Climate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

The time has come for whistleblowers to come forward and expose climate fraud.

Guest post by Kent Clizbe. Government employees willing to tell the truth about climate can be handsomely rewarded.

  1. You can receive millions of dollars for doing the right thing. Blow the whistle! Some fraudulent research activities covered by the False Claims Act:
  2. Fabricating data
  3. Falsifying reports
  4. Making false statements on applications for grants
  5. Knowingly failing to comply with the conditions of the grant
  6. Using grant funds for personal, or other improper, purposes
  7. Knowingly failing to comply with federal regulations
  8. Now’s the time to speak up. The rewards for telling the truth about fraudulent research activities are considerable.
  9. The potential for retaliation for doing the right thing is less, with the new administration.
  10. Do you know details of how or why research fraud was committed? Contact me today

The federal government has a vigorous program to identify and prosecute fraudulent grant applications and administration–the False Claims Act.  It provides rewards for insiders who reveal grant fraud.

As detailed daily on Real Science, it is clear that there is wide-spread fraud in “climate research.”

“Climate research” is a complex operation with multiple international players.  With the massive sums of Federal grants (Michael Mann’s website lists more than $50 million in grants for his research alone) involved, there is a huge incentive for tight lips.

Like the mafia, or other criminal conspiracies, there seems to be a code of silence in the “climate research” community.

A researcher, or aspiring researcher, who is aware of inside information detailing fraudulent activity, would need a considerable incentive to come forward.

Luckily, the False Claims Act provides that incentive.

Insiders with knowledge of fraud are empowered to share their knowledge, and to share in rewards. The reward can be as much as 30% of the total amount reclaimed.

If you have details of fraud in climate research you can share in the rewards paid when the grant funds are recovered.

According to an attorney who specializes in FCA cases against universities and government research offices, including Educational/Research Grant Fraud: “Many institutions receive grants, whether for research or educational purposes. When they lie to get the grant or keep the grant or if they use the funds for purposes outside the grant, they are liable under [this] program. There have been many grant cases brought by whistleblowers.”

Here are some examples of common education institution fraudulent acts:

  • Falsifying a grant application in order to secure a grant
  • Falsifying research data and results
  • Over-charging time, costs and other expenses associated with the grant
  • Falsifying purchase orders for equipment and materials
  • Using grant money for other unrelated research
  • Using grant money for personal expenses
  • Improper conflicts of interest by the principal investigators
  • Falsifying progress reports and other documentation
  • Failing to comply with applicable government safety and other regulations

If you know of anyone who might have details about fraudulent statements or actions by recipients of federal grant funds for climate research, please have them contact me immediately at the below email or cell phone.

All communications are completely confidential.  They may want to consider using a third party email service (Yahoo, Hotmail, or other) instead of your work email to communicate. We will put you in contact with attorneys who specialize in False Claims Act suits. Your interests will be protected at all times.

Our country, and in fact, the entire world is counting on someone to stand up and tell the truth about climate research. The effects of moving forward with taxes and policies based on fraudulent science could potentially cripple the US economy and cost lives and jobs for generations.

I specialize in exposing frauds. See the article in the NY Times Sunday Magazine. It details my work that successfully exposed a 13 year, massively public fraud. Result: FBI arrested the fraudster, pled guilty, sentenced to prison.

Kent Clizbe
Fraud Detection Services
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