The New Normal

Compare this year vs last. Nearly identical record breaking cold at the beginning of March. Government experts say it is the hottest weather ever, because they are paid to lie.

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20 Responses to The New Normal

  1. nigelf says:

    That’s why all government money needs to be taken out of this scam. The beast needs to be starved til it dies.

    • Mike D says:

      Government money needs to be taken out of a lot of things. Like the TSA as another example. No reason we should have to hear any scare stories about a government shut down meaning airport security will be lower. If it were privately managed as it used to be, and is at some airports, it would not be subject to any issues due to federal spending.

      • nielszoo says:

        … and private contractors have incentive to do a good job since they are held accountable by their employer and (if they really screw up) by the tort system, such as it is. Government gets to be insanely expensive, inefficient, inept and may fail completely and there is no recourse… they just keep going further down the drain on our money.

  2. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Watch Baffin Island this summer. If snow stays on the ground on most of the island during the entire summer, it is a sign that an ice age could be imminent.

  3. emsnews says:

    It is SO COLD here in NY. I was out in the sunshine today and bitter cold. I saw a maple in a neighbor’s front yard and last night a black bear ripped the entire side of the tree apart seeking grubs to eat. The bears are awake!

    They are very hungry and there is little to eat.

    The deer are stripping the maples of bark. The wild turkeys are so skinny it breaks my heart and they wander listlessly along the plowed roads looking desperately for food, mainly going to barns to eat something.

    This is SO COLD and will continue the below zero nights all of this coming week and further. I am sick of it.

    • Sophie says:

      Bitter cold? Didn’t you know, this is one of the hottest year ever? That’s not frostbite you’re feeling, that’s sunburn, or as it is now termed,’ snow burn.’ 🙂

  4. omanuel says:

    Yes, government scientists lie.

    Weep not! For arrogant world leaders are now going down!

    Relax and enjoy this re-enactment of a classical play on the “Conflict between Arrogance and Reality !”

    In the closing scene, Big Brother will learn to recite the prayer of the King of Siam in public:

    “O Waa Ta Goo Siam.”

    [The prayer automatically translates into English when repeated aloud and magically restores sanity to arrogant world tyrants.]

  5. Dave N says:

    That’s because even in the last few years, people still can’t read thermometers properly, and it was really much colder in the past than first thought.

  6. NancyG says:

    CA was warmer last year, the rest is pretty similar to last year.

  7. ACR says:

    There is no climate to be found in North America this year. Climate may be found in Moscow … they’re having a warmer than normal winter.

  8. Eric Simpson says:

    In honor of Leonard Nimoy, his In Search Of… The Coming Ice Age video, from the ’70s:
    h/t: Iceagenow.

  9. Iggy Slanter says:

    I am curious. Are the Warmalistas altering the climate past in Canada? If they are no allowed to I see why Prime Minister Harper would be maligned as “anti-science”. Are there temp stations near the U.S. and Canadian borders that can be compared?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Canada – Top of the Hockey League (Part 1)

      How many thermometers do you need to report accurately on climate change in a country the size of Canada? Let me remind you that is 3.5 million square miles – or 6.7% of the land area of the earth, and covering latitudes from 45N to 85N. If I said 500 would that sound about right? As long as they are representative of changes in the whole area and track the changing climate, perhaps we could manage with less – half that perhaps? A third? Ten percent?

      From over 600 individual temperature series and more than 540 combined series with records of more than 20 years, the thermometer record in Canada peaked in approx. 1975 (see map, left), but has since been decimated by station dropout.

      By 2009 there are less than 30 locations reporting temperature that are used by the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) prepared by the U.S. National Climate Data Center (NCDC); this data is also used as the input to NASA’s GIStemp program….

      The in use stations are surrounded in a dark black triangle. You may have to look closely to see them. Note they got rid of the far north rural stations.

  10. rah says:

    Well they started out last week predicting 6″ of snow for Saturday night into Sunday. Then in the middle of the week they dropped the prediction to 3 to 4″. Then after it started snowing Saturday night they raised it again to 6 to 7″. Then this Sunday morning it was back up to 8-9″ of snow.

    We ended up with about 8″ on top of the 2″ or so we already had on the ground. It started out as powder and remained like like that through the night as it came down on and off and then turned to larger heavy wet stuff this morning.

    For once I didn’t have to drive in it. Don’t go out until 10:00 AM Monday bound for Pottstown, PA. Seems the pattern for me has changed from driving NE and then taking I-90 to MA to East along I-70 and I-76 to Eastern PA, MD, or NJ.

    Good thing. My attitude was suffering by the end of last week after a whole week of my job being made more difficult and frustrating by others not doing their jobs properly.

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