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Milestone Reached : No Global Warming For More Than Half Of The Satellite Record

There has been no global warming for 50.4% of the satellite temperature record. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Scam Of The Day

A favorite scam of alarmists like Trenberth and Holdren is to blame damage from Sandy’s storm surge on global warming driven sea level rise. Never mind that there has been no change in the rate of Manhattan “sea level rise” … Continue reading

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Forty Years Of Climate Insomnia

Obama’s science advisor John Holdren says that global warming keeps him up at night. April 25, 2014 HOLDREN: Well, I would say the thing that keeps me up at night the most is the climate change issue Living on Earth: … Continue reading

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Climate Scientist Job Interview Questions

Do you believe in climate change? Do you believe that Republicans are evil and stupid? Are you willing to ostracize anyone who disagrees with you? Are you willing to generate several global warming papers a year full of sciency sounding gibberish … Continue reading

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80 Years Ago, 80% Of The US Was Experiencing Moderate To Extreme Drought

Climate experts* tell us that the 2014 drought in California is due to global warming, because they know nothing about the climate. In 1934, the drought covered California, and the vast majority of the rest of the US. * “Climate … Continue reading

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US January-April Temperatures Plummeting At 10C/Century

US temperatures through April 25 are the coldest since 1912, and have been plummeting over the past 16 years at a rate of nearly 11C/century. Climate experts choose to ignore this, and instead focus on data tampering to make the … Continue reading

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1913 : Three Days Over 130 Degrees In One Week

Before your SUV overheated the atmosphere, California had three days over 130 degrees in one week. The hottest temperatures ever recorded on the planet. docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/050/mwr-050-01-0010.pdf

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President Obama Healed The Planet

Last June, President Obama waited for a hot day and then hurriedly called an outdoor press conference in mid-afternoon. The purpose was to do a third rate acting job and pretend that he was hot in Washington DC in the summer … Continue reading

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NOAA Blowing Away All Records For Data Tampering In 2014

NOAA is adjusting Illinois temperatures upwards by three degrees in 2014. That makes a total of six degrees data tampering since 1895. Index of /pub/data/ushcn/v2.5/ Disclaimer : Mosher says the temperature record is golden.

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Droughts Weren’t Always Caused By Republicans

NCAR director Kevin Trenberth said in Boulder two weeks ago that droughts  are caused by Republicans – but they used to be caused by Democrats. 18 Jul 1936 – AMERICAN DROUGHT MAY SWING ELECTIONS AGAINST ROO…

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