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Trenberth Is Certain That Man Is The Driver Of Climate

Trenberth says that his fake 0.7C rise in temperature is unprecedented, and that climate change is caused by humans. That is why ice cores show 14C variation over time, and no measurable recent change.

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Global January-March Temperatures Plummeting Over the Past Decade

This corresponds with the near record high snow extent in the Northern Hemisphere http://climate.rutgers.edu/snowcover/chart_seasonal.php?ui_set=nhland&ui_season=1 For some reason, Trenberth forgot to mention this to the audience yesterday.

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Preorder Your Colorado Global Warming Propaganda

Ships one week from today, and for only 40 bucks. Colorado has had numerous larger rainfalls and floods over the past 130 years. The 1894 flood in Boulder was about four times larger than the 2014 flood.   The USGS flood marker in Boulder … Continue reading

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The Heatwave Of April 9-12 1963

On April 9-12 1963, temperatures across south Texas ranged from 101 degrees to 112 degrees. This was long before CO2 overheated the atmosphere. The 112 degree temperature in Rio Grande City, Texas was the hottest ever recorded in the US that … Continue reading

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Trenberth Vs. The Climate

Trenberth used this slide yesterday during his political rant in Boulder. He didn’t show the same map from 2013, with 78% of the US below normal temeprature. He didn’t mention that the thermometer data showed 2013 as tied for eighth coldest on … Continue reading

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Northeast US Having Their Coldest Year On Record So Far

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EPA Blames Their Attempts To Destroy US Energy Infrastructure On Climate Change

Facing the Obama administration’s so-called “war on coal,” some utility officials are warning that fewer coal-fired power plants could leave the U.S. power system vulnerable to blackouts in the near future. “Regulation from five years ago is closing about 20 … Continue reading

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Temperatures East Of The Rockies Are Coldest On Record Through April 10

US temperatures east of the Rockies are tied with 1899 for coldest on record through April 10. http://www.hprcc.unl.edu/products/maps/acis/YearTDeptUS.png

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Dems Planning New Ways To Subvert The Second Amendment

About 80 House members wrote a letter to President Obama Wednesday urging him to renew enforcement against the import of military-style, semiautomatic firearms. Under the 1968 Gun Control Act, they write, the president has broad authority to prohibit guns and ammunition from … Continue reading

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April 10, 1963 – Before CO2 Overheated The Atmsophere

On April 10, 1963 Rio Grande City, Texas reached 112 degrees. This year it was 25 degrees cooler at 87 degrees.

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