The Third Heatwave Of May 1934

May, 1934 brought three incredible heatwaves to the US. The first peaked on May 8, the second on May 18, and the third on May 30. It was 109 degrees at Gann Valley, SD on May 28, 1934 – twenty degrees warmer than today’s forecast.

By May 30, the heatwave got even more intense and covered all of the Great Plains and Midwest. North Dakota reached 111 degrees.

Menno, SD averaged five degrees warmer during May 1934 than this year.

As the summer of 1934 progressed, temperatures kept getting hotter. Menno reached 116 degrees during July and August 1934.

Ninety degree weather on May 28 peaked in 1911, and has been declining ever since.

On this date in 1911, 90 and 100 degree temperatures dominated the eastern US, spreading all the way to the northern tip of Maine.

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