The Incredible Heatwave Of 1921

On this date in 1921, the Eastern two thirds of the country was extremely hot, with Caruthersville, Missouri at 102 degrees and Hobart, Indiana at 100 degrees.

The heatwave of 1921 never let up all summer. Caruthersville had 71 days over 100 degrees.

1921 had the third highest average maximum temperature in the US since 1895

If we had a summer like that now, climate scientists would be 100% certain it was due to CO2, and would demand immediate world communism.

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5 Responses to The Incredible Heatwave Of 1921

  1. Disillusioned says:

    They don’t call them ‘alarmunists’ for nothing.

  2. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    Yah but Russia, Russia, Russia.

    Actually I think Obamanistas are going to be sorry they ever heard of Russia. Whats up with the boy king anyway? Wasn’t he supposed to be taking over the Resistance?

    • arn says:

      I guess Barack does what he did before.

      Travelling all the time around the world(without releasing co2 i suppose)
      reading some stuff from a piece of paper others have written for him.
      The only difference-now he is being paid hundreds of thousands of bucks for every single speech in front of superrich people and telling them things they already know.((and maybe he is even trying to convince people that russians are now controlling the usa and not those superrich people he gets his money from since he started taking money from the oligarchic chicago Crown-family .)
      And while he is flying all the time around the world and getting millions
      for nothing
      he is trying to tell people how awsome marxism is and that they should lower their carbon footprint.

      • annieoakley says:

        Thank you for linking the Crown family. Aspen Ski Co and promoters of all things for Communism is truly what they are about.

  3. steve case says:

    When I post temperature stuff from NOAA’s Climate at a Glance up here on Tony’s site I usually note that Tony will tell you it’s fake data.

    When Tony’s last graph above:
         Average Maximum Temperature at all USHCN Stations
    is overlayed on NOAA’s
         Contiguous U.S., Maximum Temperature, January-December
    It’s pretty obvious that NOAA has lowered the past and bumped up recent records.
    See below

    On another note GISS data shows that from March to April over 900 changes were made to the monthly data of their Land Ocean Temperature Index:
    That’s right, over 50% of the historical records as they appeared the month before were re-written.

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