Candy … Get The Transcript

This week CNN is attacking Trump for calling yesterday’s bombing attacks a “bombing”

Next week CNN will say Hillary called it a bombing all along.

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10 Responses to Candy … Get The Transcript

  1. Andy DC says:

    Hopefully, no Candy for this year’s debates. But even if she were a moderator, Trump would rip her to shreds.

    • garyh845 says:

      The moderators will focus on ripping Trump to shreds – and will lead Hillary to do the same. Among the worst of them will none other than Chris Wallace; that’s his mo. Will any of them ask Hillary to face up to her compulsive lying, these past 3 1/2 years. I count at least 15 documented lies which she made to the American people during the period, many repeated time and time again, over her email/server scandal and her Benghazi comments — two were made a couple weeks ago on Chris Wallace’s Sunday show. He let her off the hook on both – as usual. Today he held trump’s feet to the fire on Trump blaming Hillary on the birther movement. She didn’t – but it was Democrats who supported Hillary (one or two were briefly associated with her campaign, perhaps – but their action was condemned by the campaign) who got behind the movement, including Philip Berg filing a lawsuit in federal court to stop Obama because of it, that were behind it. Why doesn’t Chris Wallace know this:

      From liberal journalist John Avlon’s Newsweek report, “The Birthers began on the left.” Here:

  2. Robertv says:

    Incredible how fast time passes . Looks like yesterday.

  3. Latitude says:

    you know…..she might do better if she went into hiding for a while

  4. Steven Parker says:

    Hillary is correct. We should not make statements on events like these until we are absolutely sure which internet video inspired them.

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