Defending The Environment From Greens


I have been fighting to protect the environment for more than 45 years. Air and water in the US was filthy in the 1960s, and I fought hard for the Clean Air Act – which made a massive difference in the quality of life.

  • I testified at my first Congressional hearing in support of wilderness in 1971.
  • I worked as a full-time volunteer wilderness ranger for the USFS two summers in the 1980’s.
  • I am a full time cyclist, and won’t get in a car unless I have no other choice.
  • I use and promote mass transit for the vast majority of my non-bicycle travel
  • I have put gas in my car only three times since June.
  • I think that we waste massive amounts of oil and that our unjustified depletion of the oil supply is an inter-generational crime. Society can’t function without oil and we have to stop wasting it.

But my biggest battle these days is against greens, who have been driven mad with government lies about “climate change.”  They are constantly trying to wreck the environment with hideous wind farms and solar farms.  My friends Angelika, Camilla, and Lorne Smith in Churchover, UK have been battling government (i.e. taxpayer) subsidized wind farms and solar farms in their village for nearly a decade, and just got another big win this week.


People have spent centuries protecting the English countryside, and these green lunatics, driven mad by government climate lies and funded by taxpayer money, are on the constant attack to destroy it.


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