Obama’s New Job

Obama auditioned for UN Secretary General yesterday, which will give him a platform to trash the US day in and day out on the world stage. Right before he switches jobs, he :

  1. Turned over control of US energy policy to the UN
  2. Turned over control of the Internet to the UN
  3. Announced that US citizens have to give up their Constitutional rights

Meanwhile, the press is trying to keep people distracted from his coup with a discussion about his birth certificate. And the Bush family is working for Hillary to make sure that Obama isn’t stopped by Donald Trump.

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11 Responses to Obama’s New Job

  1. gator69 says:

    Good. Maybe he will bankrupt the UN next.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    A global coup d’etat by the UN/IMF is underway.
    No-one is paying attention with all the distractions like ISIS , NFL, bombings, immigrants and same sex marriage.

    Dumb people deserve to be used by the elites.
    It’s just that the morons screw it up for the rest of us.
    Damon Vrabel was correct with Renaissance 2.0

  3. Mac says:

    This all part of the grand Bush/Clinton/Obama New World Order scheme to turn everyone in the world into an impoverished wage slave.

    See, it’s “unfair” that we in the west worked to build a technologically and culturally advanced civilization which put men on the moon almost 50 years ago, and gave a very high standard of living. We’re just bad white people who got everything we have from hurting and exploiting the darker colored people in the world. We didn’t work for anything, or suffer for anything, or devote endless years to struggling to achieve anything. Nope, we just sat on the porch drinking mint juleps while the dark colored slaves did all our work for us. We have to be destroyed, and all our money and property must be taken away.

    That’s the Obama Doctrine in a nut shell. Barack Obama is a vicious racist and a communist. He’s also an apologist for the miserably failed cultures of the Third World. Third World people to Obama are pure and innocent, and they are lovable children of the Earth, while whitey is just a Nazi slave owner.

  4. TA says:

    That was really a non-sensical speech Obama gave to the UN yesterday. He is going to find out just how irrelevant he really is in about four months. Once he is out of Office, noone is going to take him seriously. Our foreign allies and enemies don’t take him seriously now.

    I did cheer when he said that was going to be the last time he gave a speech at the UN as president.

  5. OrganicFool says:

    “Turned over control of the Internet to the UN”

    Is that true? According to this BBC article 8/18/16, there was a proposal to do that back in 2012, but it was scrapped. This new proposal is actually to give all control to ICANN (Los Angeles), which is pretty much in charge already with US oversight. This “new” ICANN will allow other countries to have more say over naming conventions.


    “No longer will the US government – through the NTIA – be able to intervene on matters around internet naming. “

  6. Bob Grise says:

    Before the Republicans went total RINO, we used to call this type of behavior – Obama’s behavior, treasonous…….

    • Gail Combs says:

      Now we call the behavior of the entire District of Criminals treasonous.

      People are more awake than the corrupt politicians thought. That is why Trump got more primary votes than any other candidate despite running against 16 other GOPe stoogies. It is why Trump fills venues with five, ten, and fifteen thousand people with many more standing outside.

      It is not that we like Trump, it is that he is the first person running for office in a long time who seems to actually care what happens to the USA.

      This is what the MSM never ever shows despite Trump’s repeated taunting of the media. (Right Side Broadcasting is now showing this since they have finally gotten the video recording equipment.)

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