New York Times Has Known About Glacial Retreat For Over A Century

The New York Times says that melting glaciers are proof of man-made climate change. But in 1904 they weren’t so stupid. That year was NASA’s second coldest year on record.

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TimesMachine: February 14, 1904 –

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5 Responses to New York Times Has Known About Glacial Retreat For Over A Century

  1. gator69 says:

    Like Hillary, the NYT appears to be suffering through late stage dementia.

  2. Steve Case says:

    I dunno, the left screams, “The Glaciers are Retreating!” At least when Paul Revere shouted, “The British are coming!” (quick check says he didn’t do that.) it was something that required some action. But the glaciers are retreating? Who gives a crap? What good are they? But folks my side of the coin scramble to say they aren’t or more likely that they always have.

    What’s going on here is we are allowing the left to set the agenda and frame the questions and issues. So what if the darn glaciers are retreating? Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Oh I know the answer, the glaciers are an indicator that the world is warming up, you know a proxy for temperature. Don’t we have thermometers today? We’ve got thermometers in weather stations, satellites, balloons, buoys bobbing about in the seven seas – there must be millions. And as our host has been telling us all summer long, that here in the United States where we have the most weather stations in the world, summertime heat waves are on the decline. But that doesn’t stop the exaggeration express, I was just told it’s going to get in the 90s today, according to an IPhone app. My aviation page for KMWC
    five miles away says 81 for the high.

    Did I ramble? Sue me.

    • Adam says:

      You rambled Steve Case… I sue you for a 25$ contribution to the Trump campaign. Tsk Tsk.

      That being said, of course you are exactly right. I love the Revere reference.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    The New York Times is controlled by a Mexican. Since it is not even American, it has a vested interest in gaslighting the public to weaken the country.

    “Jan 14, 2015 – Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has become the largest shareholder of New York Times Co (NYT.N) after exercising warrants to double his stake.”

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