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Crack Government Climate Models Predicted That January-April Would Be Hot In The US

201307temp.gif (970×1203) As usual, their forecasts were inverted from reality. YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)

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1896 Heatwave : Ohio Wasn’t Always Cold In April

During April, 1896 – temperatures in Ohio were well above 90 degrees. It wasn’t just the US that was hot that year. January, 1896 was by far the hottest month on record in Australia. HOTTEST OF HOT WAVES ON RECORD. – … Continue reading

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Coldest Year On Record So Far In The Midwest

The US midwest us having its coldest year on record, by a wide margin.

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End Of April Great Ice Cover Obliterates All Previous Records

End of April Great Lakes ice cover has broken the previous record by 300%, and is 10,000% of normal. 20140428180000_CVCHDCTGL_0007639787.gif (1100×850) It is 97% certain that NOAA will still try to claim that other years have been colder in the … Continue reading

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April 27 Global Sea Ice Area Highest In 22 Years – Third Highest On Record


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Shock News : 97% Of Climate Models Overpredict Warming

Climate Analysis | Remote Sensing Systems

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Vortex Swallows Alarmist IQ’s

Northern hemisphere tornadoes occur when cold dry air from the north meets warm humid air in the south. The south has warm humid air most of the year, so the key ingredient is the cold air. That is why April … Continue reading

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Some Recent Presidential Candidates

Al Gore John Kerry Barack Obama John McCain Mitt Romney None of the five know anything about science, and all five are determined to “control the climate.“

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Four Months Till The Al Gore Ice-Free Arctic

At his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Al Gore predicted an ice-free Arctic in 2014. Al and Reggie have their work cut out for them. They better get their blowtorches out. Governments all around the world have chosen to force our … Continue reading

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In The End, Their Credibility Will Melt Away Quite Suddenly

In 2007, leading experts said that the Arctic will be ice-free by 2013, and that it will all melt away quite suddenly. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’ The green circle below shows the date of that … Continue reading

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