Maximum Temperatures Plummeting In The US

Barack Obama lies about everything, and his probably been doing so for his entire life. But one of his most blatant lies is about heat in the United States.

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Summer of 2030 heat wave could kill 11,000, White House says

Before data tampering by NOAA, average afternoon temperatures have been plummeting across most of the US, for almost 90 years.

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Hottest temperatures are also plummeting across the US. Our hottest days are much cooler now than they were 80 years ago.Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.55.37 PM

There is no valid reason to believe that the US is going to overheat. It is just one more big lie.

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7 Responses to Maximum Temperatures Plummeting In The US

  1. Steve Case says:

    Thank you Tony, that was great!

  2. gator69 says:

    If 11,000 people die from a heat wave in 2030, it will not be due to any warming, rather it will be the fault of the alarmists whose campaigning has made electricity prohibitively expensive for the poor

  3. CheshireRed says:

    2030? How about they start getting some predictions right for the current year first?
    Sea ice all gone, Antarctica ice shelf collapse, methane bomb, hurricanes, storms, sea level rise. Always ‘projected’ disaster just around the corner and always wrong. When it fails to materialise…well let’s just hit that reset button for another 5 years down the line.

    Result: a never ending production line of climate bollocks.

  4. paul homewood says:

    In the UK alone, there are 24000 excess deaths in Winter.

    It is cold that kills.

  5. John F Hultquist says:

    Ragweed pollen season is now as many as 27 days longer than it was in 1995.
    The timeframe is very short to claim climate change: ~20 years

    I wonder where that came from; see:
    … and how it relates to fruit setting and production of tomatoes?

    [The Ref. Is: “Recent warming by latitude associated with increased length of ragweed pollen season in central North America.” (updated from Ref #9)]

    Note the map with the +25 circle on the Kansas/Missouri border.
    Note the +15 days on the Nebraska/Iowa border.
    Note in Canada there are +25 and +24 circles.

    These changes suggest something else might have happened. Anyway, ragweed is doomed in a hotter climate (see on the map for Texas), so I don’t think this will be a big issue.

  6. Steven Parker says:

    A longer growing season for ragweed is also a longer growing season for everything else. Lately, I’ve been able to pick tomatoes until about Halloween in NW Oregon. That’s a good thing since they don’t start to ripen until Labor Day, especially this year.

  7. Iurockhead says:

    Lyme disease is moving north? Where, into Maine? It was first described in Lyme, Connecticut. Reporters are idiots.

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