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Old Jedi Mind Trick

The issue is the federal government sending in a heavily armed paramilitary unit to rustle cattle and collect a debt. People get distracted very easily.

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More Evidence That Global Warming Theory Is Failing

Global warming theory requires that the stratosphere cools, and it isn’t happening. There has been no stratospheric cooling since the dust settled after the 1993 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. RSS_TS_channel_TLS_Global_Land_And_Sea_v03_3.txt

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Global Warming Becoming Very Selective

Global warming is now targeting a tiny region of ocean off the coast of Maine, causing baby lobsters to disappear. Baby Lobsters Are Disappearing, And Warming Oceans May Be To Blame | ThinkProgress You can see the tiny warm spot … Continue reading

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Life In A Global Warming Paradise

Paradise, Michigan still buried in deep snow on April 23 Weather Webcams | Weather Underground

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11% Of US Minimum Temperatures Through April 23 Have Been Below 0F

Climate experts say that global warming makes nighttime temperatures below 0F nearly impossible in the US. So far this year, 11.1% of US nighttime temperature readings have been below 0F – the fifth highest on record for the date. Generated … Continue reading

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2014 US Nighttime Temperatures Coldest On Record So Far

Nighttime temperatures in the US through April 23 have been the coldest on record – by a wide margin. Generated using GHCN command ./ghcn.exe US23042014.txt through=0423 > US23042014_through_0423.csv

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US Having The Third Coldest Start To A Year On Record

US temperatures through April 23 are the third coldest on record Generated by : ./ghcn.exe US23042014.txt through=0423 > US23042014_through_0423.csv YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)

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Overheated Atmosphere Brings Sub-Freezing Temperatures To Southern Arizona At The End Of April

Weather Street: Temperature Forecast Movie

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They Never Had Debates In The Soviet Union Or North Korea

Progressives don’t debate, because their belief system depends on lies and they can’t win a debate. Instead they use censorship, hatred, lies and violence to push their agenda.

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BU Biologist Says Coldest Start To The Year On Record Isn’t A Late Spring

The northeast US is having its coldest start to the year on record, and a genius BU professor says that spring isn’t late. This is a busy time of year for Richard B. Primack, a biologist at Boston University. He … Continue reading

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