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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

If Cliven Bundy were a “Native American” whose family had raised livestock since the 19th century on land in Nevada, progressives would be screaming bloody murder about persecution by the evil white men. But because Bundy is white, progressives scream … Continue reading

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Guardian Has A New Prophet

Kate can see the future! Weatherwatch: Like it or not, the future is hot | News | The Guardian

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

Progressives feel threatened by a civilian holding a semi-automatic rifle to defend First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights. Progressives feel comforted by the idea of a government operative with an automatic rifle or heavy artillery gunning down women and children who are defending First, … Continue reading

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Atlético vs. Bayern May 24 In Lisbon

That’s my forecast* Disclaimer : *I also forecast that City would win the Premiership   ROFL

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Big Week For Progressives

Lots of things for progressives to celebrate this week. Yesterday was National Marijuana Day and Hitler’s birthday Tomorrow is Lenin’s birthday and Earth Day

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Weather Underground Reports 122 Degrees In Denver Today

Fort Collins, Colorado (80526) Conditions & Forecast | Weather Underground

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Amazing What People Can Survive

Last Friday a 24 year old Fort Collins woman slammed her car at 55 MPH into the back of a school bus, which was stopped to pick up a child along a rural road. Somehow she seems to have survived … Continue reading

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US Having The Coldest Start To The Year Since 1899

Through April 21, the average temperature at all US HCN stations is 1.43 degrees, the second coldest on record, after 1899. Data generated by : GHCN Code ./ghcn.exe US21042014.txt through=0421 > US21042014_through_0421.csv

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Gun Control Works

Gun control was very effective at accomplishing government objectives in Germany during the 1930’s

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Heidi Central Says That Sea Level Rise “Is Already Happening”

Dr. Ben Strauss, director of the Program on Sea Level Rise at Climate Central, a nonprofit organization dedicated to communicating the science and effects of climate change. “Sea level rise is already happening, and its continuation is inevitable,” Strauss says. … Continue reading

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