Ten Minutes Of Clean Wind Power Versus Ten Minutes Of Dirty Coal Power

I took both of these time lapse videos this evening.

Hideous windmill outside Boulder, generating no electricity for ten minutes.

Beautiful clean coal power, reliably powering a city of 100,000 progressives 24 x 7 x 365 with low cost energy.

Boulder has apparently committed to having no electricity most of the time.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.06.18 AM-down

Boulder Commits To Going 100 Percent Renewable – ThinkProgress

This seems to be their plan for the city.


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10 Responses to Ten Minutes Of Clean Wind Power Versus Ten Minutes Of Dirty Coal Power

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    “… reliably powering a city of 100,000 progressives 24 x 7 x 365.”

    There goes Tony again trying to make these good people look stupid but environmentally conscious Boulder Progressives don’t need his stinking coal power 24×7. Everyone knows that during Earth Hour on March 28th they turn off most of their lights at 8:30 and go to a candle-lit dinner at Jill’s at the St. Julien.

    So there. They know that climate matters and they like their windmills. One of them told me they look even more majestic when they are not turning.



  2. Andy says:

    Not quite sure the coal powered station can be considered beautiful, industrious might be more apt.

    I think some tidal power stations under the sea have least impact, most take up space that looked better before they were built though.


  3. Olaf Koenders says:

    Looks like Boulder has an ambitious plan to become a ghost town in 14 years. Brown-outs will cause that, if they’re lucky enough to even have them in the first place.

  4. Ralph says:

    Who wants to bet these “100% renewable” cities or states will be secretly importing electricity from other areas that have no 100% renewable commitments?

  5. TA says:

    That last picture with all the windmills surrounding the city looks like a nightmare.

    If it were me, I would want to locate the windmills far away from the city, as that would probably make the cleanup of all the dead birds more efficient, and there would not be a bunch of dead birds right there at the feet of the City’s citizens. No point in traumatizing the citizesn if we don’t have to. They might decide windmills are not for them, and might not vote for us next time, if we do. Get that carnage out of sight!

  6. TA says:

    We should name that last picture “The Bird Gauntlet”.

  7. Med Bennett says:

    Thank God that the Boulder area actually has a very poor rating for wind generation potential – there is little wind most of the time, and occasional wind storms in the winter months with gusty and erratic 100 mph winds.

  8. BobW in NC says:

    And then, of course, there is the issue of infrasound (1 – 20 Hz). From an article in No Tricks Zone (*) I understand that in Canada and New Zealand, a wind turbine cannot be located any closer than 3 – 4 km from the nearest residence. Gosselin has documented both short- and long-term serious health problems, symptoms of which include “depression – irritability – tension – headache – mental and physical exhaustion – concentration and sleep disorders – noise sensitization.”

    Maybe those in Boulder can get Obamacare to take care of them…


  9. In Ontario Canada, the Society of Professional Engineers report that on the Ministry of Energy of Ontario website there is a graph that shows that, between 2016 and 2032, emissions in Ontario will double BECAUSE OF WIND TURBINES. I looked it up and it’s there on that website.

    Nuclear and hydro generators are being cut back to allow for an increasing number of wind turbines which are backed up by gas-fired generators. As the wind fluctuates up and down, gas generators ramp down and up to provide the required electricity. Unfortunately, the ramping up and down of gas-fired generators results in greater emissions than if the wind turbines were turned off and the gas-fired generators were allowed to run at a steady pace.

    A few years ago, the Independent Electricity System Operator released an article which said that if you want to reduce emissions in Ontario, SHUT OFF THE WIND TURBINES.

    This expensive wind turbine business began in Ontario in 2009 with the Green Energy Act. The main stated purpose of the GEA was to reduce emissions. Does that seem like a good policy? When I compare the cost per kwh that I paid in August 2009 with my August 2016 bill, the increase is 82.1%. There will be further increases as more wind turbines are brought online.

    A science textbook used at a local high school says that wind energy is “free”. Apparently the book publishers have $omehow been influenced. But, it appears that the stated purpose is not being achieved. Perhaps the real purpose is revealed as we see that some close friends of the government are making a windfall. For example a Mike Crawley, who not long ago was president of the Liberal Party of Canada, owns, or has owned and sold at least four wind farms. He was the person I witnessed threatening our local, elected councilors with legal action if they did not approve road permits to allow the turbine parts to be delivered to the various construction sites – so much for democracy in Ontario. It’s no surprise that Kathleen Wynne, the premier of Ontario, invited Al Gore to a big extravaganza in Toronto to celebrate all the renewable energy that’s making the rest of us poor.

    There’s a good book out on this called “Dirty Business”.

    An engineer by the name E. Miller has written an article which describes the many ways that industrial wind turbines consume electricity (off the grid). When the wind is not blowing, the blades of wind turbines must regularly be turned to avoid warping of the main shaft. This could lead to destructive vibration later when the wind was blowing. I have contacted four or five government agencies inquiring about the amount of energy consumed by these devices. All but one did not answer. The one reply I received said that this information is not to be seen by the public i.e.the people who pay for all this.

    There is a feeling of totalitarianism in Ontario these days, at least for some of us. Others are happy with their Charter of Rights and Freedoms – a gift from a former prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, who had a liking for totalitarian regimes such as the USSR, China and Cuba. Fidel Castro came to his funeral. Now Mr. Trudeau’s son is our prime minister. He likes these dictatorships too.

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