Party Is Over In The Arctic

Ice conditions are not looking good for Reggie, James and Al.

Index of /DATASETS/NOAA/G02135/north/daily/images/2018/08_Aug/

Summer is over at the North Pole.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

And nothing but cold in the forecast.

10-Day Temperature Outlook

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151 Responses to Party Is Over In The Arctic

  1. griff says:


    The extent figures are at 5th lowest and it is still melting up there… if 2018, 2017 and 2016 are 3 of the 5th lowest extents for the ice, that tells us the condition of the ice is NOT improving. (and there’s every chance it will edge into 4th place).

    Take a good look at the conditions up there: the ice edge is further north than ever recorded on the Atlantic side. Its thinner than ever…

    I really, really still don’t know what you are claiming about the sea ice. It has been a cold, cloudy summer and yet we are still seeing it melt out to give a result in the top 5 lowest…

    • Gator says:

      Ms Griff, why do you lie so much? There is currently more ice in the Arctic than the average of the past 9000 years.

      We all know you hate poor brown people, and that is more than enough to qualify you as a class “A” scumbag, you need not pad your resume.

    • tonyheller says:

      Ice volume is fifth highest in the DMI record. Fixed it for you.

    • Josh says:

      Because ice volume > sea ice extent? Ice volume play bigger role in fear mongering since less ice volume can cause higher sea level…

      • arn says:

        Well-in the arctic the size of sea ice volume does not matter,
        wether there is zero or ten billion tons in
        the arctic the sea level stays the same just as the “sea level” in your long drink stays the same no matter wether your ice is molten or not.

        • Squidly says:

          It just blows my mind when people like to argue that sea level will rise when the Arctic melts.

          One way you can be certain that the melting Arctic is propaganda garbage is that so-called “scientists” loudly made such claims a couple of decades ago. Sadly, so many stupid people believed them, despite the fact that every school child knows about the Archimedes principle. They observe it every single day in their glass of iced beverage. And yet, actual so-called “scientists”, who should obviously know better, still made the claims.

          Absolutely remarkable. Josh is still holding on to the same fable. Probably believes martians are still building canals too.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Greenland is in the Arctic?

            Melting sea ice won’t have a whole lot of effect on global sea levels, but melting glaciers will.

          • Squidly says:

            I don’t know if you noticed (I’m sure you did, but just ignoring) .. Greenland has been gaining MASSIVE amounts of ice

            FYI, Greenland is not “sea ice” you freaking idiot!


      • Squidly says:

        ..since less ice volume can cause higher sea level..

        – Gee, Archimedes would be surprised to hear that, especially since his ice-tea didn’t flow over when the ice melted.

      • GCsquared says:

        When it comes to fear mongering, whichever looks worse will be used, whether it’s actually significant or not. The mongers are opportunistic: I mentioned that even feline sinus fungal infections, of all things, have been used to strike climate terror in the hearts of pet owners.

        But ice volume IS something of a physical indicator of Arctic heat conditions; ice extent isn’t. Obviously, the amount of latent heat needed to melt ice depends only on how much there is, not how far it’s spread out.

    • Robert Austin says:

      Griff still makes the fundamentally flawed assumption that less Arctic ice is “Not improving” and consequently more Arctic ice would be improvement. All based on the unstated assumption that the Arctic ice extent of 1979 was ideal.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        All based on the unstated assumption that the Arctic ice extent of 1979 was ideal.

        Unstated? Don’t you know that 1979 really was ideal?

        1979 will always remain a Goldilocks year for American Progressives, the Good Old Days to tell children about before bed time.

        In 1979:

        – The United States was suffering a severe decline.
        – President Carter gave his national malaise speech.
        – The Soviet Union was advancing on all fronts around the world.
        – the Chinese Communist Party announced mass slaughter of baby girls.
        – Ayatollah Khomeini became Supreme Leader, urging Iranians to attack U.S. interests.
        – Pakistani mob killed 4 in an attack on the U.S. embassy.
        – U.S. inflation was 13.3%.
        – The Three Mile Island accident caused panic about nuclear power.
        – Progressives announced Peak Oil and the coming End of Oil.
        – The U.S. Dollar crashed to all time low against the Deutsche Mark.
        – President Carter bravely fought off a vicious swamp rabbit and emerged victorious.

        What’s not to like about 1979 if you are a Progressive?

      • spike55 says:

        Near Iceland, The Arctic sea ice in the mid/late 1970s was up there with the LIA extent. (see graph)

        Hardly “ideal” to have SO MUCH SEA ICE

        Far more ideal, for basically ever purpose would be a far LESS extent.

        The drop from the late 1970s was a PARTIAL RECOVERY back to more normal Holocene levels.

        The RECOVERY seems to have stalled, and unfortunately , Arctic sea ice will most likely start to increase as the AMO turns downwards. even down to MWP levels though

    • Anon says:

      I score this debate in Griff’s favor. His position is unassailable.

      Even if there is more ice next year than this year, it will still be in the say the top 10 lowest.

      And even if the trend continues, you still won’t solve the problem as you will be in say the top 20 lowest and so forth.

      Even if the Arctic sea ice were to reach its greatest extent, it would just be at the top lowest.

      I can’t see how this can be defeated.

      • Steven Fraser says:

        Ah, yes. The old comparative performance joke…

        Racer 1 has the shortest time for the distance.
        Racer 2 has a slightly longer time.

        Paper in Racer 1’s country: Racer 1 defeats Racer 2.
        Paper in Racer 2’s country: Racer 2 comes in 2nd. Racer 1 comes in 2nd to last.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        I figure my position is also unassailable!

        Please can you summon up the courage to score the debate in my favour too?


        • David A says:

          Jim Hunt says… ” I figure…”

          Some say ” figures lie and liars figure”
          Perhaps you do not win…

        • spike55 says:

          I don’t think anyone would disagree with your position as one of the slimiest, most cowardly, lying trolls on the web.

          When are you going to have the guts to admit to REALITY , Jimbo

          Arctic Sea ice extent is in the top 10% of the last 10,000 years. It is WAY above the Holocene average.

          Or will you choose to remain an ignorant CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER.

        • Anon says:

          Hi Jim Hunt…

          I think the CAGW hypothesis is just that and it is up to each person to make up their own mind. I have taught CAGW extensive at University as of 2106 and have quit and gone back to teaching the basic sciences, because I could not make sense of the data and models.

          Then I discovered there was a whole cadre of scientists who were having the same problem (never reported in the MSM):

          Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?
          Richard S. Lindzen: Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a lead author of Chapter 7, “Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks,” of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Third Assessment Report on climate change.
          Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate MIT, Cambridge MA 02139, USA

          The above factors are all amplified by the need for government funding. When an issue becomes a vital part of a political agenda, as is the case with climate, then the politically desired position becomes a goal rather than a consequence of scientific research. This paper will deal with the origin of the cultural changes and with specific examples of the operation and interaction of these factors. In particular, we will show how political bodies act to control scientific institutions, how scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions, and how opposition to these positions is disposed of.

          That is a pretty damning indictment and is backed up by other scientists: Here are just a few:

          The Big Bad Forces of Censorship and Intimidation in Climate Science.
          Willie Soon, PhD – Harvard and Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

          How Government Twists Climate Statistics
          Former (OBAMA) Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin on how bureaucrats spin scientific data.

          So the CAGW side clearly has scientific and ethical problems (putting it mildly) . The temperature of the planet throughout history has varied dramatically due to natural causes. If this is no longer the case, the CAGW proponents need to MAKE THE COUNTER CASE. However, as I noted above the way they are proceeding is UNETHICAL and appears to be FRAUDULENT (see Steve Koonin above).

          So now you are asking me / us to accept your word that the DMI is incorrect? I guess all I have to say to that is WHAT PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON? Where is your credibility?

      • Squidly says:

        I am still patiently wait for the day when it is all gone, like Al Gore and his disciples have been shouting for decades.

        Just think of the benefits of having an ice-free Arctic! .. shorter shipping routes. Increased agricultural area.

        I say we take the advice of the 1970’s “scientists” and use atomic bombs to blow up the Arctic and make it ice-free.

        I don’t like Arctic ice .. get rid of all of it!

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      Griff: this is a teachable moment. Check out this video and pay attention:

      Most ice loss in the Arctic isn’t from melting. It’s from storm activity that moves the ice in a clockwise motion and pushes it out into the Atlantic between Svalbard and Greenland.

  2. Gerald Machnee says:

    The journey across the north pole had ended (due to global warming)

    Translation:Road to the South
    It is the 57th day, we are 1/3 of the complete course.
    In addition to the large ice cap impractical Pruddhoe Bay that made us lose a month, the last ten days, the wind does not give us a gift (face and a big negative drift) and especially for the 10 days to come, the trend will not reverse. Not to mention that we no longer see seals (to fill our pantry): our margin of safety visibly melts!
    Winter is coming and by the end of September, the game will change and the consequences can be serious in this part of the world!
    So yesterday, after consultation and reflection, we decided to turn around before we could not. At this stage, we could continue but we prefer to return ourselves to civilization rather than risk being saved, that we do not want!
    We are obviously very disappointed and at the same time, happy with the work done in often harsh conditions, the Arctic did not want to!
    But we remain happy and amazed by these regions, this very strong human experience and our super boat that is very versatile and powerful on the ice. We have the feeling of having realized a beautiful expé.
    And then the adventure is not over, it will take us at least 3 weeks to join Tuktoyaktuk in Canada, we will continue to live this adventure 100%.
    This morning, as if to please us, the Arctic has covered the rigging with frost, it is magnificent! We went around our floating island and thought we were lucky to be there.
    A thought for you, our partner stars and friends
    Arctic Ocean, we love you.

    Seb, Eric and Vincent

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      They got 1/3 way through an Arctic where ice is “decreasing rapidly” and they do not admit failure????

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        “We Progressives are never wrong. Wait … once, we thought we were wrong, but we were mistaken.”

        • R Shearer says:

          Someone could compose a nice poem to point out the hypocrisy of their wearing polyester vests, polyester hats, plastic glasses and footwear incorporating styrene butadiene polymer while holding a polyvinyl chloride banner next to a corrugated polypropylene yard sign.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            Let’s not forget Dow Chemical’s sodium polyacrylate [-CH2-CH(CO2Na)-] in their Depend disposables …

        • Gator says:

          At first glance I thought their symbol was a watermelon. But clearly they are red all over.

        • arn says:

          Once again they are using the standard shitty communist fist
          they had been using in all george soros sponsored springs since he started them in yugoslavia in the 90ies.
          (i wonder when they’ll modify the fist to show devil horns)

    • Anon says:

      The same team had to be extracted with a Russian Ice Breaker in 2013. I bet that was humbling if not expensive. I don’t know how that played into this year’s decision, but I bet it was a factor.

      *Putting “Russian” in front of Ice Breaker is superfluous I suppose:

      The icebreaker gap

      Russia has 40 powerful ships to clear lanes through crucial Arctic waters. America is down to 2.

      Our secret weapon is NASA / NOAA and scientists like Gavin Schmidt who insist Ice Breakers will be obsolete in 20 years, artifacts of the Holocene Epoch as we enter the Anthropocene.

  3. Mark Breckenridge says:

    This should be interesting

    • Disillusioned says:

      The spin?

    • Cam says:

      Damn… I was just about to post the same thing. What gets me about this project is this (from the science section): The Northwest Passage Project scientists approach this goal using a multi-disciplinary, ocean-based emphasis to explore the changes in four thematic areas: changes in transpolar drift through the CAA, changes in water column chemistry impacting greenhouse gases, changes in distribution and abundance of two vulnerable levels of the Arctic food web – plankton and seabirds.

      I inquired through the lead researchers as to what previous data they were going to be using for comparison to gauge these “changes” but received no reply. I can only imagine they will see what they find and then pick and choose from some scanty data sets whichever info fits their narrative that everything is bad. Most of the route they are planning to take from Resolute to Cambridge Bay via Bellot Strait is still full of ice.

      • Gerald Machnee says:

        I think we called that verbal diarrhea.

      • spike55 says:

        What do you reckon the chances are this year of anyone taking the Larsen route of 1944, via Prince of Wales Strait

        I’d say “Buckley’s to NONE.”

        Here’s Admiral Jimbo-troll’s chance ..

        Come on Jimbo, there’s no ice left up there.. right ;-)

        I doubt even the Cambridge Bay route will be open this year.

  4. Jim Hunt says:

    Meanwhile on the other side of the Arctic.

    Cherry picking? Moi?

    • sunsettommy says:

      Still waiting for that summer free ice cover party?

      You continue to ignore science papers showing that current coverage is above average for the Holocene, because you are here to promote a false narrative.

    • R Shearer says:

      Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet from only 4 year ago:

      Cherry picking? You.

        • R Shearer says:

          LOL, GreatWhiteCon you are.

        • spike55 says:

          Now you are getting PATHETIC, Jimbo the slimo,

          The losses from the El Nino surge that took 2017 Antarctic sea ice down, have now mostly been gained back.

          The volcanoes under the west Antarctic aren’t helping,’

          But NONE of that is to do with “climate change™”.

          Change in ocean temperature since 1955 in the Southern oceans down to 2000m, is less than 0.1ºC, and not even a cretin like Jimbo is going to blame sea ice melt on that.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            What are you on about? Mr. Shearer introduced the topic of the Antarctic.

            And this year’s minimum was only a whisker above 2017:

          • spike55 says:

            You just proved you are an IDIOT, Jimbo.

            Antarctic sea ice is up with the mix, so to speak.

            Ignorance of the effect the El Nino had on the Antarctic sea ice, is no excuse for being a dumb troll.

            Ignorance of the effect of the volcanoes under the West Antarctic is no reason for being a dumb troll.

            But there you are, a dumb troll.

        • John F. Hultquist says:

          … the other side of the planet

          I thought the planet was (more or less) spherical.
          If it is flat, then I guess it will have two sides.
          It’s a good day when I learn something new!

    • tonyheller says:

      Jim is worried that the ice-free waters in the Kara Sea are going to melt at 1C.

      • Colorado Wellington says:


        Jim is hoping that the ice-free waters in the Kara Sea are going to melt at 1C.

        All “progressive” global warming believers I know rejoice triumphantly when they think they found yet another proof that something horrible is happening to the weather and we will all die if we don’t obey and do as they command.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        What are you on about?

        The Kara Sea has been ice free for a while now:

        • spike55 says:

          As shown by your graph, Kara sea is been Ice free for most years at this time.

          Have you got a point, moron?

          How about we look at the Canadian Archipelago.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            What are you on about?

            Tony introduced the topic of the Kara Sea.

          • spike55 says:

            Poor’;s see if you can admit the TRUTH for one.

            Repeat after me

            “Arctic Sea ice extent is in the top 10% of the last 10,000 years. It is WAY above the Holocene average”


          • spike55 says:

            I knew Jimbo would disappear like the COWARDLY TROLL he is, when actually dared to tell the truth.

        • spike55 says:

          Or the East Siberian Sea

          Which is at its HIGHEST since 2006

          • spike55 says:

            Sulk elsewhere, Jimbo

            The Arctic sea ice scare IS OVER. !!

            But it should never have been a scare, when its still in the top 10% of the last 10.000 years

            Why don’t you put that FACT on your putrid CON web site, Jimbo?

            Why have you continued to try to perpetuate that Arctic sea ice scare, Jimbo?

            What’s in it for you to continue your LIES and MISINFORMATION ?

          • Squidly says:

            The Arctic sea ice scare IS OVER. !!

            – I was never scared to begin with. It could all melt away, even in winter, and I still won’t be scared.

            The Arctic makes no difference whatsoever. What I do find absolutely fascinating however, is how people like Jim work so feverishly to find any tiny little shred of evidence to try to support their doomsday scenarios. The will pull the cuddliest of animals out of their asses in an attempt to convince others of their fantasies.

            Truly remarkable. I am thoroughly convinced we live in the times of Idiocracy.

    • etudiant says:

      Is there not a direct contradiction between this GFS map and the DMI temperature measurement shown in the original posting?

      It is difficult to agree on anything future when there is disagreement about the present.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        The DMI temperature graph is for north of 80 degrees, and it’s heavily weighted towards the North Pole.

        • spike55 says:

          Yep, and its darn cold up there. !

          • Morgan in Sweden says:

            Long time since I made a comment here.
            The german navy went into the Kara see in July 1942 in search of the Soviet Arctic convoy routes. (Yes the soviets did use convoys along the Siberian cost during WWII and they did not have nuclear ice breakers…). Source Harper Collins; Atlas of the second world war, p180-181. Is there anyone who thinks they risked their precious navy to get stuck in the ice north of Siberia… No of course not, there was no ice there in the summer of 1942. But Jim Hunt as other alarmists they do not give history any attention if it is older that from year 1979.

        • etudiant says:

          Agree the DMI is for north of 80 degrees. The issue is the GFS map shows above average temperatures for that same area. There is a problem.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            Only slightly “above average” though.

            Maybe different models produce different outputs?

            Which to believe?!

          • Squidly says:

            Which to believe?!

            – I believe none of it and don’t care.

            All this frothing at the mouth over Arctic sea-ice is hilarious. Who needs Comedy Central when you have commenters like Jim Hunt?

    • spike55 says:

      No more Arctic death spiral , Jimbo the slimo.

      Your UTTER DESPERATION is showing.

      And its HILARIOUS. !!

      Maybe if you weren’t such a rabid climate change denier, you would realise that Arctic sea ice is still anomalously HIGH for the current interglacial.

    • spike55 says:

      Using their reference period starting at the coldest period since the LIA is always going to show warm anomalies, Jimbo-troll.

      Your chart is meaningless

      • spike55 says:

        You know the AMO is starting to head downwards again, don’t you Jimbo-troll.

        That’s why you are so desperate to push your BS while you think you can.

        Why not just accept the fact that Arctic Sea ice is well ABOVE the Holocene average.

        That way you can start telling the truth.

        No need to try to CON people all the time.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Jim ur map be garbage … worse even than Tony’s. It shows me burning up and we were 6 C below the long term average and currently it is 7 C at my house and 5 at the Calgary airport.
      Also ur map shows Churchill burning up and it is below average for the next week all but one day. Man made GLO-BULL warming for sure.
      Lots of garbage going into the news these days.
      Yesterday in the yard I had the thought that it was the first time I had been working outside and had been chilly since June … GLO-BULL warming (summer for sane folks) is over for the next 9 months ;-) as we head into winter.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        It’s not my map Stewart. It’s the University of Maine’s visualisation of the data output by the GFS model.

        Can I safely assume that you appreciate the difference?

        • Squidly says:

          Can I assume you are a freaking moron for believing (or even caring) about any of it?

          No need for assumption, I pretty well nailed that one!

  5. Lasse says:

    Marin traffic shows no sign of traffic with pleasure crafts in the NE or NW passages-jet!

  6. Brian D says:

    Up coming weather pattern for the week showing high pressure over the western basin, and low pressure over the eastern basin.

  7. RAH says:

    Jim and Griff and Phil can pick and choose all they want but the fact is that the fat lady is clearing her throat loudly. She sings when Arctic Ice hits it’s minimum because James Hanson will once again be proven to be nothing more than an alarmist buffoon as his prediction for an ice free arctic this year will be proven to be more of the histrionic bull shit we have come to expect from him and others. Yet his disciples will continue to ignore the facts and cherry pick this or that or the other or say your using the wrong metric, data, or you fill in the blank. All so predictable and a constant source of amusement to the sane who have observed it over the years.

    • Jim Hunt says:

      It’s “Steve” that’s doing the cherry picking in here RAH.

      And they’re not as juicy as he seems to think they are!

      • RAH says:

        The POINT is that what you Arctic Ice ghouls have believed would happen has not and is not and there are no indications it’s going to. No attempts of deception, misdirection, or argument about metrics, or details about where there is ice and where it isn’t is going to change that FACT!

        You ghouls are not beating a dead horse, your flailing at it’s skeleton because the meat rotted off it’s bones long ago. Give it up!

        The claim that the decrease in albedo due to decreasing extent/area would lead to a cycle of ever decreasing ice has been being falsified before your eyes for years now. The AMO has flattened and is in it’s typical pre decent plateau. North Atlantic and much of the tropical zone SST anomalies are negative. The summer temps in the Arctic have run generally below the mean for year after year now and that is when the ice melts. It doesn’t melt when the temps climb above the mean but remain well below freeing during the months with no insolation. The ocean currents have not made the radical change that it has been claimed they will and there is absolutely no indication they are going to.

        Go do something productive with your lives if you possibly can. It’s OVER! There is no “death spiral”. The Arctic is not “screaming”. The general public does not care. It’s a nonissue because you’ve failed to scare them. That is why Trump was elected on a platform plank of deregulation and not more regulation. You really need to find some other reason for living because your death of Arctic Ice cause was lost years ago and the whole AGW/Climate Change scam is dying.

        • Gator says:

          RAH, it has nothing to do with ice.

          • Rah says:

            I know! It’s about trying to persuade enough people that there is a potentially deadly problem that only government can solve in order to get them to give up their liberties and dominate them. It is as with everything having to do with government, about expansion of power and control of the wealth.

            The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the election of Trump is the best chance we have to avoid a real civil war in this country.

      • Gator says:

        And yet “Steve” is not ignorant enough to predict an ice free Arctic. Why aren’t you harrassing the alarmists who cherry pick, and make wildly wrong predictions?

        Oh I forgot! You hate poor brown people and wish them to starve to death. Silly me!

        • Jim Hunt says:

          When exactly did I predict “an ice free Arctic” then Gator?

          Surely you must know the drill by now? Credible evidence, not vitriolic abuse!

          • Squidly says:

            Credible evidence, not vitriolic abuse!

            BAM! .. that is the whole point Jimbo .. my God you are one dense individual. It is actually becoming somewhat painful to watch.

          • Gator says:

            Jim, try reading my comment again, and if you still cannot figure it out, please go away.

            But really, why do you hate poor brown people?

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            Gator: And yet “Steve” is not ignorant enough to predict an ice free Arctic.
            Jim Hunt: When exactly did I predict “an ice free Arctic” then Gator?
            Colorado Wellington: Go for it, Admiral, go for it! Knock it down! We know you can do it! Knock it down hard!

          • Jim Hunt says:

            Gator – FYI I do publicly extract the Michael from “The alarmists who cherry pick, and make wildly wrong predictions” from time to time.

            Since you never click any of my links on principle, I don’t suppose you’ll click on this one either?


            “Nearly three weeks have passed since those ‘gaping fissures that span from Siberia to Canada’ were announced, and you may well (like me) be wondering how they have been coming along?”

          • spike55 says:

            Another MORONIC attempt at distraction

            You really are PATHETIC, Jimbo.

            Totally incapable of facing the truth that current sea ice levels are well above the levels of most of the last 9000 years.

            A rabid climate change DENIER.

          • Gator says:

            So… which alarmist site has your harrassing comments? You know, where you spend days berating people for making ridiculous predictions?

            What do you mean there are none?

            And why do you hate poor brown people Genocide Jim?

  8. Psalmon says:

    The Arctic Marine Superhighway has reached its peak and this is about it…
    – About 20 vessels working along Russia’s northern coast supplying oil and materials
    – About 6 ships with a ice breaker thrown in waiting around the NW Passage which is not open.

    That’s it, promised a rock concert and all we get is a middle school dance with about two dozen vessels racing the clock with supplies to remote places before the Sun sets.

    According to The Guardian, a polar route saves 18 days and 180K-300K Euros per trip…you would think they shipping industry would be filling up those lanes fast at that rate! Instead there are 16 ships transiting the Panama Canal right now. Stupid shipping companies.

    • Psalmon says:

      Denmark is poised I guess to collect tolls on the Arctic Marine Superhighway though…because as Business Insider reported four years ago:

      “The Arctic is Open for Business.”

      Denmark is poised to pocket literally…HUNDREDS of Krone over the next decades. Seriously. Cha Ching! Way to go Denmark!

    • Jim Hunt says:

      Hoorah! Someone’s arrived who has some idea of how to use MarineTraffic!!

      Welcome to the party Psalmon.

      For a more detailed analysis of the Northwest Passage prospects for Dogbark et al. please see:

      “The central section between Bellot Strait and Gjoa Haven and/or Cambridge Bay is still chock a block”

      • Disillusioned says:

        Psalmon: “That’s it, promised a rock concert and all we get is a middle school dance with about two dozen vessels racing the clock with supplies to remote places before the Sun sets.”

        The Great White Con Man: “Hoorah! Someone’s arrived who has some idea of how to use MarineTraffic!!”


      • R Shearer says:

        200 miles or so separate the Bellot Straight and Gjoa Haven. The “central” section of the route between them is a hundred miles or so across (Larsen Sound) .

        Jim’s word comprehension and/or integrity problem is shown again. The GW Con posts a drone picture of 6 sail boats within a few hundred meters of each other in ice free water near shore.

        • Jim Hunt says:

          I guess you didn’t bother to follow my link and see the images? Whilst there you might possibly have been able to read these words too?

          “The central section between Bellot Strait and Gjoa Haven and/or Cambridge Bay is still chock a block”.

          It seems that we can agree on something at least?!

          • Louis Hooffstetter says:

            Ji: I followed your link. Interesting web site. I was especially intrigued by the last two sentences posted there:

            “Meanwhile the Canadian icebreaker CCGS Amundsen has sailed past Arctic Bay and Resolute. I cannot help but wonder what vessels might be closely following in his wake?”

          • Jim Hunt says:

            Thank you for your kind words Louis.

            Such things are few and far between in here, I can assure you!

            Here’s the latest Amundsen update for you. In open water once again and heading for Cambridge Bay by the look of it.

          • spike55 says:

            Larsen 1944.

            Still FAR MORE sea ice than at basically any time through the first 9000 years of the Holocene.

            Or are you going to continue to be the COWARDLY SLIMY TROLL, and DENY that fact.

            If its on the BIG CON misinformation site, NOBODY will bother looking at it.

            Are you really THAT DESPERATE for visitors?


          • Jim Hunt says:

            Apparently Louis bothered looking at it, and found it to be an “Interesting web site”.

            “Intriguing” even!

          • spike55 says:

            Desperate Jimbo.

            Are you EVER going to do the TRUTHFUL thing and admit Arctic sea ice levels are higher than basically ALL the first 9000 years o the Holocene.

            Until you put the whole truth, instead of just the AGW scam truth on your web site, it is nothing but propaganda and a CON.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            I think you’ll find that cities like London, New York and Dhaka weren’t around during “basically ALL the first 9000 years of the Holocene”.

          • spike55 says:

            RUN and HIDE from the truth , little troll.

            You cannot let the facts get contaminate your brain-hosed mind, can you Jimbo.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            You want the truth?


            The Holocene ( /ˈhɒləˌsiːn, ˈhoʊ-/) is the current geological epoch. It began approximately 11,650 cal years before present, after the last glacial period.

            Please remind me. How many “cal years before present” was New York founded?

          • spike55 says:

            WILFUL DENIAL from Jimbo the troll.

            FAR less sea ice for any time before the LIA

            Come on Jimbo,

            Stop RUNNING AWAY from the TRUTH

          • spike55 says:

            Jimbo is saying that NONE of the MUCH LOWER SEA ICE EXTENT of the first 9000 or so years of the interglacial, was down to humans.

            Its almost as though he is ADMITTING that the world is still very much in a cold period of the Holocene.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            I suppose it’s true to say that New York was founded during the Little Ice Age.

            When sea levels were lower than they are today?

          • spike55 says:

            Pathetic attempt at distraction from ADMITTING the FACTS, Jimbo

            you really are such a COWARD of a troll. !!

          • spike55 says:

            NO massive UHI warming the scammers can smear all over the place during those much warmer periods, was there Jimbo-coward-troll..

            CO2 was much lower too.


            its all you have left.

    • R Shearer says:

      Nice synopsis Psalmon. Perhaps we each could bring a song to the dance to be played.

      Bob Seger’s “Still the Same” would be appropriate, as there is more ice in the Arctic now than there has been for most of the present inter-glacial, and the leftists still lie.

  9. Tim says:

    Be very careful looking at SAR imagery – it is NOT like looking at conventional photography. You are basically looking at radar returns,which means smooth, newer ice will not look the same as older, rough ice. So the stark contrast between the whiter icy-looking areas and darker watery-looking areas may not actually show a relationship between ice free water and ice cover but instead the relationship between open water, newer ice and older ice. The scale of the SAR image compared to the ice coverage map blurs the apparent relationship too. I was a photogrammetric cartographer with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (formerly run by James Clapper of recent notoriety) for over 30 years, so I have spent a bit of time looking at various types of imagery and sensors.

    • Jim Hunt says:

      Thanks for the tip Tim, but strangely enough I’m aware of all that. Are you also familiar with sea ice models?

      Let’s double check by taking a look at another sort of imagery then shall we. How about passive microwaves?

      • spike55 says:

        Gees, looks like DMI is pretty spot on.

        Passive microwave is missing some of the really thin stuff though, but that would make SFA difference to the volume.

        Thanks for showing how good DMI charts are, Jimbo.

  10. Jim Hunt says:

    It seems summer has followed Helen Czerski et al. back to the North Pole:

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