Declining July 31 Temperatures In The US

July 31 afternoon temperatures have been declining in the US for a century, with the hottest year being 1917 when almost half of the US was over 95 degrees.

On July 31, 1954 there were 100 degree temperatures coast to coast. New York City was 100 degrees.

On July 31, 1988 it was 110 degrees at Montevideo, Minnesota, and much of the US was experiencing extreme drought.

31 Jul 1988, Page 501 – The Pittsburgh Press at

psi-198807.gif (690×488)

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2 Responses to Declining July 31 Temperatures In The US

  1. Josh says:

    Putin erased the leftist memory. I do not think leftists can remember the 1988 drought or that wildfires and storms across the globe were once worse.

  2. Jason Bosh says:

    Summer 1988 was hottest summer since 1954 for us. In Indianapolis, we did hit 100 degrees officially again until July 2011. That’s almost a quarter century! And when we hit 100 in 1980, that was the first time since 1954! If I’m going to believe the pre1940 weather data, I’m going to bet most did not wait a damn quarter century to reach 100 degrees!

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