My Temperature Record Presentation In Omaha

On Saturday I gave this presentation to the Doctors For Disaster Preparedness in Omaha, Nebraska. A great group of very distinguished people and a fun town.

The presentation is long, but should prove to be a valuable resource in exposing the manipulation of data by government agencies.  At the end, I dedicated it to my good friend Dr. Bill Gray.

You can download the presentation here : Evaluating The Integrity Of Official Climate Records

We need to find someone in Congress strong enough to take this issue on. There is no reason for this scam to continue.

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101 Responses to My Temperature Record Presentation In Omaha

  1. Roger Roots says:

    Great video, Tony.

    Before this, you were something of a mystery man to me. I knew from your site’s content that you are an exceptional data analyst, but I didn’t know much about your background until this video.

    You are a godsend. A century from now your name will be widely known; while most of today’s insane “climate change” alarmist celebrities will have been forgotten.

    • tonyheller says:

      Thanks Roger! Much appreciated.

      • phil jones says:

        I watched the entire presentation… Consider highlighting the ridiculousness of the data manipulation more, with a sense of humor… Perhaps pose it as questions to the audience to make them think…

        1936 had far more 100 degree days… Did they NOT know how to measure temperature back then? Did they not have thermometers?? Etc..

    • michael hart says:

      I’ll second that.

      I knew just as little about you, Tony. Your speaking skills are good. I think you can rightfully claim to be a scientific heir of Bill Gray.

    • Allen Eltor says:

      Tony is the guy, whose name brand made so world famous, the scam regarding James Hansen and others with him, all paid government employees, spreading the FAKE DISINFORMATION that the STANDARD GAS LAWS/EQUATIONS

      don’t MATCH the probe instrument readings for vehicles that landed on VENUS.


      major plank
      of the fake green house effect claim

      is that there is a green house effect, both on Venus and earth: earth’s being some 30+ degrees, and Venus’ being many more degrees.

      The FAKE DISINFORMATION SPREAD by HANSEN and others is that

      when you use standard gas calculations to check temp on Venus, you come up with DIFFERENT temp than PROVEN by PROBE instruments.

      Well – Goddard or Tony Heller, got wind of this and decided to check the story.

      His now legendary blog posts have him independently checking the standard, (very simple, cause of gas’s simplistic nature) GAS EQUATIONS against those very probe recordings.

      Turns out – there’s not only no runaway but NO GREEN HOUSE on VENUS at ALL – as far as ‘green house effect’ or ‘green house gas effect.’

      I think he found out about it through hearing of the Carl Sagan authored, N.A.S.A. published paper in the Sept 1967 Astrophysics journal in volume (147 or 167 I don’t remember) pp. 730-731.

      In that paper Sagan had calculated the temp on venus using the proper mathematics including the compression mathematics missing,

      from all so-called ‘research’ being done on ‘green house effect.’

      Without removing the compression from compressible fluid mathematics of course, the temperatures match instrumental readings perfectly; on earth, on Venus, etc.

      All over earth we daily use gas equations and to solve temp you always must include the gas’s density, or it’s compression. How much you’ve compressed the gas is density… obviously… but… you gotta have some framework cause we never know who’s gonna be reading what we say, so..

      anyway Tony had seen or heard about this paper I think.

      He did two posts on this named ‘hyperventilating on venus’ and ‘venus envy’.

      When he did them he was going over the story and if you ever read these, GO LOOK in the COMMENTS as a

      Harvard physicist whose name is LUBOS MOTL comes trolling by,
      and IN the COMMENTS he says — something about yadaYaDaYewSoeDum, and finishes up with ”I’m going to take your work apart on my blog (the reference frame). I’m going to debunk you :)”

      Then go to Lubos’ blog the reference frame and there’s a post: ”the reference frame: hyperventilating on venus”
      and he goes through the (very simplistic) solving of temperature, in an atmospheric or gas mix, and concludes something along the line of ”you can tell everyone I say – no WE say – Goddard is right – there’s NO GREEN HOUSE EFFECT on Venus. ”

      To debunk magic gas hillbillies all you have to do is start shoving the laws of gas chemistry down their throat and DEMAND they show YOU the COMPRESSION PORTION of the PROPER MATHEMATICS along with the REST of it -another thing that proper atmospheric gas equations don’t do, is calculate each individual fraction as though it contains a different energy- the law of thermodynamics
      for solving temperature in gas mechanics – what you call gas chemistry –
      assigns every gas in a mix, identical energy, except one.
      That one
      is water.

      Tony’s posts, ‘hyperventilating on venus/venus envy’ are almost required reading if you aren’t an atmospheric and radiation specialist which I am, and have suitable experience and education to gauge whether his flawless work is good enough to recommend.

      Now – this is a big deal and Tony’s contribution to it all is a big deal; but there’s more. Tony’s a scientist so I’m pretty sure I can discuss atmospheric chemistry here and with it another name: Harry Huffman.

      Harry is a trained physicist of some kind, who at one time I think worked for the government, and he himself was aware keenly of the impossibility of there being an actual green house effect. (This has to do with the simplicity of the gas laws; they’re very diffuse so they conduct slower than a solid, the more you compress them the more their energy handling resembles a solid/liquid configuration, this sorta thing)

      So Harry Huffman, who is some kind of writer of books about patterns in the aging of the planet – he’s some kind of ‘this planet is terraformed by someone’ evolutionist where he attributes an intelligent species’ work to basically, arranging major components of the globe-

      he has a website where he discusses physics in relation to the highly regular lines of demarcation inherent to some geometry or other.

      ON this WEBSITE he’s got a fanTASTIC tutorial on GAS COMPRESSION MECHANICS and how – the word really is- ROBUSTLY they FORBID any green house effects’ existence,
      *through filling out precisely*
      *the temperature profiles of Earth, Venus, etc*
      *down to the c.a.l.c.u.l.a.t.e.d degree.*

      This is really, really important, if you are ever gonna understand, the green house gas scam. There is this claim that there is an ‘effect’ created and that it is warming of the planet.

      Even this is simply not possible. Now – here, I’m on my own merits, I started out, doing atmospherics for the aquarium/terrestrial exotic animals trade, studying and implementing proper atmospherics for everything from bacteria and fungi – to invertebrates, up through scaleless fish, advanced fish through amphibians reptiles, birds and mammals.

      There’s a LOT of atmospheric chemistry in the

      (1)natural environment you must/must NOT provide

      (2)natural RESPIRATORY environment critters process these available atmospheres through, creating various effects, both good and bad.

      You gotta understand the respiratory and atmospheric demands of all the pathogens for these creatures, ya see, so I started out about you know, 7 years old, working in this shop my folks had.

      From there it was on to working in the plant cloning nursery business and there’s some atmospherics in this but I really came into understanding more when I decided to become an electronic engineer. Radiation communications, wireless communications through the atmosphere, vacuum of space – this is the radiation communications business; along with the fiber infrared light field, where you use actual infrared light similar to that given off by earth & your tv remote – you load it up with intelligence then pick that back off of course.

      During this you have the handling of radiation, by things in the solid state, before you pass that radiation out over and into water, radiation going through weather of course is a well known characteristic of radios and all this wireless equipment video or not – these are radio type waves for the most part and only differ in the actual number of times per second the signal propagates off the radiating element; the antenna.

      So my own interest in these things was pretty intense as Hansen was about to testify before Congress wayyy back there in time.

      I was pondering applying to N.A.S.A. and was out pulling weeds in a field in the daytime, going to school at night; and I could of course think about engineering while I busied my hands, doing piecework in a plant cloning nursery. (Actually in my case the guy asked me to be the grass puller for the entire nursery because he could turn me loose in one corner of the place and I’d just pull grass with both hands like a robot, listening to NPR music and news, then go to school at night having done nothing but think about engineering because the work was highly visual, and highly vacuous in it’s nature; perfect for a chemist in a couple of fields, to brush up on the chemistry in a couple more)

      So one day, I’m out there and Nina Totenberg says ”Dr Hansen is gonna talk to Congress but he won’t talk to us. He said he’s too busy with his research to talk with us, so we went back over some recordings we have so we can familiarize yourself with the work of modern climate sciences and we have for you – I think you’ll find this quite interesting – a couple of interviews from when Dr Hansen was promoted to be the head of G.I.S.S. about (eight or nine) years ago.

      She put on TWO reporters
      ONE was a girl who referred to herself as a ”25 year old girl” who visited one of the NASA centers and asked about Hansen. SHE SAID EVERYBODY SAID HE WAS A SCAM ARTIST and that HIS WORK WAS a FRAUD and she said ”they were all REALLLY nice to ME, I was almost the only woman in the place except these other really buttoned down women who were the female versions of all these man, who all had short haircuts, and wore ties, and they ALL acted like they loved their work – and that it was important… and they said Dr Hansen was a fraud. That’s all they would say and I didn’t even know enough to ask much and when I did they all said they didn’t want to talk to me on any recording media but – they – they despised him, and they – all said he was a fraud.”

      Nina Totenberg thanked the reporter ‘girl’ and went to a different one


      and the part about how in PV = nRT, the ”R” assigns ALL the GASES in a MIX the IDENTICAL ENERGY with a single exception, water, due to it’s high loading hydrogen S orbital electrons taking on a large amount of energy before having to start dumping energy. It holds a lot of heat or entangled photonic energy before it changes temperature.

      So HE EXPLAINED this in DETAIL on N.P.R. while I was out there in that field in the daytime listening, going to radiation communications school at night to ostensibly at that time, apply at NASA. I didn’t work for NASA I worked for several independent communications outfits, but I most certainly never forgot what the guy said, because it was related to stuff I already knew quite a lot about, and there’s another element to this- the

      computer fraud part.

      Hansen’s fraud was twofold, he altered records and vanished temperature checking sites, but he also did this fake computer fraud modeling, wherein he

      calculated the temperature of the earth,
      leaving out the COMPRESSION PART of GAS MATH
      and said the resulting temperature differential was magical gas, and that the laws of thermodynamics were actually potentially altering before ‘our’ eyes and all this other bullshit.

      Well – the guy, pointed out something else I’ll paraphrase – somebody really needs to find these two interviews that were on NPR way back in 88 or 89, I think it ran in my area in about June of the year Hansen and Angry Bird testified before congress… he said ”We at NASA understand computer modeling of climate, we INVENTED IT for our ORBITALS. One of the PRIMARY EXPENSES of space travel is that when the very limited weather forecasts line up for your flight to be possible, everyone goes on overtime for weeks.”

      Another thing he did constantly was refer to Hansen’s ”PROGRAMMER FRIENDS” who KNEW their WORK was ALL BASED in FRAUD.

      Obviously there are many different ways you can check these people who discuss the chemistry fraud of there being any kind of green house gas effect at all.

      One of the ones I personally came up with was the nature of the heat released from earth’s surface – that light – and it’s effect on the fields of land based optical and infrared astronomy.

      You see in all history, optical astronomy was limited almost entirely by one thing only: the light emitted from earth, warmed air which makes the air turbulent and it makes images waiver. This is called SCINTILLATION: aka
      twinkling of the stars overhead.
      Now, in about 1989, a group figured out how to warp the mirrors of telescopes in a rhythmical manner such that they could take a long string of photos, and then when they composite overlay them, the smallest photo that comes from this – is the region of least change in absolute terms. It’s a real good approximation of the star and in fact since then,

      this is how all the best ones (optical scopes) are put together – there’s some method of having many mirrors or warping the mirrors that exist, and the capacity to remove these optical deformities gets real, REAL high. In fact,

      this capacity to digitally meld the work of many mirrors is one aspect and the capacity to alter the mirrors is one aspect, but together, these two concepts threw the land based astronomy field very, very far forward.

      All this is computer controlled. Why, hasn’t somebody, in the last -nearly 30 years minimum but why has no one EVER simply gone, and gotten the photos of the sky at the same time of the year, same place, in some cycle or other – grandpa’s scope given to dad now the grandkids, the national looking glass of Whereveria – why hasn’t anyone gotten the photos of the skies changing, through the decades, due to the e.v.e.r. rising atmospheric i.n.f.r.a.r.e.d?

      Because it isn’t r.i.s.i.n.g.

      The definition of it rising
      is the temperature of the troposphere rising right along with it.

      That’s HOW the temperature of the troposphere would RISE at night. Well- it’s how you’ll DETECT more HEAT in the air at night.

      Furthermore there’s the fact that this is the class light, emitted by a stereo or ceiling/floor fan/television remote.

      If there were a REAL urge to get the REAL public involved instead of the SCAM platform parasites who use it – you wouldn’t be able to get online without reading about the NEW world wide cooperative program for everyone to set their cellphones/sensors/cords near the window at night,
      and everyone together,
      mayzhur ‘at’Tair,
      Backerdistical Backerdism,
      called Magic Made thuh SKY git Hot. Ya’W.

      Further; there is the factual reality even the most sophisticated liar can’t get around if you don’t let him: there’s no such thing, (we’re talking to everyone under the sun at every conceivable education level so they can talk back to these hillbillies)
      as a fire,
      warming a stone,
      that’s in a vacuum –

      then immersing the rock into FRIGID turbulent fluid GAS
      to make it WARMER
      than when it got full sunlight to thermalize-
      and WASN’T being WASHED with the FRIGID FLUID
      the temperature of which being COLDER than the planet at large-

      constitutes an additional mass, dumping the sunlight thermalized.

      When you have a primary or initial object warmed through thermalizing light,

      -when it’s a rock warmed by a fire the color of our sun,

      then you have a mass, don’t ya. And when you’re irradiating this thing with firelight and no atmosphere to kick any out, absorb any on the way in, pull any off through conduction cooling, you get full light to the rock,

      minimal modes of energy removal from it, so you have, what? You have

      maximum possible energy densities on this rotating rock, because if you

      add an atmosphere it

      kicks some out,
      it absorbs some,
      it takes some off conduction cooling wise – like say, swishing a can of beer in cold water – or blowing it with cold air –

      and this
      surface energy density,
      through firstly absorbing some,
      secondly kicking some out to space,
      and third, conduction removing it, like – hey – blowing a sun warmed rock with cold air by spinning the rock while it’s immersed in that frigid fluid gas bath.

      So you can see here that there’s absolute demand that you the citizen not be allowed to even question the government employees who said they bought it being real to stop their political and scientific leadership from getting arrested.

      See it doesn’t matter that there is some compression cooling that comes with the atmosphere’s real existence, THAT WARMING STILL LEAVES the ATMOSPHERE MUCH COLDER

      And YOU can’t WASH
      and make it WARMER than if it got MORE light to thermalize
      and had FEWER MODES of REMOVING what ARRIVED.

      So at any level you take this, the Magic Gas Quack Brigade is in INSTANTLY dire straits.
      It’s such a gigantic fraud the sole resort is to simply silence you speaking to people who claim THEY SENSE it to be REAL SEEMING SCIENCE.

      It’s not even INTUITIVELY real, the educated public has been SCAMMED:

      by James Hansen,
      by Gavin Schmidt,
      by Michael Mann,
      by Tom Wigley,
      by Phil Jones,
      and by several more people directly related to scamming the grants in the initial, magic gas makes the sky hot, computer programming scam.

      Peace, chemists.

      Oh and there’s something else about this, you need to have in mind, when you’re looking the climate thing over: actually, two things.

      There’s the disastrous Phil Jones admission he had been scamming warming since 1998 in his email to scientist John Christy, that had him being forced to admit in his devastating Feb 2010 BBC Don’t Go To Jail Interview, that he was scamming temperatures since 1995; not 1998 – although later it was admitted he’d meant 1998 and was on tranquilizers because he was looking at potentially facing prison.

      The Phil Jones/Michael Mann/Kevin Trenberth/John Christie email circuit is something you should understand better along with something called the HarryReadMe.txt file which was some notes taken by a guy writing climate programs at the place Jones – the world’s #1 climate record keeper and climatologist touting Magic Gais Ya’W Warming-

      And you need to understand about a couple of guys from Ireland. See I know atmospheric chemists and if they’re real because I am one. And all of us biological marine chemists are also atmospheric chemists because the chemistry of gases inside all marine life is nothing short of the MOST critical aspect of their living system. They can be choked out by the most mean and diverse list of potential toxins, and they have their capacity to do everything limited by these environmental conditions mediated by water: and so many gases interact and dissolve in water, there are air spaces inside these creatures’ bodies, they are highly diverse and complex obviously –
      these two guys from Ireland are known as the Connolly family and they started a private organization called the Ireland National Aquarium, that was a big tourist attraction for some years there.

      You need to read – and listen their website is just an almost impenetrable analyst’s delight of links and crosslinks so what you just need to do is start where THEY say, start HERE.
      There’s a big disclaimer about don’t hurt us we’re just scientists, we aren’t calling names, we aren’t drunk/adolescent/jealous, we’re explaining what we found, when we took apart, MODERN CLIMATE MODELS.

      These two guys especially are a couple of chemistry champions, chemistry teachers, and programming champions and in case you haven’t ever heard someone talk about what a climate model looks like – basically climate models look like drunks tried to program fake physics and made a novelty toy that it takes about fifteen minutes to sum up or overview, than another forty to take you through step one, step two, to the point where the thing yells ”and THAT’S how MAGIC makes the SKY git HOT! Ya’W!”

      Those guys’ word, is a much more organized and orderly way of explaining

      (1)what atmospheric instrumentation even is

      (2)what makes some atmospheric instrumentation extremely reliable and dependable

      (3)why magic gas scammers avoid and and lie, saying it has HUGE problems as that hack thermobilly hick Hansen used to say.

      You can take a few nights to read it but those guys can explain gas chemistry to you in such way that you’re gonna feel like you are having a lot of sense made of an entire realm of lying, public employee, scamming bullshtters’ fraud.

      It doesn’t quite make you a gas chemist but you can bet the rest of those Magic Gas places can’t find someone to name for you the law of thermodynamics for solving temperature in gas chemistry.

      Anyway: Peace Chemists.

      You tell people as much of all this as you can remember, everywhere you go. Educate yourself. The government taught you that pot is like heroin, man made the ozone hole, and magic gas makes the sky get hot so you owe people money because you used fire.

      You’re being scammed and you need to remember all these different methods of trimming the bullshitting scammers who present it as real gas mechanics, because it’s not.

      Green House Gas Garbage is REAL atmospheric mathematics
      with all the COMPRESSION taken out.
      The RESULTANT 30+ degree difference
      is claimed to be due to magic gases,

      being colder than the rock they wash
      making it hotter than when they didn’t wash heat off the rock
      with the cold fluid bath, the atmospheric gas mix comprises.

      • Allen Eltor says:

        Sorry for the word ‘orbitals’ instead of orbits and other errors, I came to loathe science blogging so much it actually changed how much I’ll invest in any given post.

        This is a government scam that is going to need to have it’s more intricate framework made available to the minds of a VAST cross section of people.

        We don’t need more people who can get chased into circles by fake chemists, we need more people who can chase fake chemists into circles and wear their fraudulent asses out.

        And so you’re going to have to learn, to memorize and dispense a lot of language at a lot of different technical levels, and helping get rid of the scams that go on like this is an excellent way to teach yourself a science, because the guys telling the truth, -they’ll all be giving you essentially, a similar story, and it’ll all click with whatever you already know.

        For instance have you ever had an aquarium or had a basic refrigeration class?

        Gases, have a lot of degrees of physical freedom, in they can expand and contract, and also climb upward against gravity.

        The inversion of this is that the number of laws that delimits how it acts, is small; and you just need to know, a COUPLE of FACTS about it to find out temperature.

        The frequency light is never mentioned in solving temperature because that’s a function of the distance the atomic nuclei stay from each other.

        Temp, of course is a function of all the energy, in all the orbitals, and how much can be contained before no more can be taken in without giving some back out etc.

        Trying to not intimidate people about gas mechanics can be kinda difficult and all I can say to you is this: people, who are damned good gas mechanics guys, come from fields as standard and lowly as the air conditioning, and exotic pets and plants fields. Particularly pets with their highly sensitive systems utilizing components dissolved in water, are sensitive to atmospheric realities.

        I mentioned radiation through water above in some glazed over error in train of thought, I caught that, too. I was trying to sorta throw together a post that was extremely information dense, for the widest possible number of readers, from the widest possible number of educational backgrounds.

        Gas energy mechanics, is NOT difficult. All you have to remember is that compressible fluids (gas, and also foams) have a set of rules that is completely commensurate with every single air conditioning scheme, every car motor you ever started, every fan that ever blew heat onto or off something – these laws are all around you all the time, and there is a big body of actual, rigorously regulated schemes around the planet, operating nearly flawlessly under these simple, SIMPLE rules, for vapors, gases, compressible fluids,

        and then there are the handling characteristics of things after they lose so much energy they change form into some more dense state: solid, liquid.

        These states of condensed matter are several hundred times smaller and, more dense than gases and while it’s true that it’s hard to get a handle on all chemistry without some training, you can get a lot of it straight in your own mind by simply reading and thinking about compressible fluids and how the

        density of the compressible fluid
        critical to knowing the total energy held.

        It’s critical to solving temperature and it’s this very compression

        which fraudulent pseudo science removes from the mathematics regarding the atmosphere and gas mixes.

        There are a whole LOT of irregularities including the one I mentioned, refusing to use the standard atmospheric calculations at all, when possible, so as to deviate as far as possible, from the highly accurate, SIMPLE gas calculations showing you and anyone else clearly: it’s ALL fraud.

        word of green house gas warming gibberish
        is fraudulent.

  2. Steve Case says:

    I’m on an IPad in the North woods, so it wil have to wait ’til Friday. But thank you in advance for all you do.

  3. Joseph says:


    Fantastic presentation. In regards to the last question/comment in the video – I’ve been reading your stuff since I was 21 (29 now) and there are many others my age who can see right through this global warming non-sense.

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    I just finished watching, Tony. I know most of the material from your blog but I still enjoyed the whole thing. I think you nailed it. This was the most effective presentation of the things I saw you do . Relaxed, good-humored, well documented, showing you know your stuff. Just the right mix to keep the audience engaged.

    It will earn you extra hostility from “all the right-thinking people”. What more can a man wish for?

    A minor “misspeak” I noticed at 24:02:

    “… looks to me like they are losing a lot of rural data and homogenizing in warmer urban data so that they are creating all these urban stations which don’t exist and so when they lose the rural data the—you know—urban data gets replaced with, then, and it’s created the warming trend since 1990.”

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      “… the—you know—urban data gets replaced with …”

      When I look at my own transcript I realize it can be read both ways. Anyway, I think the audience understood from the context correctly what you were saying.

  5. Murray Lane says:

    Hello Tony
    I have just finished viewing your presentation.
    I agree entirely with the comments by Roger Roots.
    I love your blog, please continue to post your data.
    The sceptics will get their day – it has started with Brexit.
    Thanks for all you do…
    Murray Lane NZ

  6. Jack Striker says:

    Ted Cruz fought for science pretty damn well. I wouldn’t have wanted him as president, but he can still somewhat redeem himself with this.

  7. Eliza says:

    Very important presentation members of congress should watch this with view to legal action

  8. Robertv says:

    Have you noticed if these Doctors For Disaster Preparedness are preparing for an eventual democratic win in the rigged presidential election ?
    It seems to me that a lot of them can’t be found in the Hillary camp and therefore should be worried about a fascist America.

    • Robertv says:

      “The presentation is long”

      It was way too short but exposed how corrupt/evil those in power are. The problem is that the climate scam is just a small part of their power grab program.

  9. Barry Cullen says:


  10. Travis Casey says:

    Thank you for the presentation, Tony.

  11. AndrewS says:

    Very Excellent presentation! The Geology background is essential for a more thorough understanding of climate change cycles over time. This is what is lacking from the general public knowledge regarding AGW, CAGW, Climate Change, or whatever the heck they’re calling it now. – they always seem to alter the name of the catastrophe when the circumstances slide out of their favour, along with altering the data – Nice to see new inroads being made into the alarmist fantasy. I look forward to viewing more rational presentations like this in the future. -Andrew

  12. TA says:

    Thanks, Tony, great presentation. Your bio is very impressive. I’m glad you included that.

  13. Bruce D'Amours says:

    Absolutely wonderful presentation, and I thank you very much for taking the time to update your Blog, because I don’t have Twitter! It’s frustrating that government officials can traffic the data and openly lie like this with impunity.

  14. R. de Haan says:

    Congratulations, you have performed a great presentation.

    But besides that you have exposed AL Gore as the head of a criminal conspiracy for personal gain and fame. For this he abused his position as VP to weave his net of deceit. Two priorities come to mind as many countries still have to ratify of the Paris Climate agreement.

    1. plaster this the video of your presetation all over the grid.
    2. Revoke your friend Bill Gray and all other scientists and activists who’s lives have been bashed and rail roaded by Gore and bring this scam artist behind bars.

    As you might know I also have a Twitter account and I will post a you tube link wherever I can.

  15. lance says:

    Great work Tony, started watching last night, and finished up today at lunch. It is truly amazing to talk to people and just how LITTLE they know about weather and climate, but what they get from the LSM and that is the sad part.

    I give people who I talk to your site and others as a starting point to get the ‘other’ side of the discussion so that they are not lead down the BS path by our politicians and media…
    As always, keep up the great work.


  16. I posted a link on my site to your piece which I saw on Principia Scientific

    thx for what you do.

  17. NancyG22 says:

    Great presentation!

    I was so engrossed I couldn’t believe how fast the time went. Bookmarking it to show to others.

  18. Matt says:

    Great presentation, facts brought over in a relaxed and at times funny way, making a strong case especially because you are just working with “their” data. Good job, Tony.

    Warm regards from Chile,


  19. Rud Istvan says:

    Just to add my congratulations. Excellent talk.
    If you give it again elsewhere you might want to add one more chart, the state by state differences between Drd964x (2013) and new nClim Div (2014). I illustrated California, Michigan, and Maine, but gave the state summaries for CONUS in the text. Maine before and after the ‘new and improved’ version makes a lovely slide for you because both old 2013 and new 2014 results are in the new (NOAA labeled) display format. Copyright reuse permission granted in advance. Essay When Data Isn’t in ebook Blowing Smoke.

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Tony, get me some email coordinates and I will send you the .jpeg of the Maine example from the ebook. You might even want to make it a post here. No where else is it available in that damning form in the blogosphere. Joe D’Aleo of Weatherbell Analytics was the guy who was lucky enough to accidentally capture the Maine before screen shot in the after display format. I pieced the final comparison together with detailed explanatory captions using his before and my after.

  20. OrganicFool says:

    A prophet is one who speaks the truth.

  21. Great presentation – I watched it all and enjoyed it a lot. :)

    That graph of yours, showing linear relationship between adjustments and CO2 will become historic. Keep up the good work.

  22. Andy DC says:

    Hi Tony,

    Listened to the entire video, which was excellent. I believe that your presentations cannot be shot down, because everything you said was backed by facts that are readily available to anyone who is diligent enough to search them out.

    Since they can’t kill the message, which is entirely based on fact, the only other tactic they can employ is to kill the messenger through character assassination. Namely that you a tool of big oil, that you don’t have the right credentials, that you are standing in the way of the desperate action that is needed to save the planet, that you have in the past been a troublemaker at other sites.

    You should wear their defamation attacks and character assassination as a badge of honor, that shows you have stuck multiple nerves with your hard work and great presentations. I am hoping that Trump will rely on your advise concerning climate matters. Your strength is through simplicity as you relate very well to non scientists and lay people. You know I will be rooting for your regardless of which path you choose.


  23. Thanks for a brilliant presentation which I will disseminate widely Nicholas Tesdorf

  24. ItsGettingHotinHereSo says:

    I thought this was more compelling and informative than “Climate Hustle”.

    Really well done.

    I have been using “Pulling Back the Curtain” to analyze the North Carolina temperatures and precipitation. They can’t adjust precipitation but they have ginned up the Extreme Downpours myth (which you debunked).

    You will go down as a true scientist, the man who pulled back the curtain. Keep up the good work.

  25. MrX says:

    That was a really good presentation. The temperature adjustment section was really well done (so was everything else, but that part really stood out IMO).

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  27. dave says:

    Great presentation; the climate change crowd fails to recognize severe weather in the past; the heat wave of 1936 caused mass exodus of farmers out of the plains and we complain when two states have a drought. there were six major hurricanes to hit the east coast between 1954 and 1962 one had hurricane force winds at every east coast state Florida to maine

  28. RAH says:

    Due to a heavy work schedule I just finally had a chance to watch this video.
    My annual contribution is due and will be sent ASAP.
    I wrote a while back when you were recovering from a bout of illness that what doesn’t kill you will generally make you stronger. Looks to me that old saw has once again been proven correct.
    Thanks so much Tony for what you do and what you keep doing.

  29. RAH says:

    “We need to find someone in Congress strong enough to take this issue on. There is no reason for this scam to continue.”

    The only way I see that happening is to eliminate the RINO establishment leadership. With Ryan and McConnell calling the shots, nothing substantive can be done in congress on this. Perhaps if Trump is elected something can happen because as president he will have the ability to change out the “scientists” that are supporting the fraud in government agencies and end funding for the fraudsters at private institutions that are getting government funding. When the gravy train ends the private Institution of supporting cast fraudsters like Hayho, Dessler, and Mann will lose the power they have at their institutions. As you have demonstrated better than anyone else, when the executive and his/her agents act ruthlessly, they can make both public and private institutions change their tune.

    • Tom Anderson says:

      Lamarr Smith, R. Texas, is investigating now. Trey Gowdy, R. South Carolina? A brilliant prosecuting attorney.

      • tonyheller says:

        I have presented all this stuff to Lamar Smith’s staff. Totally disagree though about Trey Gowdy.

        • Lone Gunman says:

          Couldn’t agree more on Gowdy!! He’s been a real disappointment to me and many others I know especially when he rubber stamped the Boehner/Ryan “Establishment” agenda! That and the Benghazi “investigation” has/was a complete joke IMHO!

        • gallopingcamel says:

          Gowdy is a big disappointment. Where’s the beef?

      • RAH says:

        They can do what ever they want in their committees to expose but little to actually force change. Real substantive change can only come through acts of the whole congress and for a bill to even get to the floor so that heads are actually counted the leadership has to allow it.

  30. jack b :-) says:

    Impressive and informative. No better combination. I’m guessing your extemporaneous speaking engagements are just as good. ;-)

  31. Pops says:

    Excellent work, Tony. You should send a link to Trump’s campaign HQ; he might invite you over for a chat.

  32. Impressive presentation. Just crossed the line in my own research, which intersects with this. I just posted a white paper, and I hope you will take a look. Thanks for all you have put forward.

  33. geran says:

    Tony, I watched the entire speech. Most impressive. Well done.

    And, you didn’t even say “CO2 produces warming” once!

    Progress is good.

    And, I especially appreciated the pace. Not so fast the audience could not follow, but not so slow as to be boring. You provided a lot of information, in an interesting and entertaining package.

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  35. GW says:

    Tony, have you tried presenting this to Senstors Cruz and/or Inhoffe ?

    • tonyheller says:

      I’ve presented it to Inhofe’s staff. I talk to Lamar Smith’s staff regularly. Ted used one of the graphs in a Senate hearing.

  36. CheshireRed says:

    Tony hits the mark yet again.
    It’s the total lack of hyperbole and rhetoric that drives this presentation home so well. Facts, traceable (and therefore comparable) figures, official data-sets and independent media coverage are simply set out before the viewer – who with their own eyes can reach the only possible conclusion any fair-minded person would reach. Simple, clear, devastating. No sales pitch, no pushy agenda, no politics, just the facts. It’s as damning as it’s possible to get. In a courtroom this evidence would be utterly devastating.

  37. Cynthia Maher says:

    Thank you for this video / slide presentation. This is a good method to share a complete story. If you decide to continue with your site, I suggest you change your style like this, rather than what you have done in the past.
    Why I say this:
    I don’t generally visit your blog because it is confusing to me. This despite the fact that climate change study is my hobby. Your site must be even more confusing to people who do not have this as a hobby.

  38. mddwave says:

    Great presentation!

    One question: Any thoughts on the cause of the heat wave in 1936?

  39. mddwave says:

    So with extremely dry conditions, most of United States in 1936 was dry like the Sahara? With essentially no moisture, there was nothing to temper heat from the summer heat.

    Was there a really unique jet stream pattern with the drought?

    Was there an increase in the TSI? Was it measured then?

  40. PSF says:

    I really enjoyed your presentation.

    I am looking for links to various temperature databases. In particular, the ones you use for the graphs in your presentation (daily high and low temperatures, both adjusted and unadjusted) for Pittsburgh (in particular, but for multiple US cities).

    Also, hourly temperatures for Pittsburgh (and surrounding stations) so that time of day bias can be calculated and compared.

    Of course, I want all data to have as much history as possible. Is there a one-stop-shop for links to online temperature datasets, talking about the limitations and strengths of the various records?

    • ItsGettingHotinHereSo says:

      Go to

      You can analyze raw, adjusted for tobs and adjusted data for a given location.

      Also download Tony’s tool, “Pulling Back the Curtain”. Use search on this site to find it.

      Lots of other data sets out there.

  41. Gail Combs says:

    Congradulations, Tony

  42. oeman50 says:

    Good stuff, Tony. Your low-key presentation gives me a good example to follow when having conversations about CAGW with people who know they are right and tend to get confrontational. Just stick to the (real) data. They still will accuse me of being a shill due to my profession, but what else can you do but…stick to the data.

  43. John Goetz says:

    You were part of the 604 team? I was part of the 615 team (which never reached market). That means I had experience with x86 and PowerPC processors as well.

    • tonyheller says:

      Your name sounds very familiar. Somerset 1992-1994

      • John Goetz says:

        I was one of the 615 architects, responsible for mode switching. Spent time prior to that on the x86 clones that came out of IBM BTV. Made a number of trips to Somerset in that time frame. Loved visiting Austin for the cuisine, but hated the traffic. Had the global warming skeptic conversion in 2005 when I started thought experiments on measuring temperatures and averaging over time and space.

  44. Pingback: The Religious Mind and Confirmation Bias | Louis Hissink's Crazy World

  45. Owing to teaching commitments I did not have time to view this video until today. Awesome!

    I learned that you are an engineer/scientist. That may explain why I have enjoyed your blog so much over the last few years. My field is lasers/fiber optics:

    I also learned that you are a great speaker with a (devastating) low key sense of humor. I have never been able to pull that off but I am working on it.

    You are into microcircuits and related technology that overlaps to some extent with my laser/streak camera activities. For example I delivered high speed cameras (2 ps resolution in 1972) to Sandia Laboratories. My swan song was the world’s brightest gamma ray source:

    The heart of the HIGS (High Intensity Gamma Source) is the OK4 (Optical Klystron #4) borrowed from the BINP (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) in Novosibirsk, part of a Russian directed energy weapon from the Gorbachev/Reagan era. More recently the BINP delivered the OK5 which produces circularly polarized gamma rays at energies up to 100 MeV.

  46. just a thought says:

    Solid evidence well presented with nothing extraneous.

    Very good to see you are continuing to so very thoroughly expose the criminal subversion of one of America’s critical assets by malicious and incompetent hacks.

    I hope you are able to keep that up, and successfully build on it. It’s too important to leave to chance.

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  48. TimiBoy says:

    Where are the trolls?

  49. Don B says:

    Excellent job, Tony.

  50. Marty says:

    This talk is gaining a lot of traction Tony. Good job

  51. Marty says:

    Nice tribute to Bill at the end too, a great man.

  52. Aphan says:

    Very impressive! Concise, undeniable, and offered by an expert. And may I add handsome as well? Thanks for all you do “Steve”. :)

  53. David Johnson says:

    Splendid, Toby.

  54. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Tony, for using your keen analytical mind and your communication skills to restore society to sanity (contact with reality).

  55. Indrek M says:

    Great presentation! I have an idea how to get more traction to this topic, drop me an email

  56. De Paus says:

    Election polls are “adjusted” in the same way as the temperature records. By “adjusting” the raw figures declining temperatures seem to bee rising. And by adjusting election polls Hillary Clinton is not trailing any more, but leading.

  57. John Lentini says:

    Senator Inhoufe from Oklahoma has been fighting the Global Warming fraud for years. Send your data to him.

  58. LexingtonGreen says:

    This is just so exceptional. I really can’t believe that that Climate Hustle movie was such a bust when Tony presents the scam so effortlessly. Granted I know that is not the right word because it is a life time of hard work digging and digging at the historical record. But you now lay it out beautifully. Thank you for all you do!

  59. Eliza says:

    Truth will eventually win re SG

  60. CheshireRed says:

    You may have already seen it Tony but WUWT has a panel debate between UK physicist Brian Cox and Malcolm Roberts where Roberts quotes your work. Cox claims to be completely unaware of any possible data tampering by NASA / GISS and so on.
    An opportunity to educate him, perhaps?

  61. Geoff Sharp says:

    Thanks Tony for your excellent presentation, I agree with the last comment, Cox needs to see your presentation and perhaps he might change his tune?…Doubt it.

  62. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The AGW story will collapse when the error in Bethe-Weizsacker’s (1935-1936) nuclear binding equation is finally acknowledged and corrected: index.php/ierj/article/view/409/386

    This new, peer-reviewed and published paper acknowledges my research mentor, P.K. Kuroda, for recognizing this error on 13 June 1936, four months before I was born

  63. Howdy Tony,

    I’m near the end of watching your video in Omaha. Outstanding work. Love it.

    With so much talk about the warming alarmist’s scam and whether or not warming is happening, one thing keeps getting missed: that Global Warming is good!

    Global Warming made civilization possible 12,000 years ago. The more people who understand why this is so, the more will be able to see through the warming alarmists’ lies. Sure, moving is a nuisance. I live near the coast, myself. But working with the inconvenience is far easier than growing food in a glacial period environment to feed 7+ billion people.

    We live in an Ice Age interglacial, and ironically it’s overdue to end, based on interglacial average duration (Ref: W.S. Broecker, 1998). From the work of Alley (2000), we see from GISP2 ice core proxies that temperatures seem to have been on a downtrend for the last 3,000 years — that’s both peaks and troughs. No one knows when the Holocene will end. It could set a new record for interglacial duration and last another 17,000 years, or it could already be winding down on the slow track.

    But if the cooling accelerates, because of the current solar minimum underway, and because of fools in government planning to seed the upper atmosphere like the 1816 year without summer — Canada, a third of the US, and a third of Europe could see permanent snow in our lifetime (“permanent” as in 90,000 years’ worth).

    Interglacials have a nasty habit of ending. I hope ours lasts a long time. But if it doesn’t, we should at least have a contingency plan for coping with what could otherwise be civilization-destroying cold.

    Not all alarms are worthwhile. It’s like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. But some alarms need to be heeded. React? No. But we need to study the situation more closely and build a viable future no matter what comes our way.

    Keep up the good work. We need more people like you spreading the good word.

    Warmest regards,
    Rod Martin, Jr.

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  66. Philip Shehan says:

    The following is a response of mine to someone on the Andrew Bolt blog, where I post as Dr Brian on scientific matters:

    mem. Sorry for the delay in replying to your request but as the video is nearly hour long and was out yesterday and I wanted to go through it properly.

    “I challenge Dr Brian to refute the material in this video link without resorting to discrediting the presenter or throwing in red herrings.”

    I am going to have to make some remarks on Tony Heller (AKA Steve Goddard) because he starts right off with his background and uses it to back his analysis.

    Heller is an engineer. I am sure he is an excellent engineer and notes his certificate of commendation.(3’45″). He explains:

    “The point about why I bring this up here is that I worked in an industry where everything has to be perfect. When it goes to the fab [fabrication] If you design a microprocessor and it goes to fab and it has bugs in it it costs the company millions or tens of millions of dollars. So I got a reputation of being the guy who assumed that everybody else’s work was wrong and fleshed out every last detail in it. So bad news for the climate guys that I came along and strt looking at their stuff. (Laughs).”

    The problem is that in science, nothing is perfect. Not the data. Not the theories.

    Scientists are always quantifying the uncertainties. When presenting data it is unacceptable not to do so. They are dealing with often messy and complicated systems about which not everything is known. All theories are approximations based on what is known at the time.

    But OK let that one slide. You should always examine an argument on its merits. But note he is discussing temperatures in the contiguous 48 US states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Not global temperatures.

    He begins by discussing heat waves in the US with reference to particular cities. This is a bit worrying. Smacks of cherry picking but let’s just withhold judgement for a while.

    In 1936 there was the worst heat wave in the history of the United States according to Heller. He gives a number of graphs. At 6’30” he gets to a graph of South Dakota. Gann Valley to be precise,and says it reached 120 F. He then says:

    “Remember a few weeks ago “they” were hysterically warning that Pheonix may reach it’s hottest temperature ever blah blah and it’s all due to global warming and we’re all gonna die and its going to happen every week for the rest of your life (laughs). It works out that Phoenix didn’t get 120 degrees the hottest they got was 119…”

    I am unimpressed at this point. Not only does Mr Perfect compare locations a thousand miles apart (Phoenix is in Arizona) he ‘quotes’ supposed hysterical comment by an anonymous ‘they’.

    It gets worse.

    He goes on (14’00″”) to say that the worst heat wave Phoenix ever had was 1974 (so there was a hotter heat wave after 1936, at least in Phoenix) “the peak of the global cooling crisis.”

    Except there was no global cooling crisis.

    This is supposed to show how stupid those imperfect climate scientists are, and the audience laughs along. Not realising that Heller has just discredited his own argument on their being a cooling crisis in 1974 and about how it had not been hotter since 1936.

    He goes on and then compares two graphs and says that something is wrong. But the graphs do not show the same thing. One shows the number of heat waves in the US. The definition of a heat wave, so many days over a given temperature is not stated. The second shows the area of the US with unusually hot summer temperatures. The average temperature are being taken here over the ebtire US. Not individual short term spikes in a few locations. Well maybe there is a problem here but he does not go into it.

    But I will skip that for the last boner I could be bothered with. (15.00″)

    He shows a graph of US temperatures from 1895 to 1987 and says that it shows almost 2 F of warming.

    He bases this on the difference between the first and last data points on the graph, the first on a noise trough and the last on a noise peak. He says

    This is important because… (slide)

    IN 1989 NOAA Said there was no warming from 1895 to 1987.

    The Bastards!! Dirty Doings with the Data!!! Proof positive!!!

    No. Mr Perfect engineer does not understand that scientists deal with imperfect data by doing a trend fit of all the data, not by taking the difference between two data points.

    And as the article says and any scientists could tell just by looking at the data, there is no statistically significant warming.

    It is late. I have already tried my own patience and the moderator’s one quarter of the way through.

    That’s it from me.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Where you post as monkey called Dr Brainless , you mean

      You have NOTHING because you DO NOT UNDERSTAND anything about climate

      You are just a monkey with a ruler.

      “The problem is that in science, nothing is perfect. Not the data… blah blah…”

      But I’m sure you will find some anti-science reason to adjust the data to fit your theory. The AGW scammer way.

    • AndyG55 says:

      An engineer tries to understand what the data is about

      A monkey draws a straight line.

      You are very much the latter.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “That’s it from me.”

      Thank goodness for that..

      Enough self-aggrandisement from you for today.

      We don’t have enough puke bags.

  67. Jeremiah Brown says:

    In the video you reference the use of an “E” flag to adjust the USHCN temperatures. This occurs near 22:15.

    I use the GHCN data frequently and wondered if you could give some more information regarding the use of this flag.

    Are you referring to the use of the E flag in the annual files? This seems most likely since Table B in the documentation ( appears to matchup with what you are describing.

    The documentation ( for daily files also mentions an E flag, but that flag doesn’t seem to reflect what you describe. Is there an equivalent issue in the daily files?

    Have you tried matching the daily files with the annual to see if your assertion holds true?

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