Crack Reporting From The Washington Post’s Top Writer

Three days ago




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  1. RAH says:

    The Washington Post has been competing a very long time with the NYT to see which can be the bigger laughing stock. The thing is we all know that if Hillary’s seizure had not been caught on video it would never have been reported. And it wasn’t caught by the press that were assigned to her.

  2. Rud Istvan says:

    The second headline was written after the report of the ‘stumble’ this morning, after the Clinton ‘overheated’ but fine now explanation (overheated at 79F with 54%RH?), but before the video showing what actually happened became widely viewed. Even WaPo sometimes gets stuff right by accident.
    Some kind of a faint or seizure two stumbling half steps before her collapse. Fainting could have a number of causes including hypoglycemia, poor circulation (LBP). Parkinson’s freeze? (40% of Parkinson’s fall at least once/year from this cause). She fell and broke her elbow in 2009. She fell and had a severe concussion plus blood clot YE2012. But for the protective escort, she would have fallen and injured herself again here. Could also be levodopa induced dyskinesia (LID), which is uncontrolled involuntary limb movement (or lack thereof) common side effect (80% of patients) of the most common Parkinson’s treatment drug. Whatever it is, would appear serious.
    Was not a microstroke or she would not have been functional two hours later.

  3. Psalmon says:

    Here’s some data on Parkinson’s Freeze:

    Some excerpts:

    “Freezing episodes can happen at any time but tend to happen more often when you are initiating or starting to move (i.e. standing to walking)”

    “You may also have more freezing during stressful situations or when surrounded by crowds.”

    “It may feel like your feet are stuck in place…”

    “Freezing may also affect other parts of the body or your speech.”

    • Rud Istvan says:

      There seems to be a growing case for this general ‘diagnosis’ . Caught on video stumbling up simple steps about two months ago, again rescued by SS. Several odd speech pauses in rally videoclips.
      The main counterargument is that most Parkinson’s (but not all by any means) develop a dominant handed ‘pill rolling ‘ tremor between thumb and fingers. My wifes sisters husband has Parkinsons. Onset about a decade ago. Shame , because he was formerly a great golfer. Slow steady deterioration. His wife now has to cut up his food atbour family gatherings. After which he can feed himself. Has the pill roll tremor in his right hand. OTH, Michael J Fox apparently does not have it.
      What we can say after the broken elbow fall, the concussion fall, and now today, is that something is seriously wrong.

  4. Latitude says:

    Here come the excuses…she has pneumonia

    Can’t get medical records….but we can get a diagnosis in minutes

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Well, thas is possible re the cough but not the collapse. I came down with ‘walking pneumonia’ (mycoplasmae) because of extensive air travel in a former career. She is air travelling and it is late summer/ early fall so that part is quite plausible. I was so bad after 3 weeks that my doc said if I did not respond to massive antibiotics in 24 hours, he was ordering me to the hospital. Hillary three days later? And I never fainted, or was even dizzy. Just a horrible hacking cough and increasing breathing difficulty. So, having been there and done that literally concerning this type of pneumonia, I call more Clinton BS coverup.

      • Latitude says:

        Rud, I have never seen anyone hit the deck like she did…and then an hour later bounce out the door going I’m fine. If she had pneumonia she would have been sick as a dog after that.
        But that is about the time for park meds to kick in….

        • Bytor says:

          Not to mention the type of cough she has had, for about 4 years, is nothing like the type of cough you have with pneumonia. I watched a little bit of Faux Snooze last night, they can’t even spin this fast enough. You could tell they were working overtime trying to be convincing that it is pneumonia, and they were struggling to do it.

          This definately is not pneumonia.

      • Rud Istvan says:

        Yup. Having experienced this personally, your analysis is much more likely correct.
        She hit the deck like a Parkinson’s freeze. And that is the most benign diagnosis I can come up with as a non doc but CEO of a medtech who has to learn this stuff to stay employed. Well, I excepted cardiac arrhythmia, in which case an implanted pacemaker works.

        • Latitude says:

          They don’t even realize what they are saying….

          Hillary has pneumonia…Hillary goes into a huge crowd of people

          • Glacierman says:

            They are very aware that at least half the American public is easily steered by their friends in the media… having any logic….or truth…to their story is irrelevant.

    • RAH says:

      Yea, she walks out of the apartment unaided and says she’s feeling great followed immediately by a story from her doctor that she has Pneumonia? Pneumonia and feeling great just does not compute. I doubt that woman could manage to play a game of shuffle board right now. Pneumonia does not just make one feel feverish and SOB, it down right hurts!

      • Rud Istvan says:

        Actually, having been there and done that, it literally hurts to breathe. Correct. And no way after antibiotics are you smiling two hours later. Maybe two days later feeling good enough to get out of bed. Days after initial antibiotics. That stuff works unless you have a drug resistant strain, but not in hours, rather days.

        RAH, yup. You were a Spec Forces medic.
        The coughing is because the lungs are inflammed by infection. Coughing is a transitory natural response— although it doesn’t help resolve anything if you have a bacterial pneumonia. TB sufferers die coughing.
        Parkinson’s patients develop bad coughs ( and even pneumonia) because they suffer malfunction of the epiglotus during swallowing. You take enough tinsy wintsyfood down the windpipe rather than food esophagus, guaranteed to get pneumonia and cough.
        A quite common symptom.

      • Thomas Englert says:

        She strolled out of the building without a handler or SS agent in sight, just a confused little 4 year old girl there to catch her if she collapsed again. Very bizarre.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Pneumonia is typical in advanced parkinson’s disease.

      Advanced parkinson’s disease. is what this one doctor thinks Hitlery might have given the available evidence.

      What ever the problem is, she is one sick puppy and should not be in the White House.

      I think the only reason she is running is because being the first US woman president was a childhood dream and the elites cheated her out of it by giving it to Obummer last time and By God it is HER TURN NOW!

      • Bytor says:

        Hi Gail!

        I have been watching some videos and reading a bunch on that very subject (Parkinson’s), and while I wasn’t really convinced in the past when I have heard it, I am now convinced more than ever that Hillary Clinton is indeed suffering from Parkinson’s. ALL of her actions and symptoms are fitting the Parkinson’s explanation perfectly. Even the pneumonia story (if you believe it, which I don’t) would actually fit right into the Parkinson’s theory. The vast majority of people that suffer from Parkinson’s, end up dying of respiratory pneumonia (bacterial). Her coughing is also symptomatic of Parkinson’s. Her strange freezes during rallies are symptomatic of Parkinson’s. The strange head bobbing episode is symptomatic of Parkinson’s. All of the strange behavior she has exhibited over the past couple of years all points to symptoms of Parkinson’s.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Yes, it certainly looks like Parkinson’s. It is NOT allergies and it is NOT pneumonia.

          I have had bad allergies for years and I do not see the sniffles or itchy eyes. Also that cough is not like an allergy cough or pneumonia/bronchitis cough.

          I have a problem with rice going down the wrong way sometimes and my cough under those conditions is similar to Hillary’s literally coughing so hard I have just about tossed my cookies.

          Hurts like heck too.

  5. LOL in Oregon says:

    A vote for the Establishment’s BleachBit Clinton is a vote for Rosebud!
    (I bet you didn’t read the email, but Putin did )

  6. Margaret Berger says:

    Tom Browkaw has called for her to go to the hospital and get a neurological exam (by a doctor these details are important when dealing with the klintons). Remember when Tom said that Dan needed to be investigated by an independent group? Hmmmmm, think he doesn’t want to be part of a cover up that can’t be covered up any more? He better watch his back or he’ll get Laured.

  7. Bernal says:

    Inner ear infection?
    All I know is, I see recent pics of her and I want to say, “Yeah Mom, I’d love a bacon sammich!”
    But you as president… not so much.

  8. If either sedentary geezer doesn’t make it, the better it is for my Libertarian Party candidate. When the People’s Party looters got 8.5% of the vote in 1892, Congress couldn’t pass an income tax fast enough though there was no such thing in the platforms of either wing of the Kleptocracy. Those spoiler votes advanced communist manifesto plank #2 as though the Populists had gotten 60% of the popular vote. In law-changing clout, the 8.5% spoiler vote slice amounted to letting each populist voter cast an additional five ballots.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Trump is no sedentary geezer. He has done as many as four rallies in a day, day in and day out consistently for over a year. He has even jumped a Jersey barrier and crossed a ditch to make it to his rally.

      WILD VIDEO=> Trump Jumps Barrier, Crosses Ditch to Avoid Violent Leftist Mob in California

      Trump was forced to jump a fence and cross and ditch to avoid violent leftist mob to get over to the Hyatt.
      trump ditch

      Trump later told the Republican crowd, “That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made. It felt like I was crossing the border actually. I was crossing the border, but I got here.”

      • Bytor says:

        Trump is set to release the results of his latest physical (last week) on the Dr. Oz show this week. Trump might be a little on the heavy side these days, but I believe he is probably in pretty darned good shape, especially for being 70yrs old. He sure doesn’t look 70.

        • Gail Combs says:

          “Trump might be a little on the heavy side these days”

          Trump is in a bullet proof vest and has been for months so that is some of his bulk.

          Good Lord, I wish I had that guy’s energy. On the other hand I am very happy he does and I pray he stays healthy and wins.

          (The country is in really bad condition when it drives an agnostic to prayer.)

  9. TA says:


    Excellent description of the fake Cherokee Indian, Elizabeth Warren.

    Being a good liar is a resume enhancement for Leftists, not a dealbreaker, like it would be for normal people Leftists don’t have a problem with allowing liars to represent them.

  10. TA says:

    “They don’t even realize what they are saying….

    Hillary has pneumonia…Hillary goes into a huge crowd of people”

    Hillary hugs a little girl that runs up to her after she leaves Chelsea’s apartment.

    No doubt the little girl was a setup meant possibly to demonstrate “normalcy”. That little girl would not have got close to Hillary if it had not been planned in advance.

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