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Learning To Identify Global Warming

During March, 2012 the Eastern US was warm and Alaska was cold. Experts told us that was just what they expected from global warming. This March, the Eastern US was cold and Alaska was less cold than usual, and experts … Continue reading

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Building A Coherent Argument

The White House and Gallup released two disastrously poor statistics about Obamacare this week. Only 2% of Americans signed up. There are 4 million more Americans without health insurance now, than there were when Obama was elected in 2008. Republicans should have … Continue reading

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Settled Science At The IPCC

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35% Of Low Temperature Readings In Michigan This Year Have Been Below 0F

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Ban Assault Hammers

LONDON (AP) — British police are hunting a man who entered an upscale London hotel room and battered three sisters from the United Arab Emirates with a hammer.  The Metropolitan Police force said Monday that all three women suffered head … Continue reading

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Same Climate Story, Different Century

People like to believe that the universe revolves around them. Thus, every generation has nutcases who insist on believing that they live in exceptional times. The story in 1871 was no different from today. IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. January 10, 1871 a plentiful … Continue reading

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An Effective Strategy By The Climate Mafia

By switching from global warming to “climate change” they now blame every weather event on humans, and lack of action by politicians. This provides a mechanism to blackmail politicians. Any weather event like Hurricane Sandy or a hot summer in … Continue reading

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No Verification

In the microprocessor business, companies employ teams nearly as large as the design teams, whose job it is to find things wrong with the design. It is catastrophic to the company to have a flawed microprocessor make it into consumer hands, … Continue reading

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Climate Moves To California

78% of the US has been below normal temperature since October 1, but Southern California was the important place for measuring the climate. http://www.hprcc.unl.edu/products/maps/acis/WaterTDeptUS.png

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Alarmist Brains Slam Into Reverse And Explode

In 2012, the winter maximum Arctic ice extent was high, and alarmists screamed that it meant nothing because the multi-year ice was disappearing. This year NSIDC reports a large increase in multi-year ice, and alarmists are screaming that the winter maximum … Continue reading

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