Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories


Critical frames of the Zapruder video, showing the kill shot from the front right, and JFK’s head being thrown violently backwards.  And no, his head did not move forwards between frames 313 and 314.

Immediately after the JFK assassination, every newspaper in the country reported he was killed by a single shot from the front right.

22 Nov 1963, 10 – Fort Lauderdale News

Two days later the official story was that JFK was killed by a bullet from the rear, the suspect was murdered in police headquarters, and the DA distributed a map to the newspapers, which the police had never seen.

25 Nov 1963, Page 4 – The News Journal at

Conspiracies simply don’t happen. Don’t fall victim to conspiracy theory – even when the intelligence community brags about them.

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  1. Rob says:

    When it comes to JFK, the Zapruder film indicates the head shot was from the rear. His head moves forward when he initially gets shot as can clearly be seen when it is slowed down and I am pretty sure that wouldn’t have happened if shot from the front, not to mention the trajectory and wounds don’t line up from the front. The Zapruder film also supports the “magic bullet” since the two men react at the same time (and contrary to what many critics think, Connally was NOT sitting directly in front since the seat was offset more to the middle, plus his body was turned somewhat to the right when the shot hit) and it would have been impossible for Connally to get shot from the front and if from the rear by a different bullet, his wounds would be impossible to line up after he had turned once JFK was clutching his throat and then when he was laying by his wife.

    Basically, either the official narrative of those two shots is true or the Zapruder film has been severely altered and put back together to make it look authentic which would be pretty impressive given the time it came out and there not being cgi and the like then. Maybe the time travellers who have apparently gone back in time to cause all pre 20th century warming and extreme weather events by driving around in their time machine SUVs (as based on the climate fraudsters implying humans and their SUVs are responsible for everything weather/climate related so their “logic” says it must be because of time travellers) also went back in time and produced that video or swapped the Zapruder film with one they doctored in the future. Witnesses that day who were interviewed and reported on radio also indicated 3 shots from the rear.

    I used to believe in the multi gunman theory and shot from the front until I watched the film in slow motion and went in without the bias of seeing what I wanted to see.

    Many “conspiracy theories” are real though not all of them.

    • tonyheller says:

      Total BS. The Zapruder film makes it clear the kill shot was from the front right,

    • arn says:

      So you really think that a guy kills the us president((the final shot being a blind shot through a huge tree full of leaves and branches))
      and then goes to cinema?
      That strange behaviour was the first thing that made me very sceptic when i was about 8 years old and heard the first time about the killing of jfk.
      You kill someone very big and don’t hide yourself or try to escape to mexiko?lol

      The next thing followed instantly when they said that he was caught by a cop inside the cinema.
      You don’t know how someone looks like((no internet at that time,no smartphones,just a lousy description )) and you find him instantly.
      And then this guy get killed.

      Oswald was a scapegoat-the eternal usefull idiot.

      btw-you should listen to E. Howard Hunts deathbed confession.
      Secret Service man Hunt got arrested after the kennedy killing
      with another guy-they claimed they were hobos while wearing tailor made suits.

      The official jfk-story suffers from the very same illnesses as climate change or the vietnam war or the iraq war or the(failed) syria war)

      too many illogical and blatant stupid stuff inside the official story.
      Tons of “experts”(=well paid willingfull whores who have their jobs because they know how the system works) who can and will not see the obvious.
      Critics get defamed.

      Ask yourself how likely it is that so many kennedies became
      victims of extremly rare happenings?(a single victim of a terrorist lonely gun man attack or a plane crash)
      Have you ever heard of a family being strucked by lightning 10 times?

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Rob, what rifles and calibers are you—and have been—shooting?

  2. arn says:

    JFK was officially killed with a gun that was of such low quality that it could not hit an elephant from 2 yards distance.

    The italian soldiers called it something like “the gun that only hits the enemy by coincidence”
    (+ many claim that it is impossible to shoot with that gun so many times)

    As conspiracies do not exist
    ((the coordinated hijacking of the US Dollar by the banksters in 1913((after the banksters already controlled the previous two central banks of the USA))
    ((attacking Afghanistan and Iraq for 911 though almost all terrorists originated from saudi arabis))
    ((cordinated WMD- lying of USA+UK and their secret services to attack iraq,just a few days after george w bush was caught lying about yellow-cake to attack iran))
    ((Libor scandal/deutsche bank PM manipulation))
    ((coordinated lying of noble peace mass murderer Obama and the MSM about
    chemical gas attacks to bomb the shit out of Syria,though they were instantly
    exposed by Seymour Hershs article “The red line and the rat line”.
    The “New Yorker” who paid Seymour Hersh for the article refused to publish it,,the rest of US MSM did the same(to help Obama start the war).
    Your peace&islamloving leftist media did everything to help Obama destroy a muslim country.

    Conspiracies(even among the biggest opponents&enemies) are so extremly “rare”
    that countries have antitrust divisions to keep corporations from creating monopoles the global phobos cartell
    or Project Gladio= faking terrorattacks in Europe to create fear and make them think and vote what the cia/nato needs and want.
    The vietnam war started with a lie-the tonkin incident never happened.
    In 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by Egypt jets and many US citizens were killed.The USS liberty was then saved by a russian warship and it turned out
    that those egypt jets were from israel ,disguised as egypt jets.

    After the US population got more and more worried about
    all these coincidences and false flags(jfk,rk,ml,tonkin,uss liberty )
    the CiA pulled the eternal trick.
    They coined the term conspiracy theorist in 1967 ,made it popular and systematically targeted and demonised those people.
    (read: “are conspiracy theorists nuts” at “washingtonblog”)

    They use this very effective trick even today((xenophob,islamophob,homophob,
    climate denier etc etc))
    BS words created to defame and stigmatize(once stigmatize most people won’t listen to you) and make people bow down to their agendas.

    Kennedy got killed because of EO 11110.(an all out attack on the cia and the FED)
    After LBJ got in power he killed EO 11110 instantly.

    There is also a conspiracy theory about secret((the word informal is used to calm the sheep))meetings of superrich people doing some strange ritual ceremonies-
    just watch the “crematory of care” of the bohemian grove and decide for yourself.

    • tonyheller says:

      I have a 6.5×52mm Carcano. It is by far the most inaccurate rifle I have ever fired, and makes a six inch spread at 150 feet.

      • Brad says:

        The carcano works best with round nose bullets. Hand-load and seat them right up to the lands. It should be pretty accurate that way. I would also check the muzzle crown. They are typically pretty beat up on old military rifles. You can have it re-crowned for pretty cheap, the crown is the last thing the bullet encounters before leaving the rifle and has a huge impact on accuracy.

    • sunsettommy says:

      Arn writes,

      “JFK was officially killed with a gun that was of such low quality that it could not hit an elephant from 2 yards distance.”

      The FBI differs with you since they did actual tests with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle as shown here:

      “FBI firearms expert Robert A. Frazier testified that “It is a very accurate weapon. The targets we fired show that.”[62] From 15 yards (14 m), all three bullets in a test firing landed approximately 2½ inches high, and 1-inch (25 mm) to the right, in the area about the size of a dime (0.705 inch diameter).[63] At 100 yards (91 m), the test shots landed 2½ to 5 inches (130 mm) high, within a 3 to 5-inch (130 mm) circle. Frazier testified that the scope’s high variation would actually work in the shooter’s favor: with a target moving away from the shooter, no lead correction would have been necessary to follow the target. “At that range, at that distance, 175 feet (53 m) to 265 feet (81 m),[64] with this rifle and that telescopic sight, I would not have allowed any lead — I would not have made any correction for lead merely to hit a target of that size.”

      Oswald skill was more than sufficient to be able to kill Kennedy:

      “During his Marine Corps service in December 1956, Oswald scored a rating of sharpshooter (twice achieving 48 and 49 out of 50 shots during rapid fire at a stationary target 200 yards [183 m] away using a standard issue M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle), although in May 1959, he qualified as a marksman (a lower classification than that of sharpshooter). Military experts, after examining his records, characterized his firearms proficiency as “above average” and said he was, when compared to American civilian males of his age, “an excellent shot”

      The Kennedy Family accepts the evidence that Oswald was the killer:

      “In 1972 the Kennedy family chose John K. Lattimer, MD as the first nongovernmental expert to examine evidence taken at Kennedy’s autopsy.[69] Lattimer performed ballistic tests and other research to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was likely the sniper who shot and killed President John F. Kennedy from the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas.”

      The book describes the evidence:

      Go look up the “Thorburn Position” which gives a good indication he was shot from behind in the Neck.

      I have read up on this subject years ago,using the Book, the Warren Commission finding and the book Case Closed by Gerald Posner,who convincingly show that it was indeed Oswald who killed Kennedy.

  3. Robert Austin says:

    When I look at the slow motion video, I see a spray cloud from the exit wound in front of Kennedy’s head. There appears to be some forward motion of the head before the violent rearward motion. Reaction to the trauma? As a deer hunter that has shot quite a number of deer with twelve gauge slugs, I never witnessed an animal being knocked back by the passage of the slug. I have seen a buck do a back flip after being struck in the spine. That idea has been a creation of the movie industry. That said, there are many unanswered questions about the assassination.

    • Robert Austin says:

      “That idea” being that a blast from Dirty Harry’s 44 Magnum will through the perp across the room.

    • tonyheller says:

      He was slumping forwards after being shot from the rear a second earlier. The kill shot came from the front.

      • sunsettommy says:

        Tony, he was slumping because he is being held in the seat with a back brace,otherwise he would have been much further down on the floor as described in detail the Book Case Closed,by Gerald Posner.

  4. Jafo says:

    What always amazed me…would an assassin take the low probability target of the motorcade receding from him…why pass the shot down the pipe when the motorcade is approaching you…seems to me the shot from the depository would be best straight down the street as the car is approaching…hell, you could probably do it without the rifle being visible from the window…my 2 pennies.

  5. Weum says:

    To take the deer hunting analogy, I have missed a number of better early shots because I had not physically set up to take the shot. So maybe he had to pivot the gun, then it takes about 5 seconds to take 3 breaths, brace solid and center on target. Professionals are faster and can antipate, a level I don’t think he was at.

  6. Weum says:

    Also, the road takes a bend so there is no deflection on the shot so the barrel is not moving when pulling the trigger.
    And, a high powered rifle makes a pinhole in the entry in the front and a cone of bone bits and spray out the back. Definitely a rear shot.

    • tonyheller says:

      A pistol shot makes a splatter in the front. You are making baseless assumptions.

      • Alex Depaul says:

        Tony, I love you and your work,
        but why are you using a video of “exploding sodium bullets”.
        Simply not realistic when their are dozens of other videos showing splatter on the entry with normal rounds

        • tonyheller says:

          The bright light emanating from JFK’s head in those frames indicates an incendiary or explosive round, and I actually believe in the laws of conservation of momentum.

          • Louis Hooffstetter says:

            I agree. I’ve done a moderate amount of hunting and I’ve never seen a standard, round nose lead bullet (not a hollow point) produce such an explosion, entering either from the front or behind. I’ve also never seen an animal thrown violently in the opposite direction from where it was shot. I simply cannot believe that what is shown on the Zapruder film was caused by a round nose lead bullet hitting the president’s head from behind.

    • sunsettommy says:

      Oswald, had the skill and practice to fire three rounds in 8 seconds,which have been duplicated many times by others testing that possibility.

      His second shot was a miss because he likely hit a large branch,which witnesses noticed something hit the concrete across the street,from his window.

      Keep in mind that Oswald used the same gun to try killing General Walker,who had some practice shooting with the gun before killing Kennedy.

      “Ballistics Research Laboratory tests

      In an effort to test the rifle under conditions that matched the assassination, the Infantry Weapons Evaluation Branch of the U.S. Army’s Ballistics Research Laboratory had expert riflemen fire the assassination weapon from a tower at three silhouette targets at distances of 175, 240, and 265 feet (81 m).[66] Using the assassination rifle mounted with the telescopic sight, three marksmen, rated as master by the National Rifle Association, each fired two series of three shots. In the first series, the firers required time spans of 4.6, 6.75, and 8.25 seconds respectively. On the second series, they required 5.15, 6.45, and 7 seconds. The marksmen took as much time as they wanted for the first target at 175 feet (53 m), and all hit the target. For the first four attempts, the firers missed the second shot at 240 feet (73 m) by several inches. Five of the six shots hit the third target at 265 feet (81 m), the distance of President Kennedy from the sixth floor window when he was struck in the head.[67] None of the marksmen had any practice with the assassination weapon beforehand except to work the bolt.

      CBS conducted a firing test in 1967 at the H. P. White Ballistics Laboratory located in Street, Maryland. For the test, 11 marksmen from diverse backgrounds were invited to participate: 3 Maryland State Troopers, 1 weapons engineer, 1 sporting goods dealer, 1 sportsman, 1 ballistics technician, 1 ex-paratrooper, and 3 H. P. White employees. CBS provided several Carcano rifles for the test. Oswald’s rifle was not used in this test. The targets were color-coded orange for head/shoulder silhouette and blue for a near miss. The results of the CBS test were as follows: 7 of 11 shooters were able to fire three rounds under 5.6 seconds (64%). Of those 7 shooters, 6 hit the orange target once (86%), and 5 hit the orange target twice (71%). Out of 60 rounds fired, 25 hit the orange (42%), 21 hit the blue portion of the target (35%), and there were 14 misses on the target (23%).

      One volunteer was unable to operate his rifle effectively, so the following statistics are based on the 10 remaining shooters. The average time of all 10 was 5.64 seconds. The mode was 5.55 seconds and the mean was 5.70 seconds. The average for the top five shooters was 5.12 seconds, and for the bottom five shooters 6.16 seconds. There was a high occurrence of jamming during the test. On average, the rifles jammed after 6 rounds. The most rounds fired without jamming were 14, 11, 10 in a row. The least was 0 (back to back).

      The first shooter to lead off the experiment was Al Sherman, Maryland State Trooper. The record of his effort: 5.0 sec: 2 orange, 1 blue / 6.0 sec: 2 orange, 1 blue / NT (jam at 3rd cartridge)/ 5.2 sec: 1 orange, 2 low / 5.0 sec: 1 orange, 2 blue. Sherman was able to fire 8 rounds before his rifle jammed. Of all the shooters, the fastest times were: 4.1 sec, 4.3 sec, 4.9 sec, 5.0 sec. The best accuracy was 3 orange in 5.2 seconds. The rifles were oiled and allowed to cool down between shooters. CBS reporter Dan Rather attended this experiment.

      During the investigation by the House Select Committee on Assassinations (1976–1978), the lead attorneys for the Committee, Robert Blakey and Gary Cornwell, were allowed to use WC-139 at an FBI firing range. The attorneys wanted to see how fast the bolt action could be operated. Blakey was able to fire two rounds in 1.5 seconds and Cornwell fired two rounds in 1.2 seconds. This was an experiment to test a possible theory that Oswald in his excitement may have pointed and fired, as opposed to aimed and fired. Some critics of the Warren Commission had claimed it was impossible to fire a Carcano rifle in less than 2.3 seconds. Both the CBS and HSCA tests proved conclusively that the claim was not accurate.[68]”

  7. Weum says:

    Not baseless, 40 years of killing deer. The flaw in the videos and myth busters shooting a 50 caliber rifle in to water, is that when a rifle or pistol is ten feet away from a target, it has super high velocity. When you get 100 yards away, the velocity has dropped significantly. Up close, anything splatters in the front. Far away, it a pin hole in front and explosion out the rear. That’s why a 9mm postal went through the water in myth busters because of high weight bullet with low velocity.

    • Weum says:

      And a bullet that hits nothing but meat tends to pass through with less damage. But a bullet that hits bone disintegrates and shreds the meat behind it. That’s why a dead frontal shot on a deer is bad because it typically destroys the hindquarters, which is good meat.

  8. oars says:

    Keep an eye on the tech companies and how they operate – this is currently the biggest story in the WORLD. For example, type the following phrase (right now) in Google and then perform the exact same search in DuckDuckGo:

    CNN Reporter Declines to Share Physical Description of Suspect in New York Terror attack

  9. Weum says:

    Is it that
    Google search is based on an association web that they control
    Duck duck go which relys on word and phrase matching

  10. charles nelson says:

    Has anyone else seen an image? A page of twelve or sixteen photographs, of members of the medical team at Parkland Hospital who admitted the fatally wounded President. All taken within hours of the event.
    These eye witnesses are all making pretty much identical hand gestures as they describe the size and position of the head wound.

  11. Rob says:

    There are a number of videos on Youtube that take the key frames of 312 and 313 and show his head moving forward right before it goes back (not to mention the actual full Zapruder film when it is slowed down) but I guess if one has their mind made up then they will simply not ever want to see that and will keep believing the “back and to the left” myth. It’s human nature for people to make up their mind and refuse to ever see anything that can show they may be wrong. Again, I used to think it just went back and the shot came from the front but I then watched the film slowed down and saw it goes forward first which fits in with a bullet entering from the back. I can actually almost easily see the forward movement when the shot hits watching the film at regular speed now that I know it is there.

    So here is a guy who supposedly worked on Kennedy:

    So going by his drawing, everything that happened to JFK came from the front and the dozens of witnesses who said gun shots came from the rear (not to mention the few that very day who said they saw a shooter/rifle in the depository window) were wrong or I guess planted witnesses or the person shooting from the depository was just that horrible a shot. There’s also issues with the trajectory of his neck wound coming from the front but things like that apparently don’t matter when one wishes to push forth a different theory. Then there is (again) the fact Connally reacts at the same time as JFK does the throat wound so maybe that was a shot from the rear at the same time and it was lucky enough to completely miss hitting Kennedy whose head and shoulders were probably in the way. I have seen some say that JFK was actually shot at the same time in the back and front of his head when they have to try and explain the forward movement that’s shown on the Zapruder film. What luck that two gunmen could shoot at the exact same time and if I am to believe the neck wound was also from the front while Connally from the rear, do this same shooting at the same time feat twice!

    Another beauty with his drawing is that the autopsy photos don’t support what he drew nor does the Zapruder film support what he drew (or the numerous witnesses who said the damage was to the top right side) since you can CLEARLY see the blowout was not at the very back but more like at the top right side. So either the film has been completely doctored in a way that was beyond any movie effects of that time or this guy is full of crap as are the people who try and claim there was a massive exit wound in the back. It can’t be both.

    The most amazing thing I find with the JFK stuff is that so many seem to go to bat for Oswald and act like he wasn’t involved at all in anything and that he was some great peaceful guy despite people who actually knew him (like his wife) saying he was anything but. These Oswald defenders view him like dumbocrats view killary with how they ignore everything negative. It’s very odd and I don’t see that type of treatment for any other famous figure who has been accused of murder. If there was a conspiracy or even multiple gunmen then he was surely involved.

    I have to agree with something I read last week that said the main reason why many may refuse to believe he was responsible or involved is because they just can’t wrap their head around the fact the life of a president (that history has morphed into being more special or loved than he actually was) was ended by some nobody and in such a simple way, meaning he didn’t have to get special clearance to be near the president or devise some scheme. All he had to do was sit, wait, and shoot. I am pretty convinced there could be film that shows Oswald in that sniper nest shooting and some people would still deny it because they are hell bent on their beliefs and nothing will ever change their mind.

    As someone who knows full well what the government is capable of and that many conspiracy theories haven been proven to actually be conspiracy fact, I’d love to believe in the multi gunman conspiracy with JFK yet until there is actual real solid evidence that refutes the lone gunman supporting evidence and video, I shall stick with it being a lone gunman and Oswald being the shooter.

    And for the magic bullet theory, here is a good page that debunks that and the misinformation theorists like to push forth regarding the seating and wound locations:

  12. RickS says:

    “EVERY” time I see the Kennedy assassination I want to take the “scum” Oswald did it “peukes” and test their “theory” out on their own heads !

    Seeing the Presidens right-front forehead explode is sickening to its core, I turn the Channel before hand every time !!

    Only the Climate/Global/Change/Warming [ CRAP ] could ever come close to the BULLSHIT “Oswald” shot Kennedy [ SUPER-CRAP ] theory ??? !!!

    But the most amazing part of it is that it was broadcast before “EveryOne’s” eyes where everyone could see “exactly” what happened, and people are so frickin Dumb/Stupid/Ignorant/Asinine/Brainless that they could possibly believe that BULL-SHIT story !

    ADD-BILL-O’REILLY (Killing Kennedy ???) to this list of STUPIDITY when it takes a few minutes to come to the conclusion that multiple assassin’s where involved !! ?? !!

    One of the FBI members remarked that the assassin’s rifle initially found was not the same found a few hours later ???


    Man, are People Stupid…


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