Partying With Climate Alarmists

I spent yesterday evening celebrating at the Hotel Boulderado with a group of hard core climate alarmists, who are convinced that Boulder’s immaculately clean natural gas fired power plant is somehow “dirty.”

One of the people I enjoyed talking to was Lori Hunter, who had just given a lecture on campus about global warming induced migration from Mexico.

I pointed out to Lori that every time I go to Mexico, it seems to be full of Canadians escaping the cold.

So why was I celebrating with a group of climate alarmists?  Because they shared my goal of stopping CU and the city from developing the South Boulder Wetlands.

Another attendee was a guy who is starting an alternative news source in Boulder, and told me he would be happy for me to write articles representing conservative positions. Boulder is seeing a political change. And I am starting to educate good people how they have been misled by fake climate scientists.

Yesterday was the second coldest November 7 on record in Boulder.

Maximum temperature yesterday was 0C. Only 1991 was colder. Apparently the group’s efforts to cool the planet are working.

Yesterday may also have been the snowiest November 7 on record here. I suspect that we received more than four inches of snow – which was the prior record from 1986.

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17 Responses to Partying With Climate Alarmists

  1. Hans Conser says:

    Building bridges Tony, I love it.

  2. gator69 says:

    You would think that a sociologist would understand tha economics is the biggest driver of human migration.

  3. Joey Bojalad says:

    Good job! I guess patience does have its virtues. If sensibility and reason can take a foothold in Boulder, hopefully it can do so elsewhere. Keep fighting the good fight!???? Joey

  4. CheshireRed says:

    Leaving climate change issues aside anyone who thinks developing those wetlands is a good idea shouldn’t be sitting on a public decision-making council. Scandalous if true.

  5. arn says:

    “Global Warming induced migration from Mexico”

    The migration from Mexico has 2 reasons:
    NAFTA by Bill Clinton.
    This free trade created by the Superrich for the Superrich(as AGW) has destroyed more than 1 million jobs in Mexico&USA
    and the very same intellectual prostitutes have promoted Nafta who promote AGW.

    The second reason is the Cloward/Piven Strategy.
    (it is no coincidence that migrant crisis appears at the same time in USA and Europe,as at the same time it is forbidden to criticize them,and at the same time kissing islams butt is the way to go in USA/EU and at the same time Gay Marriage is introduced,and whenever a country is to be destroyed/revolutioned/springed USA&EU have always the same opinion and declare the unwanted state leader as new hitler etc.)
    -and noone even asks how it is possible that even the most controversial
    things and most onbvious lies and things that never existed before
    are promoted by the leaders of USA,Germany & France in perfect synchronicity.)

    And well Miss Hunter
    Some people are so full of shit that they don’t bother throwing around with their excrements.
    But that’s how monkeys communicate.

  6. Steve Case says:

    One of the people I enjoyed talking to was Lori Hunter, who had just given a lecture on campus about global warming induced migration from Mexico.

    Nice polite conversations with new acquaintances are always enjoyable.

  7. oars says:

    In one camp is “Global Warming induced migration from Mexico.”

    In the other camp is migration due to lack of economic opportunities, urbanization, and off-the-charts cartel violence.

    What do you think is a bigger factor?

  8. Texas Sharp-shooter says:

    Awesome. I don’t talk politics w people unless they ask. Often that comes in the form of a statement condemning Trump or the 2nd amendment or the pro-life life position.

    With gentleness and respect (keeping a clear conscience) I tell them I disagree. They are often very nice people but prone to emotionalized responses which take the form of, “You seem like a nice person how can you possibly square that w a) whole-scare massacre by gun loving Nazis, b) oppression of women by not wanting them to have an abortion any time they want to, oh, or, c) men in women’s bathrooms, d) whatever.

    Usually they get fairly worked up. Cognitive dissonance will do that: “This seems like a decent guy, but he is probably faking it and secretly wants to run over scarf wearing immigrant children.”
    At that point the “conversation” is over. I hate the way the left has destroyed that perfectly fine word. In the Newspeak dictionary “conversation” means “Shut Up and listen to somebody more enlightened than you! Cretin!”
    But that’s not the end. The end comes when I say, “Great talking with you. Arguments never settle anything, do they? The important thing is to talk and disagree and keep on loving eachother, right? Because no matter how much I disagree with you I love you. Thats the most important thing, right?Have a nice day.”

    • David A says:

      Good post. Yes, when I talk CAGW with a statist, I first tell them that what I will say is based strictly on national and international data bases, and peer reviewed scientific studies.
      Then comes facts.
      These facts almost invariably cause wrinkled eyebrows, confusion, denials and very weak attempts to dispute, then I see the mind close down, as in shut and locked.

      Genuinely undecided people ask me how to get the information I present. The statist become confused, determined to deny, and often rude.

  9. GeologyJim says:

    Two positives out of this local election. The slate of “slow the growth/too many boxy apartment buildings” council candidates swept the 5 vacant seats, so the majority is now the slow-down faction

    Even better, the City of Boulder got smacked over its efforts to form a municipal electric service and go “100% green energy”. They flushed $16 million down the drain on lawyers and consultants and will now have to eat crow. The voters also took away the council’s ability to use executive (secret) sessions to talk strategy for forming the muni electric.

    The new council will still be populated by ignorant liberals, but at least some of their worst plans have been dashed

    Hooray! So glad I moved out of town last year.

    • GeologyJim says:

      Whoops, in my enthusiasm for a brief glimpse of common sense, I spoke too soon about the Boulder CO election results

      The muni electric measure was losing handily at press time Tuesday night, but the overnight count seems to have had an entirely different trend and, wallah!, by Wednesday morning the measure had enough votes to pass with 52%

      Huh! I wonder if that was an actual count, or maybe just the average of 42 model simulations run by the NCAR boys and girls

  10. oars says:

    BTW, are those “hoop” earrings? Did she not get the memo?

  11. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Tony, call me Captain Obvious, but allow me to reiterate something you already know: Honey catches more flies than vinegar.

    Be gentle and courteous to these misguided people and hopefully you can influence them to make good decisions. There’s no doubt they would greatly benefit from your knowledge and experience.

    Oh, and Dr. & Mrs. Gray would be proud.

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      Something else you probably already know: We all love your acerbic wit and humor; that’s why we read your blog every day.

      But liberals, probably not so much.

  12. Joe says:

    Good job, Tony. I fully agree with your decision, given the circumstances.

  13. RW says:

    Good to hear you’re making inroads. Looking forward to the book.

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