Nothing Ever Changes

The day after Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, Bruce Springsteen said he was “pretty frightened.”  Thirty six years later, progressives are still pretty frightened by the same things. They never learn, anything.

But a great performance anyway …

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16 Responses to Nothing Ever Changes

  1. CheshireRed says:

    Fear moves a man. No accident it’s used every time to drive climate policy.

  2. Robertv says:

    US Election 2012: Bruce Springsteen joins Barack Obama on final day of campaigning

    A bad guy is a bad guy even if he has a good voice. He’s a traitor like all progreSSives.

  3. Tim A says:

    The guy never worked a day in his life. He’s been in rock bands since he was a teenager. Meanwhile, many teenagers fought and died to allow his privileged lifestyle.

    • Stephen says:

      If you think that being a musician is not work..,then you are an ignorant man. I loathe Springsteen, but he does work, and employs many others.

      • Tim A says:

        I’m a musician….and a painting contractor. I know the difference.
        I also was a soldier. You’re the ignorant one. Real working people unfortunately support slimes like Springsteen.

        • Gail Combs says:

          If you are a good little socialist you get tons of opportunities handed to you. If you are a conservative patriot you get the door slammed in your face.

          Talent has little to do with it. It is political.

          Art follows the same scenario. That is why ‘Modern Art’ was developed. It hides the lack of talent quite nicely as does the noise called music I hear coming out of the drug dealers cars.

          Loud noise plus fancy car seems to be an I’m selling signal at the local flea market. Major presence of rent-a-cops has caused that crowd to completely evaporate recently.

        • Dave N says:

          Ironic: you ignored Stephen’s point entirely.

          • Tim A says:

            If that’s for me, then you ignored mine. Being a poser on stage is not work. There are talented musicians who work hard, who’ve held down real jobs to make a living. Springsteen’s not one. He can write “working man” songs all day long, and yet he’s never worked. NASA, NOAA, Hollywood, NFL all “employ” a lot of people, Hitler and obama as well,for that matter.It doesn’t make them good. You ever thought of all the young men who died in WW2 who never got to bask in the freedom they helped maintain. How many would’ve made good musicians or at least enjoyed the chance to try? Is being a rock musician even a legitimate career? Should these idiots really be paid like kings, especially when they make a mockery of all things good and pure?No, I don’t think he “works”. Enough “point” for you?

  4. Stephen says:

    Re: Bruce Springsteen-PeeWee Herman was right…

  5. RAH says:

    I was in training to become and SF soldier when Regan was elected and I wasn’t frightened but elated. Within a month after he was elected about every single soldier in the US Army was also elated because of Reagan’s across the board 10% increase in base pay for all ranks and officers except the very highest and most Sr. No more E-4s and E-5s qualifying for food stamps.

    Within two years it was obvious that the U.S. Army (and other services) were in a great and historic transition for the better. I lived it as the druggies and CAT 4s were drummed out and then the fat and out of shape met a similar fate. Mandatory Mental and Physical standards climbed in what was now an all volunteer force with enlistment standards higher than ever before stipulated in US military history. Drug abuse and alcoholism were not tolerated.

    Then came the new equipment and weapons and increased training budgets and the great expansion of TRADOC command which stipulated detailed training and testing standards for the individual soldiers in a way that no military in the world had ever even attempted and provided the material support for that training and testing. Then came the improved facilities.

    By the end of Reagan’s first term each of the services were well on the way to being revitalized and continued to be improved at not seen since WW II. It was the transition from a conscript demoralized post Vietnam military to a volunteer highly motivated and trained force with ever increasing moral.

    Closer to my home in the Army the US Army Special Forces which the Generals of the high command had been trying to kill every since Vietnam was over the transition was even greater in scope than it was in most other commands except in quality of personnel which had been previously maintained. From 3 active SF groups we went to 5. Instead of making do with existing Army equipment we tested and developed and procured our own for the requirements of our missions. Our training budgets and assets more than quadrupled.

    I could go on and on but that’s the gist of it and it comes from someone that lived it and not from some website or other reference.

  6. pinroot says:

    I never cared for Springsteen. The only songs he did that I liked were those redone by someone else (Manfred Man for example). One of my cousins refers to him as ‘Bruce Sh*tstain’. I can’t say I disagree…

  7. Jeff says:

    Springsteen is just another victim of propaganda and a lack of critical thinking.

    To deride his music or choice to be a musician is just childish.

    People can be wrong without being evil.

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