$3.5 Billion To Eliminate A Life-Giving Substance

Biden Administration Launches $3.5 Billion Program To Capture Carbon Pollution From The Air | Department of Energy

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  1. Paul Marks says:

    This campaign is even in Japan. Only a couple of days ago I watched (via the wonders of the internet) a Japanese man ranting that other Japanese did not understand the terrible pollution in Japan, saying what bad people they were and so on. At first I did not understand what he meant – after all Japanese cities are vastly less polluted than they were decades ago, the air quality is much better. Then it hit me – he meant C02, this is what he regarded as pollution and he showed real hatred of the Japanese people for, according to him, not acting on his belief. As for the People’s Republic of China (which produces vastly more C02 than Japan) – he did not say one word about them, and neither do the other “activists” round the world.

    It does not make sense – they claim to be incredibly worried about C02 (which previous generations of humans has regarded as beneficial – not harmful) yet they totally ignore the major producer of C02 – the People’s Republic of China.

    • Disillusioned says:

      It does not make sense – they claim to be incredibly worried about C02 (which previous generations of humans has regarded as beneficial – not harmful) yet they totally ignore the major producer of C02 – the People’s Republic of China.

      They are not ignoring China. In 2015, Barry signed an agreement with Xi Jinping to allow exactly what is happening. While committing the U.S. to draconian cutbacks, Barry gave China a 15-year green light at full-steam ahead, after which in 2030 the honorable People’s Republic would – of course – dutifully honor their agreement with the U.S. to begin cutting their emissions at that time.

      I agree that that seem to fit with a genuine concern over the idea that CO2 emissions are so terribly harmful that they must be immediately cut back. But, it fits beautifully with the UN Agenda 2030 and the global effort to break the backs of western nations.

  2. MGJ says:

    A piffling $3.5 billion? That almost an insult nowadays. It sounds to me as though brain-dead Biden might be soft on Climate Change.

  3. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    America last!

  4. Sean Galbally says:

    Man made CO2 does not affect the climate. 90% of greenhouse gases consist of water vapour and clouds. Just 0.04 % is CO2 which is saturated anyway and can hardly absorb any more heat. The climate is primarily affected by the sun. There is much evidence that we are entering a period of cooling any way. Carbon Dioxide is a good gas, essential to life and crops. Evidence enough to ditch the stupid Cop 26 decision to support Net Zero which causes abject poverty and absolutely nothing positive. We should use fossil fuels while we develop the best alternative energy source. There is no hurry, there is no climate crisis. We have been duped by the alarmists.

  5. Greg Raven says:

    This is part of the progressive war on trees. First they eliminated plastic bags (so much for “save a tree”), supposedly because of COVID concerns. Now they are trying to replace trees with machines. Of course, after chopping up all the birds in their wind machines, maybe we won’t need trees anyway.

  6. Ray Ball says:

    Biden’s attempt at carbon capture is a total waste of money and time. Geological history indicates that carbon reached approximately 7000 ppm with the only result that plants and animal life flourished. Our current 400 ppm is a long way from 7000 ppm. Carbon is necessary for life; without it we die.
    Climate change is a fact of life; it has always changed, and there is nothing we can do to make it stop. There are so many factors beyond those on Earth that affect our climate that we cannot accurately model our climate change with time.

  7. AV says:

    Here in Australia we have our federal election today. I went down to my polling venue and was overwhelmed by greens and other environmental extremist parties.
    I decided to challenge them by some solid debate on the value of CO2 to our greening planet and the lack of warming over the last decade.
    I was overwhelmed with trashy talk about cherry picking facts and that I needed to go and do some “actual” research . I retorted with some facts from Tony Heller’s incontrovertible data collected from reputable agency’s. They quickly struggled to keep up as they just resorted back to the death of us all if we don’t end CO2 emissions asap.
    So a bit of excitement at the polls but if you all check the Australian election results tomorrow its most likely the climate dooms-daters of Labor and Liberal along with lots of green extremists will still be in power.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      To quote the Australian Greens election slogan: “Vote climate; Vote Green”!
      And yet, as soon as you quote some REAL facts, or some REAL data, you become “A denier”!

      Oh no! We can’t have nasty facts interfere with a good story!

      The late un-lamented Herr Doktor Josef Goebbels would have been so thrilled to have the propaganda tools available today ….

    • Peter Carroll says:

      Exactly. All they have is a head full of slogans. A classic example is a sister-in-law. She believes that, “emissions”, are destroying the upper atmosphere.
      She didn’t even know what these, “emissions” actually were, what they gases contained. She is firmly convinced that the, “climate has changed drastically”, despite me showing there has been no change in the climate in the last 60+ years.
      A whole generation now, has swallowed the continuous climate change propaganda.

  8. Daniel Smeal says:

    It has become clearly evident that Biden and his cronies are attempting to destroy our country. This action confirms it.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I am not sure about what the puppet knows, or wants. He reads lines handed to him, and signs documents when told to sign them. OTOH, his handlers – yeah, they know – they are pushing toward 2030 one-world governance.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    Carbon pollution is what the re-breathers (Covid masks) cause. It’s not healthy to raise CO2 levels, and the moisture poses a risk for bacteria growing inside the mask, which is then being breathed into the lungs.

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