The Morning After

Every flower (wild and domestic) in my neighborhood was destroyed by the hail, and there is still quite a bit on the ground.

When our pond floods, the herons come over here.

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3 Responses to The Morning After

  1. See? Ice falling out of the sky in May right next to Texas! Comrades, could there conceivably be clearer proof of Global Warming brought about by the greed and selfishness of electric power plant corporations?

  2. Snowleopard says:

    My returning flycatchers (phoebes) were likely destroyed by late April snow and early May freezes. Usually have six to eight nesting pairs within sight of the house by now. Only one bird made it back this year and I found its body a few days ago. Gonna be a buggy year :(

  3. RAH says:

    The Derby was a mud race and so will be the Preakness today. Like to see all three races on wet tracks in a year.

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