More Ice In The Eastern Arctic Than 1922

ScreenHunter_8094 Mar. 23 08.26

ScreenHunter_8093 Mar. 23 08.24

Spitzbergen is almost completely surrounded by ice.

N_daily_extent (4)

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  1. Caleb Shaw says:

    Hopefully WordPress will not want to lose a draw like you, and this new site will not be needed. But it is good to know you have a backup site, “just in case.”

    Thank you for fighting the good fight.

    Since you have posted this in March the sea-ice has basically flat-lined. It may be because the AMO is shifting to its “cold phase”, especially between Iceland and Labrador.

    At this point (April 15) the ice is not getting flushed down into the Atlantic, and even the Russian “North Pole” base called “Barneo” has stopped drifting south and is drifting back north.

    Jets land up there and the Russians make good money at their base catering to rich tourists who want to cross-country-ski in exotic places. You might get a chuckle from some of my observations, watching the tourists, that I discuss here:

    Even though a lot of the tourists are parrots in the Alarmist echo-chamber, they do take a lot of pictures, and such pictures are worth more than a thousand words of death-spiral blathering, for they show solid ice.

    I also like to follow the arctic adventurers. Unfortunately, a lot cancelled this year, as they depended a lot on an amazing pilot (or pilots) who was part of “Kenn Borek Air”
    and would find a place to land even in May, to deliver food or pick them up, if need be, and this year “Kenn Borek Air” decided not to offer that service. However there is a lone adventurer named Thomas Ulrich heading from the Pole to Canada, and hopefully he will post pictures, worth more than a thousand words, which will show the way the ice is piled up as you get to the Canadian coast. I follow him through the site. You might get some good pictures to use in your sea ice posts, if he is not eaten by a polar bear.

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