Climate Change Superstition Is Here – It Is Catastrophic

The BBC is taking climate disinformation to an entirely new level, describing common weather events as catastrophic climate change.

James Cook on Twitter: “Climate change. It’s here. It’s catastrophic

I could write an entire encyclopedia documenting similar weather events from the past. but here a few line items from James Cook’s clueless tweet.

In 1902, fires were burning all over Greece.

05 Sep 1902, Page 7 – The Times at

In 1972, at the peak of the ice age scare, fires were burning all over Arctic Norway.

06 Jul 1972, Page 24 – Freeport Journal-Standard at

In 1922, Japan and China had a heatwave over 100 degrees for weeks.

10 Aug 1922, 7 – The Guardian at

The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth (134 degrees) occurred this month 105 years ago.


During July 1934, 80% of the US was in extreme or severe drought.

psi-193407.gif (690×488)

Current drought conditions are much less severe, and the drought region of the southwest has been getting lots of rain since this map was made last week.

Current Map

Intellicast – Weekly Precipitation in United States

Imagine the hysteria from James Cook if  he was transported back to 1931. On this date in 1931, forest fires were the headline story in US newspapers.

24 Jul 1931, Page 1 – Delphos Daily Herald at

Forest fires are down 80% in the US since the 1930’s.

Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents

Meanwhile, the worst floods in history were occurring in China, which killed more than three million people.

22 Aug 1931, 1 – Hartford Courant at

There is no indication that the climate is getting more extreme.  Fake news writers like James Cook take commonplace weather events and declare them to be catastrophic climate change – without doing any historical research or actual journalism.  And their most egregious failing is a refusal to talk to people (like myself) who are familiar with history.

We have seen censorship like this in the past. When only one point of view is allowed to be presented by state news agencies, journalists are nothing more than propagandists. Particularly when their viewpoint is incorrect.

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29 Responses to Climate Change Superstition Is Here – It Is Catastrophic

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    As usual Tony, your combination of checking verifiable media reports from the past makes a complete mockery of the nonsense perpetrated by contemporary alarmists. The joke is that quite often the very media that’s publishing the present fraudulent nonsense is the same media whose past reports contradict or show the inanity of contemporary alarmism – as is the case in the present fraudulent claims. So, again, well done Tony!

  2. Michael Spencer says:

    As usual Tony, your combination of checking verifiable media reports from the past makes a complete mockery of the nonsense perpetrated by contemporary alarmists. The joke is that quite often the very moment edia that’s publishing the present fraudulent nonsense is the same media whose past reports contradict or show the inanity of contemporary alarmism – as is the case in the present fraudulent claims. So, again, well done Tony!

  3. Johansen says:

    These are superb case studies which could be/should be used in private schools. They could be used in many different settings/classes. If you open up a typical Geography or History school book nowadays you’ll see a white kid in a wheelchair surrounded by smiling minorities. I have nothing against disabled kids or diversity, but kids want to see hammers and sickles, and pathetic Nazis, and learn about floods and 30 million refugees!!!, and 134 degree heatwaves!, and all the other things you’re digging up

  4. Cam says:

    You know the hot-heads will say you’re cherry-picking because all of these events happened in different years whereas the first list all happened in one year.

    • Johansen says:

      The counter argument would be that the BBC (above) isn’t reporting all the “normal” events during the same month, or the “colder than usual” events. They are engaging in what’s called the “File Drawer Effect”, wherein you stuff all the inconvenient data in the file drawer and don’t discuss it.

      • Andy says:

        Isn’t that we all do though?

        Bias makes us over inflate the pudding one way and scrape it into the bin the other way.

        Science should always be used to show up the current state of affairs, not try to be fitted into your world view to prove a point. That never works.


        • Johansen says:

          Well, I think “science” is a much overused term, but it should be the pursuit of some type of objective truth, yes. Here we are trying to poke holes in the Grand Metanarrative which says, “we’re all going to die unless we abolish private property and bring in global socialism”. Marx – who thought he was the ultimate scientist (‘science’ was one of his favorite words) – believed an unstoppable “force” called “History” was animating and driving everything forward towards his apocalypse; Darwin’s all-knowing, all-seeing force was ‘Natural Selection’ – a term he made up along with “pangenes and gemmules” which of course don’t exist; and now we have CO2 at 1 particle per 2,500 which is relentlessly driving all of history forward and shaping our ideas of government and society. These are “materialistic” philosophies; they’re nothing new…. they’ve been around since the pre-Socratics

    • Mr Grimnasty says:

      You could make a list miles long in any year for ”extreme weather’ and natural disasters.

      e.g. Tony picked 1972 “Forest fires rage across Norway”.

      3 minutes on Google, also in 1972:
      128 dead Hurricane Agnes
      860 dead in 22 typhoons, 2 super typhoons
      447 dead in Western Japan heavy rain/landslide/Floods.
      238 dead Black Hills flood, South Dakota
      ~900 dead in heat waves in New York etc.
      ~840 excess deaths heatwave Finland
      148 dead in a series of landslides in Hong Kong
      4000+ deadliest blizzard ‘ever’ in IRAN!

  5. Douglas Hoyt says:

    In 1888, America Weather by Gen. A. W. Greeley was published. On page 253 of that book, the following account is given:

    “The most remarkable case, that of June 17th, 1859, was at that time said to be the most wonderful visitation of this character for thirty years. At San Francisco on that date, the thermometer is said to have registered a rise in the temperature from 77F to 133F, with a burning northeast wind, which fortunately lasted for a few hours only, the thermometer registering 77F at 7 p.m. At Santa Barbara, on the same day, (in the afternoon), a strong easterly wind set in, during which the burning air was filled with dense clouds of dust, which caused intense suffering, and drove everyone to the nearest shelter. The fruit was all destroyed, and although the burning blast lasted but a few hours, yet animals, such as calves, rabbits, and birds, died from the effects. The temperature was said to have reached 133F in Santa Barbara, 102F at San Diego, and 117F at Fort Yuma.”

    He goes on to say that such heat waves have occurred less frequently as time has passed.

  6. RAH says:

    And there you go. A quick reference encyclopedia of past weather events with a chapter for each type or in the case of the poles and Greenland geographically with the others listed alphabetically and then arranged in each chapter chronologically from oldest to most recent. Sounds like a lot of work but I suspect your already halfway or better with the material you have saved.

    • Douglas Hoyt says:


      Midway down the page under weather are 3 different chronologies.

      • Douglas Hoyt says:

        Should have just quoted it:

        Weather has been documented by early meteorologist and historians for centuries. A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events will lead you to a massive weather resource covering the years 1 A.D. to 1900 A.D.

        A Chronology of Notable Weather Events by Douglas V. Hoyt is another historical weather resource. It covers the period from 243 A.D. to 2010 A.D.

        Landmarks of World History: A Chronology of Remarkable Natural Phenomena by Christopher Chatfield is another historical weather resource. It covers weather events from 2668 B.C. to 1900 A.D.

        Note – links are provided at

  7. arn says:

    Weather hasn’t changed.
    But the way MSM talks about it.

    I’m pretty sure most years have enough “catastrophic” scenarios to
    ‘prove’ global warming/global cooling.
    As warming is the agenda they do everything to promote it.
    ((and i do still miss the scientific explanation
    to show me:”Which climate is the best and why.”
    And why aren’t climate scientist superhappy as they were so worried about the
    coming ice age that a 2 degree warmer climate should be exactly what they hoped and prayed for to counterbalance ice age and to save humanity.
    But it seems that in the 80ies something happened on the way to ice age.
    Something so big and so global((a singularity from outer space that erased all the memories of climate scientists about the coming ice age))
    to justify a global tax.
    No matter how.

  8. ZZMike says:

    I missed the news about the Arctic circle being “ablaze”. It must be the greedy oil companies iron glove control of the media.

    One of the contributing factors to forest fires – at least here in CA – is the absolute lack of forest management.

    There’s a note in Jefferson’s “Notes on the State of Virginia” (from 1781):
    “A change in our climate however is taking place very sensibly. Both heats and colds are become much more moderate within the memory even of the middle-aged. Snows are less frequent and less deep. They do not often lie, below the mountains, more than one, two, or three days, and very rarely a week. They are remembered to have been formerly frequent, deep, and of long continuance. The elderly inform me the earth used to be covered with snow about three months in every year. The rivers, which then seldom failed to freeze over in the course of the winter, scarcely ever do so now. This change has produced an unfortunate fluctuation between heat and cold, in the spring of the year, which is very fatal to fruits. From the year 1741 to 1769, an interval of twenty-eight years, there was no instance of fruit killed by the frost in the neighbourhood of Monticello. An intense cold, produced by constant snows, kept the buds locked up till the sun could obtain, in the spring of the year, so fixed an ascendency as to dissolve those snows, and protect the buds, during their developement, from every danger of returning cold. The accumulated snows of the winter remaining to be dissolved all together in the spring, produced those overflowings of our rivers, so frequent then, and so rare now.”

    (From Morano’s “PC Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” – in “Notes”, search for heading “Climate”.)

  9. Andy says:

    I did like “US drought squeezes US Lemons”

    Just saying….. made me chuckle though, I think he is talking about GatorHandbag and AndyG5.5 :D

    With the huge NAO from May, which is a long period for it to be in, no wonder Europe suffering. This is interesting

    1976 was still worse in the UK than this year though because we had less rain in the previous months, this year we had loads. My feet were constantly wet walking the dog until May. May is normally a good month but April was wet and May got April showers. June it finally turned. Still, a great BBQ summer finally. Well done Met office years late.

    I do have to say though that not really heard of a country going from so many people drowning to people being killed from heat exhaustion in such a short time as Japan has done, must be one in a hundred year weather issue. Not climate note….


  10. Andy says:

    8.5 years it took them to write that story…. how things change…



  11. MG says:

    Washington Post says the 134 Death Valley temperature was not possible, that the person taking the temperature, Oscar Denton, was “inexperienced” and “may have fudged the numbers”.

    They used the same tactic to strip the 136 degree temperature recorded in 1922 in Al Aziza, Libya. The seeds of doubt are being sewn by the weather underground, saying the 2007 129 degree temp in Death Valley was the hottest recorded based on modern accurate equipment. What happened to our media? By the way, in my opinion, mercury in a glass thermometer is the gold standard for measuring temperatures, that using a measure of electrical resistance, for example a thermister is a poor substitute.

    • Gator says:

      It is hilarious to hear the climate faithful accuse past observers of “fudging”, when we all know that fudging is BAU for climastrtologists. There is not a published NOAA or NASA temperature that is not fudged today.

    • Johansen says:

      Exactly, they send a couple graduate students in need of a dissertation out to attack a dead guy that can’t defend himself; all the while ignoring the blatant fraud and “cooking of books” that is being done right now under their noses

  12. Jeff Jones says:

    We just bought a home north of Dallas in the ‘drought’ area on the map. Have to get out of the horrid state of California when I retire in December. Am a Calif native and breaks my heart to leave after 70 years but can’t stay here. Too dangerous for us ‘no longer useful to the almighty state’ people with single payer health care coming next year when Gavin Newsome takes over the Marxist regime. I haven’t seen the place we bought yet but wife went there last week. She was in a rain storm that formed rivers running down all streets. I am guessing they got more rain that we get all year in Bakersfield. I guess one man’s drought is another man’s flood!

  13. John Marchlik says:

    Thank you all for restoring my trust in mankind.
    Interesting tidbit, if you read the book Unbroken.
    The Olympic team is working out in NYC prior to getting onboard a ship to German Olympics.Was it 1937 or 1938?
    38 I would guess.
    No AC and temps were extremely high. 100+ from what I remember.Number of residents died. Live sensibly is all we can do.

  14. GW Smith says:

    Are they simply “incorrect” or are they deliberately exaggerating in order to shock the sleeping masses into their point of view? Well, both. Blatant duplicity! Keep it up, Tony!

  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    As kids we used a term that suits these lying media scum LIAR LIAR PANTS IN FIRE HANGING FROM A TELEPHONE WIRE

  16. Steelman says:

    It’s insane, but some swallow the bait. It’s no longer than two years ago, that the summer, here in Norway and most of northern europe, was wind and rain. The usual suspects, the “climate experts”, and MSM, told us that’s the way it would be. We should prepare for wet and wild. As for last winter, cold and snowy, but we were told, snow is a thing of the past.
    Amazing these ambulance chasers, are not caught in the act, oh wait, no comment sections in matters of climate and immigration.
    I forgot.

  17. OrganicFool says:


  18. John Plummer says:

    Thank goodness for Tony Heller! One day even the MSM will recognize his part in destroying the catastrophic man-made global warming religion!

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