Hollywood Working To Shut Down Free Speech

I went to see “Snowden” last night. It was a very entertaining movie, and it brutally ravaged both Obama and Hillary as frauds and liars.

But the disturbing part of the show was a trailer for a movie called “Denial” about a Holocaust denier in 1996. Based on the clips in the trailer, the movie appeared  to be a very thinly veiled attempt to link climate skeptics to Holocaust deniers, and to provide justification for silencing  and prosecuting climate skeptics.  One line from the movie was:

The Holocaust is real and the ice caps are melting.

“Denial” claimed to be historically accurate, but there is absolutely no way that someone would have made a statement like that in 1996. The attempt to link climate skeptics to Holocaust deniers just started a few years ago, since Obama took office. In fact, Arctic sea ice was well above normal in 1996, after several years of cold following the eruption of Mt Pinatubo.


N_199609_extn_v2.png (420×500)

Like Orwell warned, progressives are determined to shut down free speech, and will stop at nothing  – including sabotaging debates and rewriting history.


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