The Incredible Heat Of May 31, 1934

The likelihood of hot weather on May 31 has plummeted in the US over the past century.

On the last day of May, 1934 100 degree temperatures covered the Great Plains and Midwest.  Fayette, Iowa was 109 degrees.  Temperatures that hot in Iowa are inconceivable now in July, much less in May.

1934 was the warmest year on record in the US, and NOAA compensates for the heat by simply erasing it.

NASA 1999    NASA 2018

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19 Responses to The Incredible Heat Of May 31, 1934

  1. ColA says:

    Maybe anyone born in those years should all write to the hospital they were born in and ask for their birth temperature record to be adjusted down by 1 degree – just to keep the records straight!! :-)

  2. Paul Sessler says:

    Typo on the Heat Map with both Yellows and Purples being over 100F. Thanks for the historical data.

  3. Winnipeg boy says:

    Would you know if the MRCC also adjusts Growing Degree Days?
    I’m developing a corn yield model based on very specific GGD and plant growth. if this too has been ‘adjusted’ my model will be crap.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      This is a very interesting question for a host of reasons. My guess would be, “NO”

    • Anon says:

      If you publish something like that it will head right to crapper without a CAGW hook. But I can help you:

      They report two things now:

      Increases in crop yields due to carbon dioxide.

      1] Could global warming’s top culprit help crops?

      But with the antidote to that good news:

      2]”Climate change making food crops less nutritious, research finds.”

      So what you need to do is show increasing corn production but counter that with the decreasing nutrition levels.

      Then, extrapolate that out with the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere to the date say 2050, where there will be HUGE CORN HARVESTS with ZERO NUTRITIONAL VALUE.

      And, lets give it a catchy name like the “TRIBBLE EFFECT”, from Star Trek, where the tribbles get locked in the grain storehouses and starve to death. In your promotional video you can show a world full of food with people starving on the streets.

      Now you are all set to receive MASSIVE FUNDING – and will probably be visited by AL GORE himself (who needs to lose weight).

  4. terak says:

    Has anyone ever published any evidence of fraudulent adjustments in climate datasets? Only peer-reviewed results and not in sham journals please.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Terak is too stoopid to figure out that if all the “adjustments” are only in the “the warming is unprecedent” direction then they are likely bogus.
      If you can’t find something wrong with the science then bugger off terak.

    • sunsettommy says:

      You didn’t see that Tony used NASA’s own links?

    • Kris Johanson says:

      The real action is ‘not happening’ in peer reviewed journals these days. That’s why forums like this have flourished. There’s probably more innovative research and synthesis and news-sharing going on here than the top 5 news sources combined

    • Rah says:

      Why do you need anyone to tell you something is valid that you can look up and see with your own eyes? Either dispute the data in any of the many posts Tony’s posts showing the adjustments or go away. Peer review is NOT part of the scientific method.

    • Mac says:

      Yeah, it seems pretty obvious that the owner of this blog has published evidence of fraud. Are you paying attention? I love the self-indulgent insistence on “peer-reviewed”, though. That’s like asking Heaven’s Gate to peer-review Jonestown.

    • Gator says:

      The peer of a fraud, is a fraud. Go figure…

    • Anon says:

      Yes, one immediate example that comes to mind: the PSMSL was caught jiggering tide gauge data to show acceleration of sea level in the Indian Ocean and were called out for it here:

      Is the Sea Level Stable at Aden, Yemen?

      Of course the authors were lambasted, but what they reported is real (PSMSL gave all kinds of reasons why they did it.)

      Another good place to look is here: Raw comments from reviewers of the latest IPCC chapter 13:


      There is no mention of the fact that, over the nearly 20 years for which we have data, satellite measurements of global MSL have exhibited a deceleration in rate of sea level rise; nor is it mentioned that the various satellites differ significantly from one another in the rates of SLR they are measuring; nor is it
      mentioned that the satellite which had the broadest coverage of the world’s oceans, Envisat, has had ex post facto revisions to its data so dramatic that the corrections more than tripled the “measured” rate of sea level rise. Instead, it is claimed that the satellites (as if they were unanimous!) have been measuring about 3.2 mm/yr SLR. That is misleading. Moreover, the reference to agreement between different data processing groups, without mentioning either the disagreement between the data from the different satellites or the huge calculated adjustments, conveys a deceptive impression that the reliability of the result is much stronger than it really is.

      You are going to have to DIG DEEP for it, but the evidence is there, and it is overwhelming. It never finds its way into the MSM, so you are on your own.

      • Anon says:

        Oh, and you don’t need to take my word for it either:

        Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?
        Richard S. Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a lead author of Chapter 7, “Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks,” of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Third Assessment Report on climate change.
        Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate MIT, Cambridge MA 02139, USA

        The above factors are all amplified by the need for government funding. When an issue becomes a vital part of a political agenda, as is the case with climate, then the politically desired position becomes a goal rather than a consequence of scientific research. This paper will deal with the origin of the cultural changes and with specific examples of the operation and interaction of these factors. In particular, we will show how
        political bodies act to control scientific institutions, how scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions, and how opposition to these positions is disposed of.

        Willie Soon also goes into this at length in the video below:

        The Big Bad Forces of Censorship and Intimidation in Climate Science.
        Willie Soon, PhD – Harvard and Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

    • R. Shearer says:

      Check out the Climategate emails yourself, no peer review needed.

      • Anon says:

        Yes, I was thinking of adding those also, but if terak gets into Lindzen and Soon, they are discussed. So I thought I would shorten the post, but thanks for the mention.

  5. Caleb says:

    I knew a tough old Kansas farmer back around 1986 and he told me great tales about the toughness of those Dust Bowl years. He referred to the heat and dryness as “the dirt storms.” If you ever get time look for YouTube videos about the Dust Bowl. Someone had the presence of mind to interview lots of those old-timers before they died. You soon become aware modern heat waves are not even close to the furnace those amazing people endured, without air conditioning.

  6. Caleb says:

    By the way, don’t let up on sea-ice posts. After all the guff we’ve had to endure from Alarmists, as they attempted to “reeducate” us, turnabout is fair play.

    Volume continues high, extent not falling as fast as prior years, and now polar temperatures are below normal.

    Oh yes, and snowcover in northeast Siberia is not melting as fast as it usually does.

  7. Weylan McAnally says:

    Looking at that map I see one VERY similar to the past few days. It so similar that they might be twins. The temps are lower, but the hot areas for the past few days are all in the middle of the country from Canada down through Texas.

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