cameron refused to debate with him, agreeing only to appear on the same programme.

    • Gail Combs says:

      “…The first clash between the candidates is widely accepted to have been won by Clinton….”

      Only because the talking head of the DNC owned media said so.

      Actually Trump won because he showed how rigged the system is and how dishonest the MSM is.

      This is a VERY big win when you consider the 24/7 negative coverage of Bush vs the 24/7 positive coverage for Obummer and the massive coverup by the MSM for Clinton this election cycle.

      TRump is de-fanging the media and making their Psy-ops useless against the US population.

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