NASA Joins In The NOAA African Fraud

NOAA claimed yesterday that Angola and Namibia had their hottest month ever last month, even though they don’t have any thermometers there.


NOAA Sets An All-Time Fraud Record In August | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

NASA also shows Namibia and Angola very hot, 1-4C above normal.


NASA has no thermometers in Namibia, and only one in Angola, at Luanda.


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis: Station Data

Luanda was warmer in the 1970’s, but NASA adjusted the 1970’s warmth away.


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

The thermometer at Luanda is located next to the airport tarmac in the middle of very dense city of nearly three million people.



The “record heat” in southwest Africa is based on one tampered station, located next to a giant piece of asphalt in the middle of a rapidly growing city.

Luanda city has the highest rate of population growth in Africa, a local study shows.  According to the study presented by the Sweden embassy in Angola, Luanda is set to have 9 million inhabitants by 2030.

Many surveys have named the city as the world’s most expensive. One the negative side, Luanda is ranked among the 25 dirtiest cities in the world.

Luanda’s population growth rate highest in Africa – Africa Review

Instead of reducing recent temperatures to compensate for UHI, NASA cooled past temperatures. If Gavin set out to commit fraud, what would he do differently?


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

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8 Responses to NASA Joins In The NOAA African Fraud

  1. Analitik says:

    Antarctica will be arable soon, according to the GISS

  2. Winnipeg Boy says:

    2,000,000 square miles of surface on Earth.
    Put one $1,000 weather station on every 200 sq miles.
    10,000 weather stations would cost $10 million.
    Plus installation, maybe 30 million, plus systems, maybe 50 million for a standardized global temp grid that would need no adjustments. You could then calibrate the old system and correct the corrections, because the new system would be placed in ideal locations.
    Heck, Leonardo could fund that himself.
    But truth is the last thing these people seek. “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage”.

    • David J Strumfels says:

      Um, sorry to correct you but the Earth’s surface area is 200,000,000, or 100 times what you said. You would need a million stations to cover all 200 sq mile regions, at a cost of $1 billion, with $3 billion for other costs.

      The stations would need to be evenly spaced too. Instead we have 0.15% of the needed stations, and they are distributed about as unequally as one could get. Most of the globe is either not covered at all, or very sparsely. No mathematical analysis conceivable could extract accurate global temperatures from such a set up, for data cannot be mathematically created where it doesn’t exist — unless you make assumptions about what you think it should be.

  3. TA says:

    NASA and NOAA climate scientists are SO dishonest. They just make up their data out of thin air. It is a huge fraud they are perpetrating on the people of the U.S. and of the world. A huge, costly fraud, that someone should be held accountable for.

  4. Gonzo says:

    They know their time may be short!!! They’re throwing anything and everything at the wall to see what sticks.

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    Available on ‘’ and ‘Indigo/Chapters’.

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