USHCN Adjusting Illinois Temperatures Upwards At Three Degrees Per Century

NCDC is doing some impressive adjusting in President Obama’s home state, turning a measured cooling trend into a fake warming trend – by adjusting the data upwards at a spectacular three degrees per century.

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9 Responses to USHCN Adjusting Illinois Temperatures Upwards At Three Degrees Per Century

  1. Latitude says: clearly shows that the past was a lot cooler than we thought it was

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    In state after state, and country after country, we are seeing a cooling trend turned into a warming trend. Do we ever see a warming trend turned into a cooling trend? No. Never. This doesn’t pass the smell test. And cap it all off with this: there’s no actual evidence that CO2 affects temperatures. So that’s it: things have been cooling for decades, and CO2 is a dud.

  3. Jeffk says:

    There must be something in the air making it hotter in Illinois, recently. Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakan, Barack Obama… it all adds up quick!

  4. Streetcred says:

    3F is what the IPCC and its acolytes modeled it to be so, therefore, it shall be adjusted accordingly. What’s so difficult to understand !?

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Apparently Obama can adjust out bank accounts upward by 300% as well.
    If I only had my oil cheque, I’d have something to adjust. 😀

  6. Hugh K says:

    If chief climate ethicist Gleick got away with admitting fraud, what is to stop the USHCN carrying on biz as usual? The same Justice that gave Gleick a pass? The same media?

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Hugh! Well, yes, you may very well be right. At this point, what reason do we have to suppose that The Powers That Be will do anything to unmask one of their little helpers?

      On the other hand, there is a more optimistic way to look at things. YOU obviously have been paying attention to how the system today is working to pull the wool over our collective eyes. I have noticed the same fraud — as have the great bulk of people who read this blog and other information sources on line. I suspect that you (like most of us) have more than a few friends who respect your opinions, and who look to you as someone whose thoughts often foreshadow things that most people will only figure out later. In short — whether you think about it or not, there are probably people who look to you as a sort of bellwether about what is happening in the world.

      Yes, USHCN may get away with the current fabrications — but only as long as most people do not realize what they are doing. Every day the number of CAGW alarmists becomes fewer and fewer, because of places like this blog and because people really do influence what their friends think. For right now, the ship of Global Warming is still afloat, but it is leaking and will not last forever. At one time most people still believed the official inflation figures. Today, no one — and I mean no one — believes the fraudulent 2% official CPI numbers. Today, no one — and I mean no one — believes the official 6% unemployment rate. Sooner than we think, no one — and I mean no one — will believe the faked USHCN numbers.

      • Hugh K says:

        Good to hear from you again Jason. Love your optimism. I’m not there yet. The left never gives up….never. Way too much money involved.
        The ivy leaguers, hollywierd and the media circus along with pop-culturists they have created will demand decades of our attention while giving us none of theirs other than to toss around the casual denier dismissiveness.
        Then we have a national temperature record to reconstruct back to reality that has been twisted more than Sting doing a King Pigeon yoga pose.
        In short, reality doesn’t exist any longer in the brave new bizzaro world the left has created and in which it thrives.
        Don’t get me wrong, not throwing in the towel. Just facing facts (you remember that word…which is anathema to the left).

  7. ItsGettingHotinHereSo says:

    First of all congrats on your Vegas appearance. The state of North Carolina is unique in that it has not shown any “global warming” since 1895 according to the government’s data. So I would imagine that without the adjustments there should be an overall decline in the state’s temperature record. Could you take a crack at the Tar Heel State? Again, thanks for your efforts!

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