1934 : Unprecedented, Worldwide Drought And Heat

During 1934, the world experienced unprecedented drought and heat.

22 Jun 1934, Page 3 – Hartford Courant at Newspapers.com

04 Jun 1934 – WORLD DROUGHT – Trove

19 Jul 1934 – DROUGHT IN ENGLAND. – Trove

12 May 1934, 13 – The Guardian at Newspapers.com

19 Jan 1934, Page 10 – The Sydney Morning Herald at Newspapers.com

05 Jun 1934, Page 5 – The News-Chronicle at Newspapers.com

Eighty percent of the US was in drought.

So how did NASA respond to the heat and drought of 1934?  Did they try to study or understand it?  Of course not!  They did what they always do – they erased it.

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5 Responses to 1934 : Unprecedented, Worldwide Drought And Heat

  1. Andy DC says:

    Straight, white male, anti-Semitic bigot capitalist pig Henry Ford fried the planet in 1934 by bringing the automobile to a huge number of Americans. First with his Model T and then with his Model A.

    When I was a kid, the corporate media led us to believe that people like Ford and Edison were American heroes. But now the mental giants of the liberal media tells us that they were very evil for plundering the planet of its fossil fuels to power our modern comforts and conveniences. Yes, life was so much better in the 16th Century when it was half a degree cooler and when the average life span was 35.

  2. feathers says:

    When asked, what is USHCN’s explanation for using “measured” vs. reported?

    What is their definition of measured?
    What is their definition of reported?

    • feathers says:

      I got that flipped, it should read…what is USHCN’s explanation for using “reported” vs. measured?

      Perhaps this is their strategy, use terms that appear to be synonyms and hope no-one asks any questions???

  3. David M. says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

    Tony, many, many thanks for doing so much to enlighten open & inquiring minds about climate change. The documentation is always superb. Ditto the number crunching. The presentation is even better, and great communication is key.

    Drought brings to mind famine, and the world needs to give thanks for the DIMINISHING frequency and severity of famines. The percentage of the world population suffering malnutrition FELL almost in half between the early 1990s (almost 20%) and 2015 (towards 10%)(see: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SN.ITK.DEFC.ZS) . Malnutrition declined while the world’s population ROSE about 40% (see: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.POP.TOTL). The improvement since Ehrlich wrote “The Population Bomb” has been even more impressive.

    Thank those who have worked to improve seeds, fertilizers, farming techniques, food storage …

  4. Ulric Lyons says:

    1934 had the same type of heliocentric Jovian configuration as occurred in 1949, 1976, and 2003.

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