Gavin Schmidt Makes The Pause Disappear

Gavin Schmidt at NASA has boldly disappeared the global warming pause, which everyone including himself and Michael Mann agreed upon was real.


Gavin’s claim is the opposite of what the IPCC says.


Does “Global Warming Pause” Debate Miss Big Picture?

Gavin ignores more accurate satellite data, which shows no warming over land for the past 15 years. The pause is very real.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Gavin has massively altered earlier versions of his own data.  The graph below combines 1999 NASA temperatures with 21st century satellite temperatures, and shows 0.6C warming over the past 140 years.nasa1999

1999 NASA Surface Temperature

Gavin now shows twice as much total warming – 1.2C.


The animation below shows how Gavin has doubled global warming via politically motivated junk science.


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13 Responses to Gavin Schmidt Makes The Pause Disappear

  1. AndyG55 says:

    Gavin is totally correct…

    There is NO PAUSE …

    .. to his data adjustments.

  2. The man is mental … so obsessed that the world is warming … that he spends all his time trying to massage the data to show warming.

  3. peter says:

    In Jan 2015 Schmidt said he expected the pause to be over within 10 years and it was published in “

    It apparently is no longer active but if you click the following archive it will initially show no mention of the article. It must have been erased, however if you kepp clicking on the link persistently, eventually you will find a presumably cached copy on some repeater server of the original article. I have copied it and saved it as an image.
    Schmidt presumably believes there’s no trace left of the article but if you just keep trying the link, eventually you will get it.

    What a sewer rat he is.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Gavin did a great job erasing the 1940-1980 cooling.

    If there was such warming during the 1900’s, then why did the orange growing area in Florida constantly move further south and why were there far more severe freezes for the Florida citrus industry during the last quarter of the 19oo’s than the first three quarters combined?

  5. Edmonton Al says:

    He needs to be “Trumped” [maybe next year]

  6. Mac says:

    Can anyone explain to me why this guy hasn’t been arrested yet?

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  8. Nicholas Schroeder, BSME, PE says:

    Every year the pause/hiatus/lull/stasis continues (IPCC AR5 Box TS.3) IPCC’s atmospheric and ocean general circulation models diverge further from reality.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      But what’s the poor wretch to do?

      He’s got a tiger by the tail, it’s plain to see;
      He won’t be much when it gets through with him
      Well, he’s a losing weight and a turnin’ mighty pale
      Looks like he’s got a tiger by the tail

      (Sorry, Buck)

      Read more: Buck Owens – I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  9. TA says:

    “Hansen was barely fiddling around the edges compared to this mal-adjuster. !”

    Gavin Schmidt’s alterations of the GISS chart are additons to the already-altered Hansen chart. Lies, on top of more lies.

    If the chart doesn’t show the 1930’s as being hotter than 1998, then the chart is a lie.

    All the warming we have had is from the 1970’s to the present day, and is less 1.2C (according to my rough calculations) than the cooling that took place from the 1940’s to th 1970’s, 1.5C. There is no warming. The 1930’s was hotter than 1998, and the current temperature is cooler than 1998, so there is no overall warming from the 1930’s until today.

  10. Robert Austin says:

    That little piece of “Schmidt”! He’s almost completely disappeared the great El Nino of 1998. Shades of disappearing the 1940’s blip. It’s just astonishing that they can brazenly and continuously adjust the modern temperature record and the vaunted “climate scientists” remain silent.

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