The History Of The Modern “Climate Change” Scam

In January 1972, the National Science Foundation held a meeting at Brown University to discuss “climatic change” – when meant global cooling, which they said was of natural origin.

When Will the Present Interglacial End? | Science

Later that year, the participants sent a letter to President Nixon warning of a new ice age within a century.


The White House “seized” on the global cooling threat.

NASA’s top climate experts predicted a new ice age by the year 2021.

U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming

The US Military responded to the global cooling, which they said was causing “extreme weather”

Everything which now gets blamed on global warming, was blamed on global cooling.

Scientists realized that global cooling was a potential big money scam for them.

In 1974, the New York Times reported on a meeting of climate experts in Germany. There was unanimous consensus that global cooling threatened the world’s food supply.

Walter Orr Roberts of NCAR was a key player behind this.

Climate Changes Endanger World’s Food Output – 1974 –

In 1974, the CIA said global cooling would produce drought, famine, international conflict and political unrest throughout the world.

Daily News – Google News Archive Search


The White House bought off on the global cooling/climate change scam, and by December, 1974 taxpayer dollars were permanently diverted extorted by the scientists. By the early 1980’s, the global cooling scam had seamlessly morphed into the global warming scam.

The climate mafia now denies the global cooling scam ever happened, saying it consisted of “nine paragraphs in Newsweek in 1975.” Climate criminals assume that everyone else is stupid and will believe anything they say.

How the “Global Cooling” Story Came to Be – Scientific American

There is nothing new about this however. Scientists have been pulling the same climate change scam for centuries.


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34 Responses to The History Of The Modern “Climate Change” Scam

  1. Anon says:

    Wow, that was DEFINITIVE! Complete destruction of the Newsweek Article. This needs to be a video. Thanks!

  2. Steve Case says:

    Tony – You are a national treasure. Well not exactly celebrated as one by our good friends in the press just yet, but in the annals of history you are going to be the text book example of investigative reporting and whistle blowing.

    I assume we are reading excerpts of your forthcoming book.

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      The witch doctors forced Al Gore’s fairy-tail movie down our high school student’s throats for years. Tony’s forthcoming book should be required reading for all incoming college freshmen and for all high school juniors & seniors as well.

  3. Jackson says:

    Beautifully done.

  4. Latitude says:

    Excellent work!

  5. Gator says:

    The ice age scare was not embraced by leftists, and therefor is not something they remember from the drug induced comas they enjoyed in the 1970’s. I remember the fear and hype that was experienced not only here in the US, but in Europe, where I lived during the middle 1970’s. The ice age prediction was in virtually every news magazine, on TV, and it was a great concern for the villagers in Alpine communities I visited. I was shown photos of glaciers that were advancing on historic and scenic towns, and the residents lived in fear of losing their homes.

    The science deniers are also history deniers. But then who is surprised by this? These are the same folks that alter historic facts to fit their contemporary agendas.

    • arn says:

      The ice age scare did not have certain religious ingrediences:

      1)References to Hellfire.

      2)No satan.

      3)No reason to sell indulgences.

      AGW has everything:
      1)Hellfire= tons of red red color on every single picture of our globe showing global warming.

      2)Satan= co2.
      The former nobody of climate co2,with zero significant abilities and a very very weak climate gas((so weak that for decades millions and millions of tons “man-made” co2 were released into our atmosphere
      and noone gave a crap an no scientists knew at that time how dangerous co2 is(because it is not dangerous),
      but since the 90ies all scientist pretend to know it-
      such a thing has never happened in science before
      that something harmless,omnipresent and well known(as co2)
      turned over night into a threat for planet earth and mankind.

      How corruppt scientists are(and politicians)
      tons of german scientists have proven 90-70 years ago.

      In 1927 in Germany an estimated 0% of scientists were nazis.
      In 1940 in Germany an estimated 100% were.
      In 1945 the best nazi scientist were secretly imported into your country
      (operation paperclip)
      and became US citizens.

      Scientists today have the very same mentality as the ones in Germany 80 years ago.

      3)selling indulgences= co2 tax.
      first I make you feel guilty,then i’ll make you pay.

      The Ice Age scare was more of a betatest.
      They realised after several years that they forgot
      to creare a reason into the global cooling scare
      to create a tax.
      And it was to late to pull all of a sudden co2 out of their butts
      to tax global cooling.
      + Reality destroyed the global cooling fairytale,after the temperatures rose in the 80ies as strong as they declined in the 70ies.

      But they knew very well that the cold cold seventies were a huge anomalie(which is unlikely to return fast,as all huge anomalies) and that the weather is about to normalise and that temperatures will continue to rise and they knew that average joe does not know this.
      Therefore they pretended that the very cold 70ies were the normal
      and that the normal temperatures these days are hot as hell and totaly unusual.

      And noone dares to ask:
      How could all of a sudden co2 become so dangerous and a pollutant??
      How can it be that something a trillion time bigger than our co2 (sun)
      is no longer the main factor of our climate though it is the only supplier(99.9++%) of our heat?
      How can the same scientist who warned us about global cooling in the 70ies,
      started to warn us about global warming in the 80ies?
      Is there any other use for climate scientists beside creating fear?

      As soon as we start to ask these questions we will no longer be surprised that all the AGW predictions failed.
      The only things AGW has ever proven:
      Climate Scientists are as corrupt as Nazi scientist.
      And if you end the AGW scam,
      they’d simply move on to another sciencs or country(as the nazi scientists who moved to the usa)
      to enjoy a life with huge salary.

      • John Chism says:

        ARN let me fill in some gaps and add some to your story.

        Once upon a time – in the 1970’s – it was found that the global cooling was so far in the future – the 2020+ for it to get really cold – that they couldn’t convince anyone to take them seriously that it was going to affect anyone living then very much. At that point nothing humans were doing was causing the Earth to get colder, it was the Sun Cooling and you cannot prevent or make it do anything.

        Then came the scientist that showed how from fossils of living things in the past and ice cores from the Arctic and Antarctic had higher Carbon Dioxide in them and that the temperatures were a lot hotter during those long ago periods. And since it was determined in a laboratory experiment that too much CO2 totally blocks the Infrared light from passing through the tube that lower amounts had to be used to determine that CO2 absorbs IR and heats it up…and Global Warming was created. How else could it be explained that after Humans created an Industrial Revolution in the Middle of the “Little Ice Age” and the Earth started warming, with all that Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide and soot ash added to the atmosphere it was all humans fault that we are not now living in an Ice Age.

        Thus the Demonization of Carbon Dioxide was born and it fit right into the “Communist Manifesto” (Marx and Engels 1840 something) demonizing of “Capitalism” and to combine the two of them in destroying Capitalism by making Carbon Dioxide an evil that must be stopped before the Earth gets too hot to live on.

        That brought on the “scare tactics” of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” that his first book “Reveille For Radicals” failed to teach. Where the melting of the global glaciers would flood coastal properties globally by raising the oceans 10 to 20 feet. That whole cities like New York would be under water. That got people’s attention real fast. No proof was required. “Tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” (Joseph Goebbels). That for centuries people have been building structures far below the flood lines and storm damage lines from past Interglacial Periods, when there was no Polar or mountain glacial ice, as if it would never happen again, ever, is proof of how stupid governments are to let them.

        Then remember the Smog Pollution War that was to get rid of Carbon Monoxide in the 1960’s? What did the government do? They demanded that Catalytic Converters be put on Gas Engine vehicles (that required getting rid of Leaded Gasoline that plugged up those and a new Anti-Knock Additive was required) that converted the Carbon Monoxide to Carbon Dioxide starting in 1972 on any cars made for non-commercial use. And people felt they were cleaning up the environment by pumping more CO2 in the air, because it was harmless and plants needed it to grow and make Oxygen for all the animals to breathe. But that was still creating more of the Demon Capitalism and the Fossil Fuels Industries were growing bigger and richer. So they started raising the taxes on everything that was touched by the use of Fossil Fuels to make it too expensive to buy it, created a fake “Fuel Shortage” to curb people buying Gasoline and the prices started increasing faster. All the while they were capping oil wells and controlling how much a company or individual could pump out of the ground and sell to a refiner. Keeping those here in the USA from making a living from their land and then opening up trade with the Middle Eastern Countries to buy the oil from them.

        In short – because I’m tired and it is well past my bedtime – there has been next to no real global warming, no real measurable rise in ocean water, no increase in storms or their intensities, The Earth is some 20% Greener than in the 1960’s, the only people suffering are those having to pay outrageous prices for energy and everything else because of price distortions caused by the increase of energy cost and poor countries being kept from creating cheap energy from fossil fuels by richer countries, that makes their economies poor and their people living in squalor like everyone did in the 1700’s

  6. AndyG55 says:

    but, but but…. the global cooling scare never existed.. ! ;-)

    Common names throughout. !

    At least when the facts ended up not to suit their theory….

    … they changed their theory, rather than the facts.

    Bit different from now. :-)

  7. Steven Fraser says:

    There is a ‘wedgie’ here. The most recent doctoring of the global temperature record is not consistent with this level of action advocacy. NOAA is complicit in both activities, and they cannot have it both ways, or rather, they cannot have it either way.

  8. Weum says:

    Not just a tax but a global transfer of wealth scheme to transfer money from developed countries to undeveloped. Agenda 21.

    Also, on a different note, to back Tony’s data manipulation assertions is a mit study that must have read his blog.

    • Mark Fife says:

      Holy Toledo, Batman! There are a lot of bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees on that study. And while you and I know they are 100% absolutely correct the CAGW tools will fasten onto the fact one of these guys has the words Amoco and Exxon listed. That would be enough to constitute plausible deniability. The main problem we have in combating this scam is the ultimate gullibility of millions of people whose only real desire is to feel superior. The tale tell sign what I say is true is the unbridled hate these people have for those who disagree. A person acting from a true love of the planet and an honest desire to make the world a better place would seek to educate and inspire. Most importantly, they would be open to hearing the truth. They would be open to true debate. They would not be running around screaming like harpies every time someone challenged their “precious”.

      By the way, that is exactly how the Nazis accomplished turning an otherwise civilized nation into brutal savages. Todays SJW has a lot more in common with that mindset than they realize.

  9. Bleakhouses says:

    I wonder why the script was flipped from cold to warm when the ground work had been laid so well? Did they realize that a few years of warm would reveal their scam? Was there a competing warmist mafia family that executed an effective takeover?

  10. TA says:

    You won’t see this on Wikileaks. Wikileaks acts like Global Cooling never happened. Of course, those of us who lived during that time know Global Cooling was a big deal and Tony proves it to anyone with an open mind.

    You’ll note how certain all these articles sound about Global Cooling. Just like the scientists are certain humans are causing Global Warming today.

    They were wrong about Global Cooling then, and I’ll go out on a limb here and say they are going to be wrong about Global Warming today, since the evidence we have shows CO2 and temperatures are not corrolated, now, nor in all of Earth’s history. CO2 keeps increasing, yet we have been in a temperature flatline for almost 20 years now. CO2 was increasing from the 1940’s to the 1970’s yet the temperatures decreased, they didn’t increase. So how can CO2 be driving the climate?

    Climate scientists in effect stick their fingers in the air to see which way the wind blows (hot or cold) and that’s the position they take. If we have cooling for a few decades, then these guys think the cooling will go on forever, and if we have a few decades of warming, they think the warmig will go on forever.

    They were wrong about the cold, and they are wrong about the heat, in connection with CO2. It’s too bad it takes decades to really see which way the wind blows. That gives climate change charlatans plenty of time to distort the truth without repercussions.

    • menicholas says:

      The difference is, a look at the paleo and historic records shows good reasons to be concerned about global cooling…cooling is known to be very harmful to life and human prosperity, a cooler planet is a dryer one, and this interglacial is already long in the tooth…longer already than the last several interglacial periods were. Toss in the Little Ice Age and the 8000 year cooling trend since the Holocene Climate Optimum, and it is very concerning.
      Just because few seem very worried, at present, of cooling, does not mean it is not a looming threat.
      When it is hot, plants and crops just need more water, and they grow faster than ever…but when it is too cold…

    • menicholas says:

      When the world grows warmer from it’s present state, the uninhabitable zones around the poles shrink, opening up new lands for crops and habitation.
      But when it grows colder, they expand…and deserts seem to get dryer and larger as well.
      During the HCO, the Sahara Desert was a lush savanna, criss-crossed with rivers and dotted with large lakes.
      Coincidence, or evidence that warmer = wetter, as every geology text used to point out in the earth history sections.

    • arn says:

      Well-Wikileaks iabout leaks.

      There is nothing to be leaked about global cooling
      as everything is free accessable (and wellknown for those who care)for decades.
      You don’t need to reveal some supersecret paper as everything is out and accessable to everyone.

      The only thing is that they pretend that the global cooling scare never existed-and they get away with those lies just as with all other lies.

  11. CheshireRed says:

    Busted. Another great piece of work.

  12. Paul Rattenbury says:

    You need to listen to the whole thing here.. but if you are pressed for time start this at about 19:30
    Our Nation’s Broadcaster; the CBC, has for decades had a show called Ideas which has been a voice of reason. This episode is called “Are We F–ked? Decoding the resistance to climate change ” At about 19:30 the point is ‘resistance to climate change has been linked to the inability to speak english’ or clashing cultural definitions and those who feel afraid of change.
    There was another excellent ‘Ideas’ called ‘”Ideas: Surviving Post-Capitalism: Coping, hoping, doping & shopping ”
    The Commodification of Money: In 1990; 14% of the Profits of US econonmy was Financial… Now ? its 40% ?? … Manufacturing died. Finance got deregulated further. Now the solution is to print money as governments just increase their public debts to buy votes. This cheque is long ago cashed; so social benefits get chopped. There are no jobs in manufacturing,. only McJobs. Individualised Individuals isolated by fear, rely on kinship; instead of citizenship. These communities are not the equal of a participatory informed adult citizenry. If you don’t think so; widen your perspcetive to the rest of the planet: The most socially integrated behavior is having children – but birthrates are falling as societies disintegrate. My point on all this – if you can read so far – is that you have confused your fear of the world as a dangerous place ( which really is a result of economic devastation – the prime driver of CO2 ) with your imaginary ability to be a scientist.

    • Robert Austin says:

      “Are We F–ked? Decoding the resistance to climate change ” At about 19:30 the point is ‘resistance to climate change has been linked to the inability to speak english’ or clashing cultural definitions and those who feel afraid of change.

      “Ideas” is the CBC’s idea of the “voice of reason” but most Canadians know that the CBC is the voice of leftist thought. Hence the denigration of any who question the “consensus” on CAGW.

      “economic devastation – the prime driver of CO2”

      Sounds like Rattenbury has a bizarre concept of the modern western world. Perhaps he would prefer to live in North Korea.

      • Stewart Pid says:

        Re CBC …. I call it the Communist Broadcasting Corp. When in the boonies and the only radio is CBC or country I sometimes listen but always I can’t believe the leftard mentality of the talk show hosts.

  13. menicholas says:

    Concise and detailed, this post tells the story of what has occurred, in clear language and with proof.

  14. Andy DC says:

    SCIENTISTS say there was no Ice Age scare, thus there never was an Ice Age scare! And who are are you Tony Heller/Steven Goddard, a mere mechanical engineer to disagree with SCIENTISTS, regardless of your proof or evidence? Because only true SCIENTISTS like Albert Einstein, Heidi Cullen and Bill Nye, the science guy, are qualified to speak the truth!

    Dan (or whatever)

  15. Tom O says:

    Actually, Tony, I don’t quite buy your transition, nor do I buy into the belief that it was a “climate cooling scam.” The fact is, we ARE at the end of the interglacial, it IS going to transition into another glaciation, and “the global warming scam” has nothing to do with the earlier “end of the interglacial” concern. In fact, when you remove the UHI data from the temperature records, I don’t think the downward slide of temperature truly stopped, only entered a “hiatus” with the increased activity of the central heating system.

    There are now and has been for a century or more, groups of people that believe the world is overpopulated. When the solar activity was predicted to have an uptick, they moved forward with their plans to prepare for the die off which will happen if we continue to pursue the energy programs we are currently pursuing, runs head first into the renewed global cooling towards glaciation.

    Calling global warming a scam is fine with me as it is. Calling the acknowledgment of the end of the interglacial the same, is a disservice both to those that tried to warn, and those that don’t as yet know that the end of the warm interglacial is nearly at hand.

    You have your opinion, as do your admirers, and I have mine. Personally, I would be happy if yours were correct and that the climate is just going to keep on pretty much as it is. I don’t think that is going to be the case. I won’t pick how many years as I lack the wisdom of God, and that would be what it would take to be able to make such a prediction with accuracy. But the end may well be within this century, and it quite possibly will only take one serious volcanic eruption to trigger it. The original conference said within a century, putting it at sometime before 2070. They may very well be correct.

    • arn says:

      Well Tom-
      I’m also more afraid of a cooling than warming .
      But there are several things poiting towards global cooling had been a scam.

      1)The coolers of the 70ies used the very same apocalyptic fear porn scenarios the warmers do.
      They just did a 180 but the rhetorics are the same.
      (+their failed predictions)

      2)if Global cooling was not a scam,
      than it would have reached the status of settled science in the seventies.
      Therefore it would have been absolutely impossible to start the global warming BS without huge resistance within science((and i’m not even talking about those leading,radical,allknowing global cooling promoters but also from the rest.
      And they would have been able to kill AGW before it even took of.
      Killing it with facts.

      Fact is:
      There was no resistance.
      There was no debate(warmunists vs coolers)
      in fact many warmunists had been coolers in the 70ies.

      Usually when one comes around with a new contradicting theory
      there is a lot of talk.
      When global warming was started-where was the opposition.
      a)There was no resistance
      b)Global Cooling theory was so shitty that it was even useless to
      create an opposition.
      A good theory would destroy an opposite point of view within seconds.
      Even a bad one would at least have some good points and several supporters.

      The reason AGW never needed to crush global cooling was that global cooling was weak from within.

      And you are right btw,
      a volcano+cooling(like the supposed one in yellow stone)
      is a much much bigger danger for humanity than warming ever will be
      as 2 degrees less temperatures will reduce the food output for humans and animals significantly + will have an enourmous increase in needed heating energy,
      while a 2 degrees hotter planet will cause more growth and a better water supply and much lower costs for heating.

    • RW says:

      Tom didn’t read the archived material Tony presented.

      It is clear that the original intent of the academic scientists was to highlight the distinct possibility that the end of the interglacial was near. It is also clear that this quite quickly gets perverted into doomsday apocalyptic nonsense by the alarmistis among those in academia and government, scientist and administrator. It is not clear whether or not any real critical analysis of the cooling claim was done, but judging from the ridiculous claims of doomsday consequences that closely followed, in conjunction with the rebound in temperatures that began in the 80’s (itself supporting the null hypothesis of mild cyclic variation within the interglacial), it seems more likely that many a scientist, government administrator, and journalist were equally as complicit in profligating bull shit while hundreds of millions of dollars were flowing into climate research and burgeoning government agencies.

  16. sunsettommy says:

    Another fine post,Tony!

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