Bernie The Socialist!


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  1. gator69 says:

    Of course money should not be the god of life, every good leftist knows that government is the god of life. Money is the manna, and Soma.

  2. GeologyJim says:

    I’m sure the university that his wife bankrupted with overspending its resources would like to have their MONEY back. Could also be true of the employees who lost their jobs.

    “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money” – M. Thatcher

  3. Sunsettommy says:

    Amazing that even 100 people wanted to vote for this world class hypocrite,promoting a socialist crackpot theory, that has failed everywhere it has been implemented.

    • annieoakley says:

      So true.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      ”… crackpot theory, that has failed everywhere it has been implemented.”

      You just don’t understand, Tommy. This time it will be different.

      More than 2 decades ago one Steve Montoya, a self-described Colorado Commie, was challenged by the “The Black Avenger”, talk show host Ken Hamblin about the worldwide failures of Communism.

      Why did he expect it to work here?

      “We are Americans,” he replied without hesitation, “we can do everything better.”

      See, this time they won’t try to implement the kind of Socialism that doesn’t work. They’ll do the other great version. The National Socialist variety.

      And that’s American Exceptionalism as they understand it.

  4. Latitude says:

    Even the kids are disillusioned with Bernie and the democrats now….
    I’m sure every one of them know Bernie ran off with their money and bought another vacation home
    Bernie’s rally for Hillary….less than 150 people showed up
    …but still more than show up for some of Hillary’s rallys

    • Gail Combs says:

      My jaw dropped when I saw this one.
      From 9/19/2016 Hillary Clinton has Volunteer Event in Ohio and Not a Single Person Shows Up.
      Why isn’t that MSM headlines???

    • Gail Combs says:

      Speaking of the Bernie Kids and disillusioned. I nearly bust a gut when I finally understood the Pepe the Frog trolling.

      Here’s How Two Twitter Pranksters Convinced The World That Pepe The Frog Meme Is Just A Front For White Nationalism

      Short but sweet:

      Pepe was a wildly successful prank, played by two young guys on a Clinton-loving journalist who did no fact-checking, but instead quoted almost verbatim from their wild story of how Pepe was an internet meme (true) subverted into a white supremacist symbol (false). She then ran an article in the high-brow MSM, that was used to feed a narrative from a top official in the Clinton machine. Then the guys came clean.

      These guys basically convinced the Clinton machine that Hello Kitty had been turned into a Nazi symbol. So the Trump forces elevated Pepe to rub it in.

      Here is my favorite summary of the affair.” — wolfmoon1776

    • Gail Combs says:

      The millenials are having a blast with Pepe and Hillary. This is really turning into a fun presidential campaign season to follow.

      Sick Hillary Clinton declares war on cartoon frog Pepe

      Did PEPE THE FROG just TROLL the Presidential Election?!?

      While this group may not vote Trump, they most certainly will not vote Hillary.

      • Me says:

        You know, I could have sworn that I heard one of our French Canadian boys in the 90’s use the Pepe Meme at one of their own during my time in the military! LOL!

        • Gail Combs says:

          Some of the millenials are rather p.oed the Normies stole THEIR Pepe.


          Now there is an on line battle between the millenials who ‘owned Pepe’ in the first place, the Trump supporters who think the whole thing is hilarious, and the far left that are trying to make the stealing of Pepe and sticking Alt-right symbols on him the fault of the far right.

          The far left is trying to create the ‘truth’ after the fact so their bimbo reporter doesn’t look quite so stupid.

          So we just continue laughing. It has been fun to watch the holier than thou Progressives meet an Alpha male for once instead of the gelded RINOs the Reboobs usually offer up.

          Megyn Kelly didn’t see that coming. She thought she was going to take out Donald Trump at the first debate and instead Donald took out Political Correctness. (snicker)

          Note that Kelly was ordered to take out Trump by Rupert Murdoch and was paid via a very lucrative book deal. Interesting details and analysis here.

          Also confirmation :
          Megyn Kelly Closes In On $10+ Million Book Deal
          “Deadline credits Kelly’s attacks on Trump in the first debate for the mammoth memoir windfall”

          It is amazing all the masks that are getting ripped of this election.

          • Me says:

            LMAO! It’s too funny, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it!

          • Gail Combs says:

            Even if Hillary manages to win via voting machine minipulation, neither the MSM nor the Democratic party will recover their former place.

            Even funnier, ABC / WaPo Push Out Ridiculous D+10 National Media Poll On Eve of Debate…

            The MSM wants us to think the Democrats have gone from
            DATE ——- Repub — Indies — Demirats

            Jul 13 -17……28………42………..28

            to the Demirats 10% more than republicans with rank and file Trump supporters shoving voter registration papers in the faces of friends and family while on
            9/19/2016 Hillary Clinton has Volunteer Event in Ohio and Not a Single Person Shows Up

            The only way the DemiRats are up 10% on the Reboobs is if the DemiRats have been digging up grave yards again and registering every illegal they can find to vote.

          • Me says:

            Trump has this taged baged and sealed, it is a done deal already. I can see it and I am a Canadian. Trump 2016! Giddy Up!

          • Me says:

            I just hope Trump will help us Canucks out too from the media party here that got Trudeau elected, cause people here still believe the news that is preached to them.

          • Gail Combs says:

            I sure hope Trump can too.

            I have a lot of friends who live in Canada. I grew up in upstate NY and my caving club caved with the guys from Toronto. Heck I connected our hay dealer with the feed store in North Carolina so we can now get wonderful Canadian New Hampshire alfalfa hay. He lives in New Hampshire on the Canadian border and his brother in Canada… not that you could tell by the accent.

          • Me says:

            Hey, you from the south are axellent, don’t let anyone tell ya different. The beacon of freedom, music, science, engineering, techonology, arts, and a super power to boot.

          • Me says:

            Hey, but don’t take it for granted! Get out and vote, I hope ya don’t vote Dem, or Repub, but fer Trump! But if it means voting for the Repubs then so be it.

          • Gail Combs says:

            Me, I am a GDI
            G…D Independent
            and have been since college.

            It is nice to finally have something to vote FOR after all these years.

          • Me says:

            Nice to hear, We had Harper, I didn’t really like him at the start, but I voted for him because of what all the rest wanted to do. Now he is out I think we are F()cked, and that jaskass in charge now will sell us out. I hope I am wrong, but that is the way it looks. You down there know what one will do, she demands it! Nothing against women, but just about any democrat or liberal. Look at our examples, Kim Cambell, the first Lady PM in Canada, then Ontario That wecked witch is still going, and Alberta replaced one Queen with a socialist one that is pretty much ruining that provience, Newfoundland had another that was supposed to be conservative like alberta but was the ugly duckling and acted like a liberal, and then the pretty gal in British columbia, but that liberals time is done too. Our main problems here in Canada are two proviences that are selling out the rest of the country, and we can’t say anything about it because of trade deals like NAFTA and craplike that.

  5. RickS says:

    Pagan “Burning” Bernie !

    And that’s not a figurative statement !!

    This Old Man is obviously running out of time, one step closer to eternity, and one step closer to an unimaginable fate !!!

    Jesus is entirely correct in basically saying “they will walk right into He’ll with eyes wide open” !

    What pathetic decisions, and if it were possible, Burning could look back behind himself, and see Obama and Clinton “left” on his tail as if all is well ???

    I will “never” pray for Satan’s children because it would not differ at all from praying for Satan himself !

    Especially because those people celebrate their fall seal their fate !!!!!!

    BurnOn Bernie

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