Ice Free Arctic Blocked With Ice

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  1. OrganicFool says:

    The sea ice chart on their website looks to me that the NW passage has a lot of ice ahead?

    • CheshireRed says:

      It does look blocked doesn’t it? OK, the satellite image on NSIDC doesn’t allow for a closer view (at least I don’t think it does) but it appears they may well have some fun trying to get through there.

      They appear to have open sea to that point though. Any idea on eta to the NP?

    • Griff says:

      The NW passage is completely open – that cruise liner just entered the Bellot Strait having proceeded without any ice getting in the way from Alaska…

      • Stewart Pid says:

        Griff is correct … I can’t believe it … surely a first … maybe a bit like a broken clock that tells the correct time twice a day.
        Any way here is Crystal Serenity’s webcam and tracker page:
        They saw ice on the east side of Victoria Island before they cut through the Bellot Strait sailed north and are now screwing about on the southwest corner of Devon Island.
        M’Clure Strait (ie northern NW passage route) is still ice plugged last time I looked.

      • Douglas Kubler says:

        The cruise ship passed through Bellot Strait without a hint of ice.
        The ship has turn west apparently to give the customers a look at ice. Just out of Cambridge Bay the helicopters located a patch of ice for playtime and a look at a polar bear otherwise it’s been a dull voyage.

      • Douglas Kubler says:

        After Bellot Strait they saw an iceberg (the only one?)

  2. Andy says:

    If they go the southern route of the NW passage they should be ok

    Though it is now colder


  3. Andy says:

    Also, looks like 2016 will have a lower summer ice extent than 2015, I thought it would be slightly higher. Whether it is lower than 2007 we will have to see. I doubt it but there is a lot of diffuse ice up there currently so wind will have more of an effect now as well as small amount of melting.


  4. John Bills says:

    while no ship sailed through the passage in the 19th century,several came within 150 km of doing so, without the aid of an engine,chart,or functioning compass

  5. Griff says:

    Canadian NW passage ice chart:

    1 patch 1 to 3 tenths – but Crystal Serenity just passed through that.

  6. Neal S says:

    From canadian ice service

    You can see there is a bit of stubborn ice between Banks island and Victoria island. While the SOF can easily avoid this by going south of Victoria island, that will increase the length of their route, and they need to be clear before things start to ice up again.

    Once they reach Tuktoyaktuk, they will probably reconsider which route to take based upon the latest information at that time. Things can change with time. No matter which they choose, there is always the possibility that the ice (that isn’t supposed to be there) will have its way. Still way too early for them to declare success.

  7. Scarface says:

    Hi Tony, what is happening in the Arctic? Is this for real?

  8. Brian D says:

    Here’s MASIE’s chart. Been tracking 2012 pretty close. But remember, their method of detection is different than the microwave algorithms used by others.

  9. Brian D says:

    Here’s the upcoming wx pattern. Tomorrow’s forecast.

  10. Brian D says:

    By Monday, we have a broad area of low pressure centered in the Archipelago of Canada, with high pressure over the Russian side.

  11. Brian D says:

    And really not much change forecast by the end of next week. Honestly, I think this wx pattern will spread out the ice, causing minimum extent earlier than normal.

  12. Christopher Hanley says:

    “what is happening in the Arctic? Is this for real? …”.
    There is nothing happening in the Arctic that hasn’t happened before within James Hansen’s lifetime — and before human CO2 emissions were at all significant. MonthlyAnomaly Since1920.gif

  13. OrganicFool says:

    Here’s a link I found for tracking vessels. I notice not too many wandering around in the passageways. I see the Crystal Serenity going through the Bellot Strait and are at Fort Ross? They have quite a lead on the Northabout and now the ice starts to increase. You can see the Northabout heading towards Tuk.

    I wish for them to be safe, but it doesn’t quite seem even close to an “ice-free summer” in the Arctic.

  14. OrganicFool says:

    I don’t see any boats in the Amundsen Gulf on the live tracking app.

    Not saying it’s ice. Maybe a storm, high winds, choppy seas. Maybe there are fisherman not shown on the map. But it does look a little deserted.

  15. Lawrenec13 says:

    LED monitors all on in the computer room although unused 09:47 GMT

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