Saving Rhode Island

Rhode Island is very lucky to have a Senator like Sheldon Whitehouse who will lower CO2 levels back to what they were like on this date at Providence in 1938.


Or even better, he may be able to lower CO2 levels back to what they were like in Providence on September 22, 1815.


Life was much better for everyone in those glorious times.  Whitehouse Privilege!


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11 Responses to Saving Rhode Island

  1. Douglas Hoyt says:

    One book worth looking at is The New Tablet of Memory, published in 1844 and earlier. They list lots of weather events such as frosts and storms that don’t get mentioned elsewhere.

    For example, on page 131 they say “944 in London, [a storm] which threw down 1500 houses”. Or 1194, a violent storm almost desolated a great part of Denmark and Norway”. 42 storms are mentioned on just that one page of the book.

  2. Doug M says:

    Here’s a real scary picture for Sheldy. Providence SLR rate is even less than global average.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Meanwhile, two more tropical storms are falling apart in the mid-Atlantic, as the unprecedented 11 year hurricane drought continues.

  4. Norilsk says:

    This Providence posting hits the nail on the head. The best yet in exposing the bologna.

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