1962 Was More Than 50 Million Years Ago

During the summer of 1962, two US submarines nearly collided as they surfaced at the ice-free North Pole.

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April 28, 1963 – Near-Disaster of 2 Subs Bared | Chicago Tribune Archive


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Atom Subs Meet At North Pole – British Pathé

The New York Times says this hasn’t happened in fifty million years.

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Ages-Old Icecap at North Pole Is Now Liquid, Scientists Find – NYTimes.com

Mark Serreze at NSIDC was born two years earlier. Apparently he believes that he is prehistoric.


28 Jun 2008, Page 8 – Southern Illinoisan

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31 Responses to 1962 Was More Than 50 Million Years Ago

  1. gator69 says:

    Well, when their “math” tells them that 1,000,000 is actually zero, I can understand how they get 50,000,000 from 2016 minus 1962.

    • Gail Combs says:

      They are using the NEW common core math.


      • gator69 says:

        My dad had some old Tom Lehrer albums that are now part of my vinyl collection. What’s old is new again.

        • Gail Combs says:

          We have Lehrer’s song book and Hubby has his albums.

          I am glad Lehrer’s songs have made it to the internet so a new generation can enjoy them.

          One of Hubby’s favorites, Tom Brier, a ragtime pianist, was critically injured in a car accident in August. (Head injury among others.) Reports are he is responding to hearing his music.

          The accident happened “… just a week before the 2016 Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, it was too late to change the schedules, so for Tom’s first scheduled set, it was decided that several musicians would come up and play either something composed by Tom, arranged by Tom or that they have played with Tom…”
          Tom Brier Tribute Set Excerpts


          Fastest ragtime piano yet heard by mere mortals; Tom Brier on “Redneck Rag”; 174 bpm


          He really is an exceptional pianist who could sight read anything. I love to hear him play.

    • Sunsettommy says:

      Don’t worry,we have Mosh to come to the rescue!

      He will explain this new math to us.

  2. Andy DC says:

    1962-1963 was a famous and memorable cold winter in both Europe and the US during the cold and snowy 1960’s that Bobby Kennedy, Jr. likes to talk about. Yet a patch of open water formed at the North Pole. Shows just how irrelevant such an event is!

  3. Richard says:

    back in 1960 –

    “Collecting oceanographic and hydrographic data en route, Seadragon transited the Barrow Strait, Viscount Melville Sound, and McClure Strait. On 21 August, she completed the first submarine transit of the Northwest Passage, entered the Beaufort Sea, and headed for the North Pole, which she reached on 25 August. The ship surfaced through the thin ice becoming the third submarine to surface at the pole”

  4. Richard says:


    “On 12 July 1962, Seadragon departed Pearl Harbor for her second Arctic cruise. Transiting the Bering Strait and the Chukchi Sea, she contacted T-3, then moved further north to rendezvous with sister ship, USS Skate (SSN-578), en route from New London, Connecticut. On 31 July, the two submarines rendezvoused under the ice and continued on to the North Pole, arriving on 2 August for sonar and weapons evaluations. The submarines were joined by the icebreaker USS Burton Island (AGB-1”

  5. Richard says:


    “While the Skate was unable to surface on its first voyage to the pole, on 17 March 1959, she became the first submarine to surface at the North Pole with Calvert describing the historic moment in his book, saying, “Slowly we blew the tanks and the Skate moved reluctantly upward. It was apparent we were under heavier ice here than any we had experienced before.”

  6. Richard says:

    classic- notice the ice free water in foreground at the North Pole=

    archive footage of seadragon and Skate-



  7. Richard says:

    even more classic, look at the water behind the sub near end of clip-


  8. Richard says:

    Slightly better view. Apparently one of the guys on one of the subs said they had to search for ice for publicity shots otherwise they would never have believed that were at the north pole- no link for that story.


  9. Jim Hunt says:

    If the North Pole was “ice-free” in 1962 what was it that the “elated bunch of sailors” were standing on?

  10. Rosco says:

    I’ve misplaced my glasses – was the name of that newspaper the “Southern Illusion” ?

  11. Richard Keen says:

    Back in ’33, the New York Times also authoriatively reported that Josef Stalin wouldn’t hurt a soul.
    So the ice story isn’t, by far, their biggest lie.
    All the news that fits.

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