Toto Explores The Colorado Permanent Drought

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  1. RAH says:

    Hard for Toto to make observations when the thick vegetation is taller than he is. Of course you and Toto realize that when things dry out that growth becomes fuel for wildfires which will be blamed by some on “Climate Change”. Much of California has had a spurt of growth due to wetter than average conditions over the late winter and spring and so there will be plenty of tender and fuel there also when things dry out.

    • John F. Hultquist says:

      This presentation Era of Megafires, is not entirely devoid of the changing climate bit, but mostly it is a story of the build up of fuel since white settlement in the State of Washington.
      The main presenter** and researcher is Paul Hessburg of Wenatchee, WA.

      **At the presentations video and slides are used. People from the area where the activity is scheduled may be there and do introduce the issue of climate change. There was just a tiny bit of that when we attended one of the 60-90 minute sessions.

  2. Pathway says:

    But Boulder is only a small part of the state. West of the divide it is bone dry. But it is only weather.

  3. AZ1971 says:

    Any idea what the tall flowering spike is? Looks very interesting from a landscaping perspective!

  4. Joe from WYO says:

    Does anyone know if that bird is some type of Oriole?
    I live about 100 miles straight North of Boulder and haven’t seen that bird in this area…. thanks.

  5. dgc says:

    It’s a spotted towhee. Beautiful birds well represented but Tony’s picture.

  6. dgc says:

    …by Tony’s picture…

  7. Joe says:

    Looks more like a permanent wetland..

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