Earth Granted Another Three Year Reprieve!

More good news – climate experts have granted the Earth another three year reprieve from global warming.

NASA’s leading expert said in 2008 that we had until 2012 to save the planet from global warming. We just barely survived that one.

President Obama ‘has four years to save Earth’ | Environment | The Guardian

And in 1989, the UN said we had until the year 2000 to save the planet from global warming.  With so many different Y2K threats, it is amazing anyone survived!

Mercury News: Search Results

Having already made the Medieval Warm Period disappear, the Little Ice Age disappear, the 1940’s spike disappear and the 1970’s global cooling disappear, the climate mafia has now put lead overshoes on the post 2000 global warming hiatus.

1990 IPCC Report

That pesky MWP had to go!

U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

That pesky 1940’s blip had to go!

NCAR 1974      NASA 2017

Note that NASA has altered their data far outside their own green error bars.

NASA 1981   NASA 2017

And now, that pesky global warming hiatus had to go! Apparently the Arctic was melting faster than expected.

Added Arctic temperature data indicates that global warming ‘Hiatus’ never happened

Four years ago, the recently deceased hiatus was central to the IPCC report.

Global warming pause ‘central’ to IPCC climate report – BBC News

This particular fraud is so blatant that even NOAA’s principal scientist and hockey stick fraudster Michael Mann called it out.

Climate scientists versus climate data | Climate Etc.

Nature Climate Change February 1, 2016

Meanwhile, Arctic sea ice extent has just passed 2006. Apparently all that extra heat and melting is making the ice expand.

2006 .   2012

Global warming is the biggest scam in science history. It is being run by criminals and depends entirely on a misinformed public with a short memory.

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9 Responses to Earth Granted Another Three Year Reprieve!

  1. feathers says:

    Its clear to me that as the funding starts to dry up, the rhetoric goes through the roof – no matter what the climate is actually doing during that particular time.

    Even if we assume ice extend is about equal between 2006 and 2017 (I actually think there’s a bit more ice now) – this is still bad news for the climate fraudsters because if you buy into here AGW theory, warming is linear (its has to be since carbon emissions are increasing) and therefore each season must return less ice. But its NOT! I’m actually embarrassed for them. Sad!

  2. RAH says:

    They made up a story (hypothesis) and the field observations falsified it so they cherry picked the observations and distorted the historic data to try and keep the hypothesis viable. Now they’re reaching the point where no amount of data manipulation and cherry picking can hide the fact that their hypothesis has been falsified. Their story is nothing more than a nightmare fairytale.

  3. Joe says:

    “That pesky MWP had to go!”, “That pesky 1940’s blip had to go!” It’s a ‘Historical Records Mega-sale!’ Everything must go!

  4. Kris Johanson says:

    In the photograph above it looks like Hansen is receiving Heavenly guidance…. or perhaps giving it!
    In truth, based on what you’ve highlighted on these pages, he’s a gigantic moron and hasn’t been correct about a single thing he’s said/written, and lives in a delusional world! Why would anyone listen to anything he says now?

  5. Robert McIntosh says:

    Note that in the BBC graph it isn’t just the pause. According to the Met Office the thirties were we’re just as hot as today.

  6. Extreme Hiatus says:

    Another really great post and video!

    You’re dead on when you say that this scam “depends entirely on a misinformed public with a short memory” and these very concise in-your-face reminders are easily digested and hard to forget.

  7. Gamecock says:

    I don’t want a reprieve. They said we had to act by 2002. Uh . . . 2008. Uh 2012. Uh . . . 2015.

    We didn’t make it. WE MISSED IT. IT’S OVER. So now we can just go on about our lives. And do our best to get along with the 2 degree rise that’s going to happen (50 years after I am gone).

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