A Clinton Telling The Truth Would Be Strange, Unprecedented, and Deeply Troubling

Hillary should have been in jail months ago, and she says the new E-mail probe is unprecedented.


As always, Hillary is hoping that everyone else is stupid. Bill Clinton was elected because the Iran/Contra prosecutor made a last minute 100% political indictment – which implicated Reagan and Bush.


9 Nov 1992, Page 396 – The Los Angeles Times at Newspapers.com


10 Nov 1992, Page 6 – The Cincinnati Enquirer at Newspapers.com

The indictment was thrown out of court a few weeks later, but the Clintons gained access to the White House and were able to get rich selling out the US – because of a last-minute politically motivated indictment.

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5 Responses to A Clinton Telling The Truth Would Be Strange, Unprecedented, and Deeply Troubling

  1. Latitude says:

    Hillary’s new slogan…

    Vote early….before it gets worse

  2. TA says:

    Wikileaks claims it is going to release emails in the near future that will put Hillary Clinton “in jail”.

    What they have already released would put any normal person in jail for a long time.

    But Hillary is special. She is a member of the Elites. The other Elites are protecting and defending her. But it sure looks to me like the Elites are “on the ropes”. Let’s hope so, because the Elites are NOT on *our* side, they are on *their* side.

    I would SO enjoy a Trump presidency! For one thing, we would never have to listen to Hillary again. Unless it is to hear her complaining while coming out of court after having been convicted of her many crimes.

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