No Trend In Global April Temperatures For 20 Years

In a few days we will be hearing the usual lies from NOAA and NASA about April being one of the hottest on record, but April was actually seventh warmest in the last 20 years, and there has been no trend in April temperatures for the last two decades.


Same story for the past 150 years …..

We have often noticed that in the tabular statements of those compilers of weather records who write to the Times, useful and welcome as their communications are, every season is sure to be “extraordinary,” almost every month one of the driest or wettest, or windiest, coldest or hottest, ever known. Much observation, which ought to correct a tendency to exaggerate, seems in some minds to have rather a tendency to increase it

  • January 10, 1871


Thanks to heat trapping gases released from your SUV, Cheboygan, Michigan was 22 degrees colder this April than it was in April 1942 – with every single day this past month cooler than the same date in 1942.

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12 Responses to No Trend In Global April Temperatures For 20 Years

  1. Steve Case says:

    Great link to your spreadsheet (-: I like that a lot.

  2. Gerald Machnee says:

    Griff would say – but it is getting warmer.

    • arn says:

      Griff just needs to read the 150 year old article above
      to realise that weather has always been much ado about nothing-
      until a few decades ago some realised that they can create a worl wide
      tax with such rhetorics

      as it does not matter what really is but how the media is talking about it and how much air time it gets((one may think that every second american is gay when watching tv because they are so overrepresented while the real quote is somthing about 2-5%))

  3. Latitude says:

    National Weather Service Head Is Accused Of Assaulting An Employee. He Denies It

    The National Weather Service (NWS) has denied allegations that director Louis Uccellini physically assaulted a staff meteorologist for mentioning “cooling” during a 2014 presentation on Earth’s climate.

    “This alleged incident never happened,” NWS spokeswoman Susan Buchanan told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Dr. Uccellini encourages open discussion on all science issues and perspectives, and he has never had a physical altercation with anyone in his 40-year career.”

    Buchanan responded to a report published by Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) alleging Uccellini “put his hand on the meteorologist’s chest as a warning, and pushed the employee against the wall,” according to an NWS meteorologist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

    “I was giving a talk to fellow NWS staff about the jet stream flow in the upper atmosphere. What it showed was large amplitude waves in both the northern and southern hemispheres,” the meteorologist told CFACT.

    “I explained that the only way the jet stream could get to be high amplitude is if the atmosphere was actually cooling,” the meteorologist said.

    “Right at the bathroom break, the Director of NWS, Louis Uccellini, put a hand on my chest and pushed me up against the wall and said ‘Don’t ever mention the word cooling again,’” the meteorologist said. “He did not mean it in a ‘joking’ way, he absolutely violated my personal space and was dead serious. This was back in 2014.”

  4. charles nelson says:

    They’ll have to relocate the Cheboygan Music Conservatory at this rate.

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