Climate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

The time has come for whistleblowers to come forward and expose climate fraud.

Guest post by Kent Clizbe. Government employees willing to tell the truth about climate can be handsomely rewarded.

  1. You can receive millions of dollars for doing the right thing. Blow the whistle! Some fraudulent research activities covered by the False Claims Act:
  2. Fabricating data
  3. Falsifying reports
  4. Making false statements on applications for grants
  5. Knowingly failing to comply with the conditions of the grant
  6. Using grant funds for personal, or other improper, purposes
  7. Knowingly failing to comply with federal regulations
  8. Now’s the time to speak up. The rewards for telling the truth about fraudulent research activities are considerable.
  9. The potential for retaliation for doing the right thing is less, with the new administration.
  10. Do you know details of how or why research fraud was committed? Contact me today

The federal government has a vigorous program to identify and prosecute fraudulent grant applications and administration–the False Claims Act.  It provides rewards for insiders who reveal grant fraud.

As detailed daily on Real Science, it is clear that there is wide-spread fraud in “climate research.”

“Climate research” is a complex operation with multiple international players.  With the massive sums of Federal grants (Michael Mann’s website lists more than $50 million in grants for his research alone) involved, there is a huge incentive for tight lips.

Like the mafia, or other criminal conspiracies, there seems to be a code of silence in the “climate research” community.

A researcher, or aspiring researcher, who is aware of inside information detailing fraudulent activity, would need a considerable incentive to come forward.

Luckily, the False Claims Act provides that incentive.

Insiders with knowledge of fraud are empowered to share their knowledge, and to share in rewards. The reward can be as much as 30% of the total amount reclaimed.

If you have details of fraud in climate research you can share in the rewards paid when the grant funds are recovered.

According to an attorney who specializes in FCA cases against universities and government research offices, including Educational/Research Grant Fraud: “Many institutions receive grants, whether for research or educational purposes. When they lie to get the grant or keep the grant or if they use the funds for purposes outside the grant, they are liable under [this] program. There have been many grant cases brought by whistleblowers.”

Here are some examples of common education institution fraudulent acts:

  • Falsifying a grant application in order to secure a grant
  • Falsifying research data and results
  • Over-charging time, costs and other expenses associated with the grant
  • Falsifying purchase orders for equipment and materials
  • Using grant money for other unrelated research
  • Using grant money for personal expenses
  • Improper conflicts of interest by the principal investigators
  • Falsifying progress reports and other documentation
  • Failing to comply with applicable government safety and other regulations

If you know of anyone who might have details about fraudulent statements or actions by recipients of federal grant funds for climate research, please have them contact me immediately at the below email or cell phone.

All communications are completely confidential.  They may want to consider using a third party email service (Yahoo, Hotmail, or other) instead of your work email to communicate. We will put you in contact with attorneys who specialize in False Claims Act suits. Your interests will be protected at all times.

Our country, and in fact, the entire world is counting on someone to stand up and tell the truth about climate research. The effects of moving forward with taxes and policies based on fraudulent science could potentially cripple the US economy and cost lives and jobs for generations.

I specialize in exposing frauds. See the article in the NY Times Sunday Magazine. It details my work that successfully exposed a 13 year, massively public fraud. Result: FBI arrested the fraudster, pled guilty, sentenced to prison.

Kent Clizbe
Fraud Detection Services
571 217 0714

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75 Responses to Climate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

  1. Steve Case says:

    Well Tony, I hope you get to be old and rich, but I wouldn’t recommend you start counting your money just yet. A couple years ago I would post that the good ship “Global Warming” had already sunk and all the noise was from the fools treading water who booked passage. I’ve since realized the ship is too big to sink. Well a lot depends on the results of Tuesday 8 November 2016.

    • CheshireRed says:

      I’ve said all along that the most likely way AGW theory will be junked is when new politicians take decision-making power. They will have NO previous form or association with AGW policies that will have cost billions, have no reputation to lose and so will be able to act objectively.

      In the US, Trump is that person. I hope he pulls out all the stops against NASA/ GISS etc and nails their balls to the mast.
      In the UK, Mrs May isn’t that person as she’s partly tainted by association with Cameron’s ‘greenest government ever’.

      The only other way is if a high-level scientist / AGW insider turns states evidence.

    • Harold Hahn says:

      I just discovered that somebody has tampered with Google Earth to prevent anyone from inspecting firn lines on glaciers and ice caps! To do that , they had to find every picture of every bit of glacial ice on the planet, including all the “historical” pictures from past years, and replace them with pictures that showed only new fallen snow, pictures that had been “digitally blurred”, and pictures that just started blurry and stayed that way!!! There is no snow any place else on Google Earth, except for a few mountain tops. Satellites and planes that take pictures of the Earth do not just do so on one day each year! They do it all year, and the people who put together the mosaic that is Google Earth, pick out the best pictures they have, of every other place on the planet. They are from all different times of the year, since a winter shot, with no leaves on the trees, may be the best shot of what is in some areas, but all pictures with snow on the ground fail to make the cut! When you click on the little blue rectangle at the bottom of the screen, you will will get a selection of dates, going back as far as thirty three years, that you can click on to see pictures taken on that date. All of those pictures are good! If, however, you try this when you are trying to see glacial ice, you will fin that all of the “Historical” pictures taken of glacial ice were taken on December 31, for EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!! Taking pictures on December 31 insures that snow of the new winter is already lying on top of the firn, preventing anybody from knowing the altitude of it’s lowest point!!! In the southern hemisphere, all “historical” pictures are also dated as having been made on 12/31 of the year in which each picture was made! How can this be? The pictures in use in the current year are not taken on 12/31, so do they BECOME pictures taken on 12/31 as they grow older? These “historicals” are also worthless, because 12/31 is the start of the warm season, and to early for anything to have started to melt! What a person needs to see, if they want to know about climate trends, is how much snow melted in each year ,by the end of the melting season, just before the snow of the next winter fell on the firn, or leftover snow of the previous winter! On Google Earth, the altitude of the point under your cursor is displayed at the bottom of your screen, and when you put it on the division between the clean white firn, and the dusty old ice that is exposed as the firn melts, that is the firn line, and if the planet is warming, the melting will go to higher altitude with each year. If the climate is cooling, the melting will stop at a lower altitude each year. Since Google Earth is free, and the ability of any person to look for themselves and see if there is a change in the altitude of the firn line from one year to the next, would be the best way for any person to find out what the truth is, this brazen effort to prevent anybody from seeing the firn line, ANY PLACE ON THE PLANET, shows that climate alarmists have something to hide!!! If the glaciers and ice caps were rapidly melting, would they not want us to see proof?? The concealment of the best evidence is proof of the lie!!! They do not conceal the bottom end of the glacier, but that is because most people wrongly think that melting of the tongue of the glacier is proof of something. All glaciers are formed at high altitudes, where it is too cold for all of the winter snow to all melt in the summer, and when they become thick enough, they flow like a river down hill to warmer altitudes where they must either melt, or flow into the sea. Their rate of movement is not uniform, and neither is their rate of melting! both can be affected by various factors, but the state of the firn is a valid indicator of a glacier’s future! Try to see what the firn has been doing on some ice cap, from one year to the next, for the last 20 or 30 years, by looking on Google Earth, and you will find out for your self what kind of people say “there is global warming”!

  2. Dave N says:

    From the NYT article:

    “In the government’s extensive rap sheet on Simmons, the picture that emerges is not of a cynical fraudster but of a man living in a fiction of his own creation”

    Sounds a lot like the people Tony has been exposing, here.

  3. fourtimesayear says:

    I think the EPA itself should be reported – I believe there is good reason to believe they are guilty of
    “Falsifying a grant application in order to secure a grant
    Falsifying research data and results
    Over-charging time, costs and other expenses associated with the grant
    Falsifying purchase orders for equipment and materials
    Using grant money for other unrelated research
    Using grant money for personal expenses
    Improper conflicts of interest by the principal investigators
    Falsifying progress reports and other documentation
    Failing to comply with applicable government safety and other regulations”
    Not to mention the sexual harassment they allow to go on unabated.
    There is an “Inspector General” for all government divisions, including the EPA. A little like the fox watching the hen house if you ask me.

  4. Andy DC says:

    If Hillary wins, any potential whistleblower would be spitting in the wind. Even worse, would probably be subjected to harassment and retaliation. She has already said that she wants “deniers” to be prosecuted.

    Assuming that Trump wins and is sincere, let the feeding frenzy begin!

  5. Perhaps sceptics could start a collection for those individuals that speaks out?
    See what happends ?

  6. Bernie says:

    If the highest levels of government and its bureaucrats and its supporters all say the earth is flat then a grant submission to study “how flat is the earth” will never be considered fraud. How long will it take to change all this.

  7. Don G says:

    This hoax will never end. Agency spending is like a perpetual motion machine. The US is still in the Helium business long after blimp warfare went away.

    We know that spending and CO2 levels will continue to grow. My question is, how will the spenders reconcile with rising CO2 levels with the lack of catastrophic climate change? Can they claim they saved the world and that we should ignore the CO2 levels?

    • Olaf Koenders says:

      I think it might have been Naomi Oreskes that made that claim. I read it about a year ago on Climate Depot. Obviously, the climate gravy train either took no notice or was bolstered by it.

    • Scott Drysdale says:

      World demand for helium is rising sharply while US helium reserves are rapidly depleting. It is required now for MRIs, superconductors, Cern’s Hadron collider etc. And that is why several Helium extraction companies have relocated to western Canada where there is substantial helium in their nat gas wells to make good money… All that is needed is 0.2 to 0.4% helium in the raw nat gas stream to make a profit…..

  8. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The social costs are staggering from a simple mathematical error in the definition of nuclear binding energy eighty years (1936-2016) ago:–social-costs-from-overlooking-this-power/

    That error is the slope in the baseline for calculating nuclear binding energies, shown across the top of Figure 2.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      My former student, Golden Hwaung, and I were writing a note on solar cosmic rays this weekend and uncovered this 1998 report by The Millennium Group:

      TMG was informed that we agree with their 1998 report.

      • Philip Kearney says:

        I refer you to a letter to Nature entitled “Evidence for Solar Particle Production Above ~75 GeV” by SW Schindler and PD Kearney (Nature, Vol 237, No 5357 pp503-505, June 30, 1972)

        The detector was a narrow angle (~ 7 cm(sq) sr) muon telescope located about 200 meters water equivalent (vertical) underground on a solar tracking telescope mount. The apparatus as located in the Colorado School of Mines Experimental Mine located in Idaho Springs, Colorado. On October 3, 1971 two groups of at least 3 muons per group, separated by 9 minutes, traversed the geometry of the detector. The background rate for a single traversal at that event orientation was calculated to be ~ 1.7 counts per hour. The group traversals were well correlated with a substantial flare recorded by instruments in Boulder, the Canary Islands and the Vela satellites.

      • Philip Kearney says:

        I refer you to a letter to Nature entitled “Evidence for Solar Particle Production Above ~75 GeV” by SW Schindler and PD Kearney (Nature, Vol 237, No 5357 pp503-505, June 30, 1972)

        The detector was a narrow angle (~ 7 cm(sq) sr) muon telescope located about 200 meters water equivalent (vertical) underground on a solar tracking telescope mount. The apparatus as located in the Colorado School of Mines Experimental Mine located in Idaho Springs, Colorado. On October 3, 1971 two groups of at least 3 muons per group, separated by 9 minutes, traversed the geometry of the detector. The background rate for a single traversal at that event orientation was calculated to be ~ 1.7 counts per hour. The group traversals were well correlated with a substantial solar flare recorded by instruments in Boulder, the Canary Islands and the Vela satellites.

  9. The Mann act says you can’t transport climate fraud across state lines.

  10. Santa Baby says:

    Off topic
    But is now gone, but on wayback you will stil find it. Maybee look here before that to is gone? He has some interesting data?

  11. DC says:

    The header for this article suggests that the whistleblower needs to be a “government employee”. I don’t think so. It could be someone outside government too — for example, a research assistant at an institution receiving government grants. That’s a big difference, and makes the law more likely to uncover misuse of grant money — and a bigger inducement to people who see improper conduct.

    • Kent Clizbe says:


      You’re right, of course.

      It would better read “government contractor.”

      The most important point is that those insiders with evidence of fraud have an incentive (besides truth, justice, and the American way) to provide details of Federal research grant fraud.

      Those who blow the whistle do so at great cost to themselves and their families. The potential to share in the monetary claw-backs from the fraudsters helps to mitigate those costs somewhat.

      Share this article with every academic you know. Email the link to every climate researcher. Spread the word.

  12. Robert B says:

    The evidence is in the data. Its a bit of work but I’ll put it together to show that conclusively that data is made up.

    Not conclusive but this is a start. Notice the change in hemispheres from v2 to v3.

    Considering the cock up, how likely is that the big changes between 1940 and 1975 were real?

  13. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Kent Clibze, for this post. Society now faces a major decision. Shall we:

    1. Accept reality, as revealed by precise measurements and observations on mass (m) and energy (E) by Albert Einstein in 1905 and Francis William Aston in 1922, or

    2. Be enslaved by Carl von Weizsacker’s (1935) and Hans Bethe’s (1936) false model of nuclear binding energy that hid neutron repulsion, the source of energy that powers the Sun and the cosmos.

    There is no third option. Reality vs. Enslavement is the issue in the AGW debate.

    My late research mentor, P.K. Kuroda (1917-2001) deserves credit for noticing and reporting the misunderstanding of Aston’s lecture on nuclear energy at the Imperial University of Tokyo on 13 June 1936. Kuroda reported the misunderstanding of nuclear energy on pages 5-8 of his 1992 autobiography. That misunderstanding of nuclear energy is illustrated by the sloping baseline across the top of Figure 2:–social-costs-from-overlooking-this-power/

  14. H. Jorgon says:

    Thank you, Kent Clizbe

  15. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    See one-page summary on “Energy in the Solar System

  16. CheshireRed says:


    Mate, this thread is a very specific one. It could even stimulate action from a whistleblower who shuts down the entire fraudulent racket of AGW. It could be seminal. Without wishing to piss on your nuclear chips could you post that theory of yours elsewhere? Ta.

  17. RickS says:


    Ex-President Barack Insane Obama made his last gasp to seal Global Climate Change narrative by having the United States Military spray “Tony-the-Tiger” Frosted Flakes (Which in fact are colored “White” (Which also in fact is “evidence” of Racial “overtones” when in fact Tony-the-Tiger has “Black” stripes on his coat of which are fairly evident) over the entire Arctic while hiding the real “truth” that in fact there is no more Arctic Ice in that the Ice both melted and then evaporated causing the recent extreme Winter and Weather events along the U.S. West Coast and Canada !

    Additionally, and specifically for Frosted Flakes Fans, “currently” there is a Frosted Flakes buffet of EPIC PROPORTIONS “if” you can just get to a Latitude of no less than 66°33 North Latitude which is also the Southern most point of the Arctic Circle !

    Additionally, these Tony-the-Tiger Frosted Flakes need “no” additional salt or sugars because of the Arctic Sea (Ocean) which “perfectly”applied the “exact” amount of seasoning so bring only your Vitamin “D” milk (Low-Fat preferred, you will find an abundance of calories in the Frosted Flakes alone so their is “no” reason to push the limit (This dietary advice marked here was provided to you by “Ex”- First Lady Michelle Obama which through extremely difficult exercise routines has in fact lowered her weight to less than [ 400lbs ] for the first time since her weight “exceeded” “666lbs” which occurred less than “1” year after moving into the White House!).


    I have in fact provided you with a very recent Satellite Image from today, January 28, 2017, disclosing the extent of the now “Tony-the-Tiger” Frosted Flakes Pseudo Ice Sheet covering the Arctic !

    Thank You and enjoy (If you can get there?) your Frosted Flakes Buffet…

  18. Ross says:

    There is also this little gem from Larry @ chiefio’s site

  19. Eric Simpson says:

    Hide the Decline Revisited…

    In the following 2009 email a warmist said he would like to tamper with the data to hide a previous cooling (a decline). And then the “scientists” (leftist activists) did just that. That is fraud.

    ClimateGate email from warmist Tom Wigley to Phil Jones and Ben Santer:
    2009: Phil, … if you look at the attached plot you will see that the land also shows the 1940s blip. So, if we could reduce the ocean blip by, say, 0.15 degC, then this would be significant for the global mean…

    Indeed, they did not simply “hide the decline.” Mann et al did not merely delete data after 1960, they deleted data from 1940 on. You can see the last point of the Briffa reconstruction (located at ~1940) peeking from behind the spaghetti in the graphic below.

    Had Mann et al used the actual values, the decline would have been as shown with the orange line in the accompanying graphic (a hockey stick decline instead of a hockey stick incline!!!!):

  20. eliza says:

    Its time Google ect stopped favoring AGW news stories and vetting, banning or censoring skeptical views ect.

  21. Desertphile says:

    Okay…. how is this project doing so far? 170 years of scientists studying human-caused climate change, and still no sign of fraud. How much longer must you clowns keep us waiting for evidence showing the scientists are #1 wrong and/or #2 committing fraud?

  22. John F. Hultquist says:

    Related, but this is now a settled case.
    Is there a list of green energy scams?

    Here is another:
    Millions of gallons of fuel = False!

    From Richland, WA in south central Washington State.

  23. D PAULSON says:

    KEN , perhaps you should talk to Milo Yiannopoulos , before his career as an anti left gay rights speaker , he was an Oxford grad and worked for climate related NGO’S , he sometimes talks about the data fraud and manipulation that he witnessed first hand , so could be a good source of info for you , here he is in a short video talking about his experience’s with his NGO and the IPCC ;

  24. CO2isLife says:

    It’s about time. There are plenty of examples of professional misconduct.

    Climate Bullies Gone Wild; Caught on Tape and Print

    Climate “Science” on Trial; The Smoking Gun Files

  25. Scott says:

    NEW FLASH!….This may finally have come to pass?….
    Climate Insider blows the whistle on Karl, et. al.

  26. ColA says:

    This person posted this and this as FACT CHECKS ??? but when you read it she does not even try to present a balanced unbiased comment, rather she appears to go out of her way to present one side!!
    Hmmm I think she could use a good dose of reality – Tony style !!

  27. CO2isLife says:

    Here is the lawsuit already laid out and ready to go. If there is any justice left in this world, this should be an open and shut case.

    Climate Science Behaving Badly; 50 Shades of Green & The Torture Timeline

  28. It seems that our most brilliant scientists have a very short memory. The global warming began when the glaciers started to melt. If they would just look back a a few hundred centuries, better then half the world was covered in glaciers. Where are the glaciers now?
    The “ice age” probably began with a collision with the earth by a cosmic body which spewed dust and vapor into the atmosphere and blocked out the sun. This dust and vapor could possibly have caused a large amount of snow to fall and the dust prevented the sun’s heat from reaching the earth. The snow would have reflected whatever heat reached the earth back up into the atmosphere. Gradually the atmosphere began to clear and as more heat reached the earth the glaciers began to melt, and as more earth began to be exposed to the sun the more it retained the heat during the winter and less snow fell. One must remember that the earth was once almost a jungle (fossils of great dinosaurs whose primary food were plants) and these same fossil fuels that we are harvesting today and (blaming on global warming) were formed. The global warming will continue no matter what we mere human beings try to do to prevent it. Twenty years ago the the Northwest passage was frozen over. Today ships , with the help of ice breakers can navigate the northwest passage almost all year round. Mark my words global warming will continue until the earth is once again a jungle type planet, barring any further catastrophies

  29. eliza says:

    Person who must be held legally accountable for massive AGW fraud costing billions of dollars in losses worlwide
    1. Mr Michael Mann refer Climate audit investigations
    2. Mr Gavin Schmidt refer climategate
    3. Mr Phil Jones Univerity of East Anglia refer climate gate 1
    None of the above deserve to have a DR in front of their names. They have done a massive disservice to Science and will always be remenbered in posterity as a fraud. Any Journal or organization associated with these persons will also be held accountable eventually mark my words.

  30. CO2isLife says:

    Pass this article on to the lawyer mentioned in the article. It is a ready-made lawsuit that uses the computer models as evidence AGAINST the climate alarmists.

    Climate “Science” on Trial; The Criminal Case Against the Alarmists

  31. CO2isLife says:

    Tony, I just posted the following message over on WUWT. Do you have a link to any data that may apply?. I’d like to run a regression against Temperature. The results would help bolster a lawsuit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Mr. Watts, I may have a great project for your Blog. The IPCC Models provide the evidence to shoot down the AGW Theory. The IPCC Models most likely have a very very very low R-Squared, that is why they never publish the R-Squared of the models. You can host a project to beat the IPCC Climate Model R-Squareds. All you would need to do is create a repository for valid climate data. Dr. Spencer and Christy could provide the Satellite Data, Dr. Willie Soon could provide the solar data, someone else could provide the data for El Ninos and Ninas, others could provide data for clouds, albido, etc etc. The CO2 data is readily available. Once all the data sets are collected, multivariable regressions could be run on the data to identify the most significant variables, as well as establishing the R-Squared for the Temp=f(CO2) model. Once that data is collected, and the models run, it would provide great evidence for a court case. The Climate Alarmists would have to defend why a bunch of bloggers were able to create a climate model with a much higher R-Squared than the IPCC was able to do after spending billion of dollars. The models are the key to debunking this nonsense, and your website as the ability to reach the people that are needed to pull this off.

    Here is a more detailed explanation of the project.
    Climate “Science” on Trial; The Criminal Case Against the Alarmists

  32. I would like to tell you of my latest book, “Human Caused Global Warming”.
    ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.
    Available on ‘’.

  33. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    I nominate Dr. Tim Ball for the Whistleblowers Award, and the late Professor Paul K. Kuroda (1917-2001) for posthumous recognition of worldwide abuse of science after WWII to deceive humanity.

    Fear of possible worldwide nuclear annihilation convinced frightened world leaders to unite all nations and national Academies of Sciences under the UN on 24 OCT 1945 to hide the source of energy in atomic bombs from the public

    That meant, in simple layman’s terms, they had to hide the fact that, the whole universe is alive and breaths because every atom in it is made of reversibly, interchangeable ELECTRON-PROTON PAIRS, that we call:

    1. NEUTRONS when compressed

    2. HYDROGEN when expanded

    An extremely talented genius, born 28 years earlier in the “cherry blossom season” of 1917, Paul Kazuo Kuroda (1917-2001), risked his life to save humanity from slavery by:

    3. SECRETLY copying the A-bomb design;

    4. PUBLICLY reporting that a nuclear physicist did NOT UNDERSTAND NUCLEAR ENERGY in his autobiography.

  34. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thanks, Tony, for your help in getting out a message of hope for our troubled society.

    LOGIC was a major asset in physics, until they (physicists) encountered the strongest emotion – FEAR – on observing the ruins of Hiroshima in AUG 1945 and reconsidered the warning in the last paragraph of Aston’s Nobel Lecture in DEC 1922.

    Physicists had met the Power of God and saw only destructive evil.

    A 28-year old nuclear geo- chemist from the Imperial University of Tokyo – Dr. Kazuo Kuroda – examined the ruins of Hiroshima in AUG 1945 and recognized also the Power of Creation.”

    Kuroda’s story was published in his 1982 book, “Synthesis of the Chemical Elements and the Oklo Phenomenon,” after Kuroda came to the United States and acquired a new Christian first name, Paul.

    My understanding of Kuroda’s message has been rewritten and will hopefully be published in time to celebrate the Centennial of Kuroda’s birth on 1 April 2017.

    The Universe Is In Good Hands aka “There Is A God.”

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