It Is Always Somebody’s Fault

Progressives see sea level rising (as it has been for 20,000 years) and conclude that it is the fault of the Koch Brothers and Republicans in general.

Progressives see a disproportionate number of blacks arrested by the police, and conclude that the police are racist. Even if the police involved are black. Never mind that the crime rate among blacks is disproportionately higher than other ethnic groups.

Progressives see Islamic terrorism which has been going on for 1,500 years, and conclude that it is the fault of Americans and Israelis.

Progressives see Islamic terrorists shoot up a bar, and conclude that it is the fault of the NRA and the Bill of Rights.

There is nothing rational about progressive thinking. They have been trained (brainwashed) all their lives to engage in illogical thought processes specifically designed to bring down western civilization.

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