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Please Make Some Effort To Stay On Topic

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Understanding The IPCC Process

Two IPCC lead authors say that governments are interfering with the science. So basically, governments are writing the reports and not allowing the scientists to speak. Then the government written, science-free report is published, and governments declare “the scientists have spoken, … Continue reading

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Understanding The Rules

It is OK for Obama to throw around any number of insults at anyone who thinks differently from him (deniers, flat earther’s, bitter people who cling to guns and religion, Cambridge police acted stupidly, removing Churchill’s bust from the White House, … Continue reading

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NAACP Planning To Give Awards To At Least Two Democratic Party Racists Next Month

Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Democrat | National Review Online The press will of course only talk about the racist whose skin color is white. Not the one who promotes ethnic violence. in August 1991, a Jewish driver accidentally … Continue reading

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2014 Closing In On Coldest Start To The Year In US History

US temperatures through April 26 are third coldest on record, just barely behind 1899 and 1912. This week is forecast to be cold, and will likely push 2014 into the #1 spot.

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How About Those Scousers?

After suffering through the most boring Champions League semi-finals week in history, now Gerrard screws up at Anfield. Perhaps my Man City prediction wasn’t so stupid after all.

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1954 : Before You Wrecked The Climate

During the low CO2 summer of 1954, half of the US was in moderate to extreme drought and New England was hit by two major hurricanes in ten days. If this happened now, US climate experts would demand immediate world … Continue reading

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When JFK Was Assassinated, Everywhere From Texas To New England Was In Moderate To Extreme Drought

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UN Announced The Conclusions Of The IPCC Report Four Years Ago – Before Any Research Was Done

AFP: Next climate warming report will be dramatically worse: UN

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Shock News : Government Meddling With The IPCC Report – Document Is A Complete Fraud

Obama promised to take politics out of science. What he meant by that was that he planned to make science 100% political, and remove all science from science. Prof Stavins told The Mail on Sunday yesterday that he had been … Continue reading

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