“we are in a race against time before the freeze”

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I blogged the same thing yesterday, and the usual hysterical alarmists showed up complaining.

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  1. AndyG55 says:

    There is no doubt that those pushing the Arctic sea ice as a scare, and pushing the general AGW scam, are very much amongst the LOWEST form of humanity.

  2. Hazze says:

    Crap..either they taken it away or im webblind.. cant find the Quote. Direct link anyone ? Im in Sweden… Dosent look good for them. Cold,water n speedy wind. Darkness. Its kinda plain stupid. They could go icesculpture in 30 minutes if careless.

  3. Hazze says:

    Yo Gail. Just mail the guys and tell them its speedos and chill off breakfast in Cambridge Bay then. No race against anything. Wanna killem do u ?

  4. OrganicFool says:

    Everyone that believes in man made global warming should eat lots and
    lots of soy. Soy milk and tofu as much as possible to save the planet.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Andy have u been watching this ice? Did it blow in from the west or was it always there and just on shore etc but now drifting across Lancaster Sound?
      They won’t be going near your top circle as they intend to use the Bellot Strait route but things look interesting as they go around the northwest tip of Baffin Island and sail north of Bylot Island and through Lancaster Sound.
      They are going to see a lot more ice than the death spiralists and ice free arctic con men would lead you to believe.
      Gail – Resolute Bay is far enough north and west of where they are and where they are going that I think it isn’t representative. Cambridge Bay and Pond Inlet are both a bit warmer (less cold) at -2 and plus 1 for Saturdays high. Definitely winter like with snow, snow and more snow forecast and Tuesdays high at -3 but Thursday is nasty with the -3 high and -8 low … all temps in C for this Great White North boy. The last reported temp from the boat was air at 0C and the water temp at 2C . https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/weather/nunavut/pond-inlet

  5. T M says:

    “…don’t tell the ladies that!”

    Very indicative of the underlying sexism of progressives. They think they are omniscient and omnipotent, and all those inferiors – women, minorities – must be controlled ‘for their own good’ because they are incapable of taking care of themselves. Can you say ‘soft bigotry of low expectations?’

  6. AndyG55 says:

    Just posted on the Northabout blog that Lawrence Sound appear to be icing up.

    Implored them not to get stuck in Gulf of Boothia for winter.

    I know they probably won’t publish it, but it should get their minds racing a bit. :-)

  7. Cam says:

    From their tracking, they’ll be in Bellot Strait in a couple of hours. After that, just bergy water in Prince Regent Inlet all the way through to Baffin Bay and the North Atlantic.

    • Gonzo says:

      As I noted on the other thread there’s sea ice forming right at the junction of Lancaster Sound and Prince Regent inlet. At this point it looks passable. Current weather is at or below freezing with snow flurries for a few days. They’ll be going straight into a light northerly wind 10+/-mph at the moment. If they clear the ice at the junction I’d say they’re home free. That is sailing if sailing down Baffin Bay and into or skirting a large storm sitting of eastern Greenland and across the North Atlantic in the fall is easy? Ice may be the least of their worries

  8. Roger Fraley says:

    With 12 days to go to the start of Autumn, I have to think they’ll make it. It’s more fun when these Warmie True Believers fail because of too much ice but success here means very little. Amundsen could have done the same in 1904, right?

  9. Neal S says:

    As I predicted yesterday, the SOF are now at the entrance to Bellot strait.

    Sat Sep 10th, 201611:12:15 am
    Speed: 12.17 km/h Heading: NE
    Elevation: 20.61 m Batt: Normal
    Lat: 71.944903 Lon: -95.243246

    • Gail Combs says:

      What does the satellite look like? My old version of Firefox will not display.

    • Neal S says:

      And here from Canadian Ice Service latest ice chart dated Sep 10th from

      Note the ice around the only two point they can progress through. They will have to decide which offers better chance of success and then head that way. Obviously they will consider this based on latest available information once they have exited the east end of the Bellot strait. (Which if soon enough will be no different than what I have posted)

      It may only take a few hours through the strait, but could be longer if it is too shallow or there are other hazards. And they are in the strait now based on latest tracking.

    • Gonzo says:

      Hope they’re bundled up. Current temps are below freezing -1.6C

      • Gail Combs says:

        With wind up to 14 mph.
        Beaufort Scale of Wind Force

        That is a ‘moderate breeze’ and moderate seas, but when it is around freezing and damp it is COLD. I call it pneumonia weather and put my animals in. Much colder but dry is not a problem.

        The wind tonight, 24 mph, is considered a ‘Strong Breeze’ with ”rough’ seas and it will be snowing.

        It is going to be getting nasty in about 6 to 9 hours. — Masters is often off on the timing and the storms show up sooner at least in my area.

  10. Gail Combs says:

    Resolute, Nunavut
    28 °F , wind gusts to 14 mph, cloudy

    Saturday Night 09/10 80% / 1-3 in of snow

    Snow showers early will become steadier snow overnight. Low 28 °F. Winds S at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 80%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Polarocean just posted an update and it is 0C. I don’t understand why you refer to and post Resolute data as it is far from where they are headed!
      N71 54 W094 24 pressure1008 water 2C Air 0C UTC 14.30 10 Sept

      A dull night, no stars, and low cloud. No wind, but still cold on deck. Real problems with steering. Mag compass useless. Auto pilot sometimes very confused. We are not sure if local magnetism effects. Amundsen experienced the same problems a 100 years ago Coming up to Bellot Channel. Still no wind.

      Ice chart in this morning. Could have problems getting out of Prince Regent.

      Gail you can look around and Resolute is the coldest in the area … Cambridge Bay is 2C, Gjoa Haven is 0C, Arctic Bay is 2C, Pond Inlet is 1C & Resolute shows as -2C …. the worst of the lot and not close to the ship.

      Hopefully they get through Regent Inlet … as much as I would enjoy seeing them trapped / stopped by ice I can’t bring myself to wish them any harm …. even if they are a ship of fools.

  11. Lawrence13 says:

    Well at the moment they’ve seem to be nipping through a channel in south of Devon Island

    • Stewart Pid says:

      That is Somerset Island to their north. The Bellot Strait separates Boothia Peninsula from Somerset Island.
      Devon Island is northeast of Somerset Island.

      I should have said “Prince” Regent Inlet in an earlier post but I have seen it called both names and so I’m not sure it matters.

  12. David Blake says:


    They make it through the Bellot straight, but routes north (between Baffin Island & Somerset Island) and south past Igloulik are blocked. What are the options if any?

  13. Neal S says:

    Just got a ships log update. …

    David writes
    “Ice chart in this morning. Could have problems getting out of Prince Regent.”

    He saw what I saw.

    They could wait for better conditions. They could wait for an ice-breaker. If there were people and equipment available, they could try to portage somewhere. Or they could try to go back to somewhere to spend the winter. (At least the boat even if the crew departs)

    Maybe if Reggie and his minions ALL used their blowtorches at once …. anything could happen.

  14. David Blake says:

    It’s going to be close! Northabout is the red dot. Ice is from DMI’s model.

  15. Richard says:

    So they are not going to achieve what the Hudson bay company did in 1937.

  16. Jim Hunt says:

    Tony – What you blogged yesterday was:

    “The Ship Of Fools is facing a -10C weather forecast in five days, which would be impassable.”

    which is BS. If you don’t care for Weather Canada try this instead:

    • Lawrence13 says:

      Actually -13c according to some sources

      • Lawrence13 says:

        Should be larger

        • Jim Hunt says:

          It needs to be larger still Lawrence. Then we could all see the precise location of Isachsen:


          According to the Environment Canada Climate Severity Index, Isachsen and the surrounding area has the worst weather in Canada with a CSI severity value of 99 out of a possible 100.

          For some strange reason the Polar Ocean Challenge team are not planning on sailing past Isachsen any time soon!

          • AndyG55 says:

            Nothing strange about it at all, Jimbo.

            The Satellite Sea Ice charts told them they had NO CHANCE through the main North West Passage, so they snuck around through Cambridge Bay.

          • Richard says:


            please tell us you understand that it has all be done before and to do it today, when y0u have sat nav to guide you through, is no challenge at all.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            Andy – The strange thing is that Isachsen is nowhere near the Northwest Passage. Either the “main” route or Amundsen’s route.

            What makes you think that it is?

          • AndyG55 says:

            Looks like about the same distance from the main NW passage channel as Amundsen Gulf.

            Now tell me, Jimbo, how did they know to take the route they took past Cape Bathurst rather than the main channel which would have been quicker if they could have got through ?

            Think of the prestige if they could have used the main channel through the NW passage..
            .. but why couldn’t they, Jimbo ??????

          • AndyG55 says:

            “if they could have used the main channel through the NW passage..
            .. but why couldn’t they, Jimbo ??????”

            JIMBO, where are you ?????

            Why couldn’t they use the main NW passage ?????


            I need to know.

  17. Richard says:

    Looks like everyone was piling through with out ice breakers, underwater sonar and sat nav-

    1930- North-West Passage

    “For the first time in its history
    three ships of the Hudson’s Bay
    Company have made the hazardous
    North-West Passage in one season”


    • AndyG55 says:

      And WITHOUT a satellite sea ice chart to guide them.

      This year, the Northern end of the North West Passage was BLOCKED by thick sea ice ALL SUMMER.

      And STILL IS.

      Luckily the little SOF had massive help from modern technology in the form of the satellite sea ice charts to guide them.

  18. Richard says:

    QUEBEC, Tuesday.
    Tbe Canadian Government ship
    Arctic has returned after making the
    North-west passage and surveying
    Banks Land”

  19. Richard says:

    Be interesting to know if it happened-

    1936 – NEW GRAIN RACE.
    Dash Through North-West Passage.

    “LONDON.–There is to be a rival to
    the annual grain race from Australia to
    England. Fifteen ships now in Euro
    pean ports are preparing for one of the
    most dangerous voyages of modern times.
    About July 25 they will start, many of
    them from ports on the east coast of
    Britain, on a grain race to Hudson Bay.
    By using the Port Churchill route, more
    than 1,000 miles can be cut off the route
    from Saskatchewan to Britain. Every
    bushel of grain can be brought to Europe
    for 2jd. less than by the old route”


  20. Richard says:

    Hate to say it, Jim, but really not sure what the Ship of fools is trying to illustrate, it’s all been done before.

  21. Neal S says:

    Well, SOF has a couple of blog posts with full-spin mode engaged.


    David writes “Bellot Strait: The most worrying aspect of the transit is that we didn’t see one piece of proper ice, not even a floating ice cube for a G & T.”

    “So, now we are heading up Prince Regent Inlet. We are expecting our first ice tomorrow, 5/10ths that could block the channel, but that’s another day. “

    • AndyG55 says:

      They were STUCK outside Vilkitsky Strait for several ways HOPING for the right wind to give them a sneak.

      The only reason they didn’t see any was because the SATELLITE SEA ICE CHARTS showed them how to avoid it.

      Shows what LYING propagandists they are.

    • Richard says:

      If you look back through old newspaper reports from the 19th century onwards you get many reports of wide open areas with no ice. Often the old sailing ships did not take the risk of continuing as to be caught when the ice formed was probably a death sentence.

      Of course today you pick up the Sat nav to request a nuclear powered ice breaker or a helicopter.

  22. Neal S says:

    A recent ships log

    “The ice charts are showing that we are going to have difficulty getting round the top of our channel into Lancaster Sound and the ice is moving towards the coast so it is getting harder. ”

    There were also various tweets.

    It seemed foolish to me when David mocked the lack of ice in the Bellot strait. (Not like he has been there at all times of year for the last several decades to have any idea about what might be unusual or not) It would serve him right to see enough ice in the next couple of days/weeks to last him several lifetimes.

    Sun Sep 11th, 2016 3:21:45 pm
    Speed: 14.27 km/h Heading: ENE
    Elevation: 10.46 m Batt: Normal
    Lat: 73.773343 Lon: -87.576891

    • Neal S says:

      And here is the Sep 11 Canadian Ice Services Ice Chart

      • AndyG55 says:

        What a pity :-)

      • Lawrence13 says:

        Looks like this is it then, they are again aiming to hug the coastline on their starboard and we will know within the next few hours whether they squeeze through or not. Have to say it looks like they will.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Yep, those satellite charts would make it so much easier.

          • Lawrence13 says:

            I’m as pissed of as you Andy as they’ve done it by the skin of their teeth the Laptev sea ice was kind to them as Adams said the ice closed back in behind them and they could have failed there or at least been held up another couple of weeks which would have scuppered their NW chances. There were only days in it I reckon but the loopy left green luvvies will milk this for all its *not* worth.

          • AndyG55 says:

            I’m not particularly annoyed that they made it. Good on them.

            What annoys me is the clowns that think slightly lower amounts of sea ice are in any way an issue and want to link it to CO2 induce warming.
            ie LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH. (cue Jimbo)

            To me, all it proves is that the recovery from the extremes of the LIA and the second peak around 1979 has basically stalled.

            I think the people living up there would love to have considerably more time with navigable water. The benefits for commerce , fishing, tourism etc would be enormous.

          • AndyG55 says:

            Currently says they are doing 16km/hr.

            They must have the outboard motor in play as well :-)

            FOSSIL FUEL. isn’t it a wonder. :-)

  23. Jim Hunt says:

    Sounds a lot like sour grapes Lawrence!

    Skin of her teeth or not, Northabout looks to have won the first part of her race:


  24. clipe says:

    Is this all a case of Déjà vu?

    • AndyG55 says:

      And remember, those guys didn’t have satellite sea ice charts, and weather charts and sat nav to guide their whole journey.

      Jimbo is going to do it next year, aren’t you Jimbo..

      without all those modern aids.. ;-)

  25. David Blake says:

    Congratulations Northabout. You made it.

  26. AndyG55 says:

    Has Arctic sea ice bottomed out? Pretty early.

  27. Neal S says:

    The SOF now has a press release out on their home page.

    “The Polar Ocean Challenge successfully completed their quest to sail the North East Passage and North West Passage in one season. The North West Passage was completed in an astonishing 14 days due to the fact that it was almost totally ice free. They encountered ice only twice in their 1800 mile NW Passage part of the voyage. This highlights an extraordinary loss of sea ice in the Arctic in the 30 years that David Hempleman-Adams has been coming to the area. ”

    The only portion almost totally ice free was the portion they motored through. (They did not actually ‘sail’.) Of course I am sure that the fossil fuel engine and satellites and GPS and ice charts played absolutely no part in their success. (sarc sarc sarc).

    They may say that 14 days is ‘astonishing’ but they did not run the same race that others actually doing they northwest passage have run. So that is an unfair comparison and their whole release is terribly misleading. I’ll bet if we scour their logs and blogs, we will see much more than just two instances of encountering ice.

    Why were there no cargo ships taking advantage if it is all practically ice-free?

    • Neal S says:

      Numerous times in the logs and blogs it was mentioned how they got lucky. If there really was so little ice, then luck should not have been needed or played that big a role. In the logs they also mentioned how a given short-cut was blocked by ice, or how a more preferred route could not be used due to ice. If there really was so little ice, there should not have been so many routes and short-cuts blocked by what isn’t supposed to be there. They had access to ice charts. They plotted their course to as much as possible avoid ice. And they have the gall to say in effect “wow, we hardly saw any ice!”. Of course you didn’t. You always picked the other routes and went the other way.

      I find it all rather sickening.

    • Jim Hunt says:

      However there was the Crystal Serenity of course. She didn’t encounter a whole lot of ice either:


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